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S.C.S Chapter 245: The Twister

After hearing Ian’s answer, the Whitebeard snorted in disdain, and said, “It’s the same story again, why are you kids so eager for this position?”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Ian was puzzled by Whitebeard’s words.

“Hmm… It’s just your words that reminded me of another kid who wanted to become a Shichibukai!” the Whitebeard looked up and took another sip of Sake.

Ian thought about it for a moment, and suddenly suspected something. Was he talking about Crocodile?

According to Ian’s memory, Crocodile seems to have some grudges with the Whitebeard. Crocodile tried to attack Oyaji during the Marineford war and wanted to take him down.

What’s the relationship between them? Ian has no way of knowing now, but after spending so many days with the Whitebeard Pirates, Ian knew that the position of the Commander of the second Division has been vacant for a long time. Now, the Whitebeard himself suddenly uttered such a sentence, which made Ian ponder.

Is it possible that the C ommander of this vacant second Division originally belonged to Crocodile!? (yeah, for sure… This novel has been out since 2016, so…)

This conjecture, in fact, has been confirmed wrong now… however, Ian asked some people around, and found that they didn’t know either, this position seems to be vacant for a very long time.

Then, he shook his head, and temporarily put aside this matter because he knew that it was not the right time.

At the beginning, the person who proposed to Ian about joining the Shichibukai was uncle Kuma. At that time, Ian also joined the revolutionary army under his guidance. Therefore, he didn’t feel the need to question Kuma’s judgment, he only thought that this might get handy to the Army or help them with something in the future. However, with the constant running and the marines’ devious pursuit in the new world, Ian gradually discovered that such position might be of great use to him, more than he thought!

Joining the Shichibukai means that he won’t be chased repeatedly by the marines, and with the corresponding privileges, Ian will have a longer time to improve…

It has been a year since he went out to the sea. Although Ian’s strength has increased a lot, generally speaking, he found that his growth rate has slowed down.

The card system was originally evolved from a game. Naturally, it can’t avoid the common problems of this game style, that is, the improvement is fast in the early stage, but it slows by a lot at “the late game”. Ian’s current strength is roughly equal to that of Marco and some others. Therefore, he could have a heated battle against a marine admiral, but nothing can assure this victory. It’s really good to accumulate such strength in one year, but with the crazily increasing proficiency of various basic skills, and even the advancement to the next level requires a breakthrough, which needs a deep understanding of the matter, Ian’s strength growth naturally slowed down.

So he felt that there should get a buffing period for himself and to settle down.

Not only him, but the strength of his Pirate Group also needs to be improved. More powerful people must join in. Under such circumstances, if the Marines keep hunting them down, it will definitely be just a waste of time. If he was not careful enough, it may lead to the destruction of his Pirate Group…

After thinking about it, Ian felt that becoming a Shichibukai was a good decision.

Of course, this was not the only choice. For example, joining the Whitebeard Pirates and accepting the Whitebeard’s protection was a great option, or even looking for the Red Haired Pirates…

However, compared to joining one of the Yonko, becoming a Shichibukai gives him more freedom. Not to mention, Ian needs a large amount of money to recharge diamonds and enhance his strength. If he is in charge, the loot can be controlled, but under one of the Yonko, the money he gets must be handed over, right? And even though a Shichibukai is nominally obeying the Marines’ orders, in fact, as long as Ian is not willing to help them, they could do nothing about it!

“Since you want to join the Shichibukai, then I won’t stop you! However, in my opinion, it’s difficult for the Marines to agree!” the Whitebeard told Ian: “After all, you and Ace are brothers, so you have an indirect relationship with the Whitebeard Pirates, and it is impossible for Marines to let anyone who is involved with a Yonko become Shichibukai!”

When Ian heard this, he could not help but frown. His words seemed to make sense!

“No matter what, the news has been conveyed by the CP0 agents!” Ian finally said: “Even if the Marines refuse, it doesn’t matter, what matter is that my crew and I will continue to explore the new world.”

“Gurararara!” the Whitebeard laughed, and then couldn’t help but ask: “What the hell does the world government want you to hand over? Really, I was confused at first, even with such a high bounty, the Marines were obligated to capture you alive!”

Ian didn’t deceive this time, and said: “It’s an identity chip of a Celestial Dragon family, which seems to be very important to them!”

“Oh!?” Whitebeard raised his eyebrows: “Can you bring it out? May I see it!?”

“I’m not carrying it with me!” Ian shook his head, thinking about whatever the Revolutionary Army has cracked it or not, and when would they give him a replica.

“I see! Then forget that I asked!” the Whitebeard coldly snorted and said: “In a few days, we are going to leave. Although this is my old friend’s country, it is not good to stay here for much longer. Not a lot of people would dare to come to this island when we are around. Salamis’ economy needs tourists, and what we came for has been done, but you can stay here…”

“Well! Oyaji, I understand!” Ian nodded. He recognized the meaning of these sentences. What he meant was that before receiving the reply from the Marines, the Dragon Hunters could continue to stay on Salamis Island. It is an island sheltered by the Whitebeard Pirates after all, and he believes that the Marines wouldn’t dare to repeat their actions.

It can be seen that Ian and his pirate group have really received a lot of love for the whitebeard, even if he was leaving, he didn’t forget to protect them to the last minute.

“Oyaji, how is your physical condition?” Ian thought for a while, and asked him: “I have some healing power, maybe I can help you!”

“Huh!?” Whitebeard was a bit surprised. After looking at Ian, he said, “Well, after dinner, come to me!”

The Whitebeard’s current physical condition is actually quite good, but they have already started to set up a medical team. However, the so-called medical treatment is in conflict with his drinking hobby. The Whitebeard doesn’t want to break down, but it’s impossible for him to get rid of drinking. Since Ian claimed that he has a healing ability, then why not giving it a try. At that time, he won’t be bothered by alcohol abstinence.

As the whitebeard left, everyone dispersed. Fujitora came to Ian and asked him, “Little brother, you are really bold, I have to give it to you. Not to mention the demand for the Shichibukai position, but you still asked for an insane amount of money? 20 billion is not a little amount!”

Ian smiled and said: “Of course I know, this amount is just a bargaining room for them. I guess the world government would agree on half of it at most, which is still great!”

“Half of it is 10 billion Berries!” Fujitora said: “If we take this money and gamble with it, we could make a fortune!” ($_$)

Ian laughed and said, “Uncle Fujitora, if you want to gamble, I won’t stop you, but let’s leave that until we are no longer chased by the Marines, then I will take you to the Golden City!”

“Oh!? Really??” Fujitora’s face suddenly showed an excited smile. He actually heard about the Golden City a long time ago, but the world’s largest gambling ship has always been floating around the sea, but its whereabouts was uncertain. If an ordinary person does not rely on luck, he may never reach it!

The other members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, hearing this, couldn’t help coming around and looking at Ian with shining eyes.

Ace also held his cowboy hat to the side, smiled and said, “Although I don’t know how to gamble, Ian, if you plan to go, you must call me!”

“Huh… don’t worry, I will! By the way, there are not only casinos in that city but also a lot of delicious food!” Ian couldn’t help smirking while answering him.

Hearing what Ian said, Ace became even more interested. Just as he wanted to ask something, a voice suddenly came in.

“Hey, Ian-san, can I come too? I also like to gamble!”

Ian looked back and frowned immediately, because it was not someone he liked, it was the Blackbeard, Marshall D. Teach!

He was grinning at Ian with his big ugly mouth, rubbing his hands and laughing. The jewelry rings on his fingers matched his appearance and showed his true color, rude and upstart.

During this period, Ian had encountered the Blackbeard many times. Because he was always on guard against Teach, he seldom talked to him even if they met.

Since he confronted him on the Mainspring island, and now that he was still a member of the Whitebeard group, Ian could only carry out such a cold treatment for the time being. Although he tried to talk to Ian several times, Ian kept on ignoring him.

He didn’t expect this guy to come forward again…

“Huh, say again!” Ian said blankly.

Ace looked at Ian strangely, and then at Teach. He remembered that Ian had told him to be careful of this guy, so he couldn’t help observing Teach carefully.

However, what Ace saw was a simple smile on Teach’s face.

By Ian’s sarcastic reply, if it was someone else, it would be wise for him to leave, but Teach didn’t. He smiled and said: “Come on, Ian! You haven’t paid any attention to me, was there any misunderstanding between us when we were on Mainspring Island? If it weren’t for you and the beautiful Pirate Empress, I couldn’t run away, so I always wanted to thank you in person!” This guy…



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