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S.C.S Chapter 246: Mess up

Hearing this, Ian couldn’t help looking up and down at Teach. He always felt that today’s Teach was very strange.

What is he up to? Ian tried to figure out his intention, and then he replied: “Thanks!? No need, I wasn’t trying to save you!”

With that, Ian turned his head and wanted to end this conversation. However, this Bastard reached out from behind and tried to put his arm around Ian’s shoulder.

However, since Ian has always been very alert to Teach, after he appeared, Ian subconsciously opened his En field and monitored his every move. So when he found that Teach stretched out his hand, Ian couldn’t bear it. He sharply turned around, and the Senbonzakura in his hand was instantly sheathed and placed on Teach’s neck.

“What do you want!?” Ian asked coldly.

“Don’t get me wrong!! Don’t misunderstand me!” Teach waved his hands quickly and said, “We are friends, too. Can’t I be friendly? By the way, do you like cherry pie? Let me treat you with some!”

Ian snorted coldly: “I’m not interested. Go and eat it yourself. Plus, I don’t think we are friends…”

However, before Ian finished speaking, a person next to them suddenly walked over and said, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Ian looked around and found that it was Thatch, the Commander of the 4th Division.

When Ian suddenly drew his sword, His movement had attracted the attention of the people around him. When Thatch found that something was wrong, he came over and asked.

Seeing Thatch coming over, Teach said with some grievances: “Nothing, Brother Ian doesn’t seem to like me very much!”

At this time, Teach indeed looked like the most innocent person in the world. Ian has been staring at his expression, but he couldn’t see any flaws at all. He actually can’t tell whether Teach was acting or not. If he was, then Teach really deserves the title of the greatest showman.

After listening to what he said, Thatch was slightly stunned. Then he looked at the baby-5 standing in the crowd, and felt that he understood what’s going on. Then he smiled and said, “Haha, Teach, you can’t blame him for that. Who told you to pester the beautiful lady of Ian’s crew?”

Ian was taken aback for a while, ‘Harassing my crew, who? Margaret?’

Baby-5 didn’t tell Ian what happened when she met Blackbeard, she only said that she encountered an annoying person, so Ian was kept in the dark after hearing Thatch’s words.

And Thatch thought he had guessed right. He even said to Teach: “Teach, you haven’t yet apologized to Ian? It’s reasonable that he should stay mad… If you want to be friends with him, you’d better apologize first.”

After that, Thatch smiled at Ian: “Don’t mind him, Ian-san… Teach is garrulous, but he has a pure heart!”

Ian looked at him speechlessly, only to think that this was coming from Thatch’s mouth… ‘How funny!? He’s not a bad person you said? Big brother, when he kills you to grab your Dark-Dark Fruit, I wonder if you would still think so!’

Without waiting for Ian to respond, Teach scratched the back of his head and said, “This turns out to be the case. I won’t even remember it if you didn’t mention it. I’m sorry, Ian, I just made a bad joke at that time!”

Then, Teach looked at baby-5 and said: “Miss, I’m sorry for what happened that day!”

However, baby-5 didn’t forgive Teach for this apology. Instead, she hid behind Fujitora and carefully poked out half of her head to look at Ian.

Although Baby-5 doesn’t look mature and has such a weird personality, her mind and intuition were very sensitive. She knew that her fear of Teach that day was not fake. This seemingly naive and rude guy actually has a kind of ferocity and endless darkness in his heart! It’s just like… when she met Trafalgar Law when they were children, from first sight, baby-5 felt so scared…

Seeing Thatch come out, Ian was not in a good mood to act out… he could only give a cold snort, and withdraw the Senbonzakura.

Although he couldn’t turn his face on Teach now while they were boarding their ship, Ian didn’t want to talk to him, so he wanted to take the members of his Pirate Group back to his boat, but at this time, Marco held his hand and said: “Man, what’s the matter? We can solve it with a duel! Ian, if his deeds made you angry, you two must have a spar to solve the problem. Beat this guy up, and you will feel relieved!” (T/N: This is a bad idea, Marco!)

What the hell, Marco, what are you saying!?

Ian was able to burst, but before he could speak, Vista beside them twisted his mustache and said with a smile: “That’s true. In the past month, Ian, you have competed with most of us, but it seems that you haven’t faced Teach, right?”

Diamond Jozu also followed with certainty and said: “No, they didn’t!”

He had to do something, now!

Ian silently looked at the members of the Whitebeard Pirates who were gradually surrounding him, only to find that many familiar faces had an excited expression.

One or two were pushing Teach to talk, trying to let him resolve this conflict, once and for all. It was seen that this guy was so popular in this group!

In fact, Ian made a wrong move. He didn’t put himself in the right place. Teach was a veteran of the whitebeard Pirate Group. He had been on the ship for more than twenty years, and even many of the low ranking captains joined the Group after him. He was showing an honest and kind side, and didn’t fight for power and profit, that’s why most of the crew had a good friendship with him.

“Alright, let’s fight it out!”

“Yeah, that’s our Teach! You two must compete to see who is stronger!”

During this, people who have made friends with Ian have been coaxing and encouraging him one after another, and even a few more people who were addicted to gambling have already begun to place their bets on who they thought would win.

Ian was cornered by them, and he didn’t even have the opportunity to speak. He was set to compete with Teach. This is really happening…

However, at the moment, Blackbeard even took out a rare weapon and put it on his right hand.

It was a very long and sharp iron claw. It looked like an extended version of Wolverine. This was the first time for Ian to see someone using this kind of weapon, and it was also the first time to see Teach’s weapon. He couldn’t help staring at it…

This weapon is the same one used to leave the scar on Shanks’ face!?

”Zihahaha, it seems that you want to fight with me, too, Ian!” Teach took the opportunity to laugh and said: “Come on, if you are stronger than me, then you can beat me until you are satisfied!”

Ian frowned slightly. He always felt that Teach’s performance today was very abnormal. It has been more than a month, and he didn’t pay much attention to him. He should have thought of something? Why did he want to get close to me all of a sudden?

Because he thought this guy was abnormal, Ian didn’t want to talk to him. Even if he has to turn around and walk away, it’s just that Marco and the others kept on embarrassing him…

However, Ian glanced at Ace next to him and found that he was still in a muddle. Then he suddenly changed his mind.

This guy, Teach, was so deceptive. Except for Ian, the only person who knows his true colors, even the red-haired Shanks was hurt by him, let alone Ace. Teach can be so deceiving, so it’s a good thing to see the strength of your enemy, or have a psychological preparation.

So he nodded without talking nonsense, walked straight to the front of Teach, and stood still.

Seeing that Ian has accepted the spar, the people around immediately made room for them, this was a kind of conditioned reflex formed by everyone in the past month.

Ian’s right hand was holding Senbonzakura’s handle, and he stared closely at his opponent. Teach opened his posture to guard against Ian, and his eyes turned sharp, so that Ian can finally see the ferocity and dark spirit hidden in his eyes.

Marco, Vista, and the others were smiling, crossing their arms, and watching.

But what all of them didn’t expect was that the guy who made the first move was Teach!

Teach’s body was very burly, and when he moved, he trampled the deck loudly, but he rushed towards Ian at low speed. His empty left hand was stretched out in front, but the iron claw on his right hand fell behind. When he came to Ian, he slammed his iron claw toward Ian.

However, Ian leaped forward this time, instead of blocking, Ian pulled the Senbonzakura and drew a sharp arc, slashing towards his opponent’s chest.

Teach hurriedly received the blow by blocking Ian’s slash with his iron claw.

Ian knew that he couldn’t finish him with a sword-drawing technique, so he turned around sharply, holding his sword firmly in both hands, then he chopped toward Teach’s head!

Teach raised his right hand to cover his head, and Ian’s blade fell on his iron claw.

Ian used all his strength in this chop, but to his surprise, this guy’s strength was remarkable in that he only used one hand to resist Ian’s chopping. Looking at his wrist, there was no sign of shaking.

At close range, Ian and Teach were facing each other. Teach grinned and looked very hideous. With a violent wave of his right hand, Ian’s sword was swung away. Then, his empty left hand clenched a fist and hit towards Ian’s right rib.

Ian pulled back his sword, and hit the upcoming fist with the hilt. As Teach’s fist was knocked away, he raised his foot to kick Ian’s abdomen, but at this moment, Ian made a step forward, avoiding the upcoming blow, and in turn, he swung his sword towards his other leg.

In a panic, Teach quickly pulled back his leg and stepped on Ian’s blade, trying to stop it.

However, Ian’s attacking speed was much faster than his. Teach changed his move midway, so he couldn’t keep up. Ian slashed his thigh, and a stream of blood splashed out.

Teach fell back on the deck, hissing with pain.

This result, let alone Ian, even Marco, who was watching the battle, could not help but be stunned.

“That’s it!?” Ian looked at the defeated Teach in disbelief…



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