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S.C.S Chapter 247: Fighting Beasts

The Blackbeard is this weak? Ian couldn’t believe it!

A moment ago, because of his intention to test this wicked guy, Ian played very carefully. For the time being, he was only using swordsmanship to attack Teach. Yes, this guy has a lot of power, but at this level, he is definitely not a threat. Judging from the result of the fight, Teach’s attacks seemed very clumsy.

Is this guy deliberately showing weakness? Ian was puzzled, so he stopped for a moment and held his sword downwards.

Although his thigh was slashed, the expression on his face was distorted due to the sharp pain, but after a while, Teach stood up again. When Ian attacked him, he never thought that he would really damage him, he expected Teach to have a way out of it, so he didn’t use much strength, and that’s why Teach’s wound was not deep.

A member with Whitebeard Pirates quickly handed him a towel. He tried to tie his injured leg with it, and then he supported himself with the other leg. After finding that there was nothing wrong, he held his iron claw and said to Ian: “It’s okay, let’s continue!”

Marco next to them saw this scene and couldn’t help but smile.

And Ian noticed Marco’s smile and immediately reacted.

Teach is not showing weakness, but… sympathy! He deliberately let Ian hurt him, but he pretended that his fighting spirit was very strong, and he was willing to continue the spar with Ian. This gave Marco and the others the idea of “Oh, he wanted to ease things with Ian this way”.

Similarly, if Ian didn’t know him very well, his fighting spirit with this injury might give a bad impression of Ian…

“This guy kept on attacking, on purpose.” Didn’t he see that his opponent was injured?” He still wants to fight?”…

This made Ian feel annoyed. ‘Is Teach trying to fool everyone?’

‘Okay, you want to play dirty, right? Then you have to learn from the best!’

Thinking of this, Ian showed a smile on his face and said, “You have to be careful, I won’t be lenient because you are hurt!”

As he said this, Ian’s blade burst with black flames at the same time. This ability was not the typical skill of Hiei’s card, the Sword of the Darkness Flame, these flames have emerged from the fire of the Black Dragon Wave. This was a new application that Ian has recently developed. Although it consumes a lot of Nen, it is equally powerful. When these black flames rose, the temperature around immediately started skyrocketing.

Seeing this scene, Teach couldn’t help but be stunned. He said to himself, “The F*CK! I’m injured, and he decided to be more serious!? That’s not how I expected him to respond! Shouldn’t you feel guilty for hurting me, so you can finally let go, and then we can resolve the misunderstanding calmly?”

However, the onlookers didn’t think so. After seeing Ian getting serious, they cheered up Teach, “Go on, Teach! Show him the true power of the whitebeard pirates!”

In the impression of everyone, Teach was still very powerful. They regarded Teach’s poor performance previously as a kind of humility, but they didn’t gather here for this, they wanted a real fight. They were finally about to witness the serious spar between Ian and Teach for the first time. Of course, they hoped to see an exciting battle…

Teach had no choice but to keep fighting.

In fact, the reason why he suddenly decided to get close to Ian today was that after the arrival of the CP0 agents, he heard the so-called “that thing” from their conversation with Ian, which made him very interested.

Especially after hearing Ian say that this thing was valued by the world government and the Marines and it turned out to be the identity chip of Celestial Dragon, Teach became more and more interested.

In Teach’s plan, staying with the Whitebeard pirates was just a temporary thing, the First Step is to steal the Dark-Dark Fruit, the second step is to leave the Whitebeard Pirates, but he also knows that Whitebeard Pirates will not tolerate traitors, he knows that even if he gets the Dark-Dark Fruit, it will not make him an opponent of the Whitebeard pirates for the time being, so after fleeing, he must seek a shelter.

And there is no more reliable thing than receiving the title of Shichibukai and be sheltered by the marines…

So when he learned what Ian was holding, Teach wanted to make a move. The reason why he got close to Ian was simply that he wanted to be friends with him, and then through chatting, he could find the location of the hidden identity chip.

If he wants to become friends with Ian, he has to chat with him and win his trust. But for the past month, Ian has been very nice to others, but cold to him. Teach kept on thinking for the reason and couldn’t figure out what’s wrong.

He thought carefully about what had happened since he met Ian. In the beginning, on Mainspring Island, although the Blackbeard and the impostor followed Ian’s trail and used him as a shield, there has not been a substantial conflict between the two after all. Teach thought that Ian would not hate him for such a small matter.

When Thatch talked about harassing baby-5, he thought he had found the key point, so he didn’t hesitate, looked down, and apologized to both of them.

But he didn’t know that Ian’s attitude towards him didn’t come from these trifles. Instead, Ian knew what kind of person he was, so he was so wary of him.

This error in understanding Ian’s attitude led Teach to suffer, and more is still coming his way…!

Not waiting for Teach to get ready, Ian rushed again and slammed his sword ignited with blazing flames against Teach’s upper body.

Teach was shocked, and quickly shrank his head and used his iron claw to block Ian’s attack.

However, what he didn’t expect was that these black flames would be so effective. The iron claw on his hand was cut off as if he was cutting bread as soon as it touched the edge of the solid flames!

If he hadn’t shrunk his head, Ian would have cut his face and killed him directly.

What’s more, the intense high temperature of the Demon Realm flame instantly burned Teach’s brown bandana, and even a large part of his curly hair!

Ian was a little surprised when he cut off Teach’s weapon with a single blow, because if he hardened his weapon with Busoshoku Kōka, it would be a question whatever he could cut off his weapon this easily, but Teach did not use Armament Haki.

Ian doesn’t know whether Teach was capable of using Haki at this stage. As a senior member of the whitebeard Pirate Group, it would be ridiculous to be unable of using Haki. However, in Ian’s memory, it seems that he hasn’t seen Teach use Haki once. Since he ate the Dark-Dark Fruit, he got a unique ability to nullify the powers of other Devil Fruits by simply touching the user and draining them of their abilities. The consequence of this fruit is that he can’t transform his body into darkness to be intangible and his own pain and injury will double. He often cannot help but scream when he gets hurt. If Teach could really use Haki, then it doesn’t make sense not to use it and strengthen his defenses.

He is not a masochist…

Therefore, Ian still tends to think that this guy has a special constitution and can’t use Haki.

Rayleigh once said that although Haki is a potential strength that everyone has, there are indeed some people who cannot stimulate this power. Even in the New World, not everyone can use such power.

This may explain why Teach was obsessively looking for the dark-dark fruit. Is it because he can’t awaken his Haki, and he can only rely on this devil fruit if he wants to obtain great strength!

This thought just flashed in Ian’s mind for an instant, and then the next second, Ian suddenly had a crazy idea!

There is no doubt that at this time, Teach has not yet got the fruit he’s seeking. After Ian guessed that this guy can’t use Haki for “the moment”, it seems that this guy is deliberately hiding his true desire. For Ian, Teach’s threat level at the moment has dropped to the lowest point!

‘Kill him! Here, at this moment, kill the Blackbeard, kill Teach!’

‘This is a golden opportunity!’

This idea spread wildly in Ian’s mind in an instant.

An inexplicable strong killing intent spread from Ian’s whole body, and it was reflected in Ian’s eyes. So after cutting off Teach’s iron claw, Ian suddenly drew back his sword, the Senbonzakura was raging with black flames, and immediately thrust forwards stabbing Teach’s chest!

No matter how silly it was, Teach could see the killing intent in Ian’s boiling eyes, so a strong sense of fear enveloped Teach’s whole body!

He wants to kill me!? He wants to kill me!!!!!!

In this crisis, Teach’s first reaction was to dodge quickly. However, at this moment, he felt like he was locked in place!

I can’t move away! I can’t escape this blow!?

Why is this happening? That’s because under the dreadful killing intent that suddenly popped up, Ian unexpectedly comprehended the use of Flower Sword Vista’s Aura!

The so-called Aura is actually a strong belief, which relies on showing his desire to kill his opponent at the moment of the attack!

Ian’s belief in wanting to kill Teach at this time was really stronger than ever. He knows what kind of huge storm this ambitious man will set off in the future. In any case, Teach is a very dangerous enemy he has to face sooner or later. Therefore, Ian tried to solve this problem without even thinking twice about the matter, and due to this strong belief, Ian actually broke through the barrier he was stuck in at this critical moment!

In his mind, the system was triggered, but Ian ignored it. In his eyes, there was only one image, one target: Teach’s heart…

When the premonition of death came, and Teach found that he couldn’t escape, he gritted his teeth and brought up what was deeply hidden in him!

At this time, all the concealment, stratagems, and plans were thrown aside. He only knew that if he dies, everything would be over!

Therefore, at the moment when Ian’s blade stabbed him in the chest, Teach also stroke Ian’s abdomen with an unprecedented swift and powerful punch!

At this moment, their figures turned into a pair of beasts fighting each other, but the next second, the two received some serious damage.

Ian’s blazing black blade pierced Teach’s chest, but he was also hit hard. He was blown out by Teach’s explosive punch, which even pulled out the blade…

Boom! Ian was shot and flew out of the ship, falling into the sea, while Teach stood trembling on the spot with a scorched cut in his chest.

All the onlookers did not expect such a thing to happen. They all watched the tragic scene in front of them dumbfounded…



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