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S.C.S Chapter 248: Whitebeard’s Rage

At that moment, the whole ship entered an absolute silence.

With the sound of Ian dropping into the water, and the slamming noise of Teach falling on the deck, the people on board then came back to their senses.

“Quickly… Save him!!!!”

It was Marco who couldn’t help panicking at this time, and shouted in surprise.

No one thought that the result of this spar would turn out to be like this. When they moved toward Teach, Marco and the others felt regretful for pushing the fight.

The men of the Whitebeard Pirates went to save Teach, but the members of the Dragon Hunter pirates were flustered and overwhelmed. Finally, Fujitora calmed down and said to them, “Save the captain!”

With his command, several members of his Pirate Group jumped into the sea and swam to the position where Ian fell.

Then, Fujitora walked to where they were crowded around Teach, frowned, and asked, “How is he?”

However, the answer to him was a clanging sound of weapons being pulled, dozens of swords and guns were aimed at Fujitora and the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group behind him.

“Damn it!” It was Blamenco, the sixth division commander, who spoke out. He was a fat guy with a simple and lovely smile on his face, but at the moment, he gritted his teeth and said: “How can your captain lay such a heavy blow on Teach!?”

Although they were surrounded by the whitebeard Pirates, the members of the Dragon Hunter pirate group were not cowards. They immediately pulled out their weapons and guarded themselves. (T/N: but this is an act of war!!!)

Even Fujitora couldn’t help holding the sword in his hand tightly.

At this time, a figure suddenly rushed out, opened his arm and stood between the two sides, and said in a high voice: “Wait a minute, everyone calm down, this matter may just be a misunderstanding!”

Blamenco saw that it was Ace, and couldn’t help but angrily said: “Ace, step aside! Even if Ian is your brother, Teach is also a member of our family!”

Ace shook his head and said, “I can’t move away. Don’t forget that Ian didn’t want to fight Teach from the beginning.”

After getting reminded by Ace, the members of the Whitebeard Pirates finally calmed down. Vista held down the sword in his hand. Recalling the moment when Ian stabbed Teach, he did feel the explosion of momentum on Ian’s body, and he couldn’t help but frown and said: “Did he finally break through while fighting Teach? That’s why Teach couldn’t dodge his blow?”

However, by this time, Teach had been carried down to the ship doctor for emergency treatment, and they could not know Teach’s specific situation for the moment.

On the deck, there were the pieces of the iron claw that had been sliced by Ian.

“Why the hell, Teach…” Marco also calmed down a bit and cursed in a low voice: “Oyaji was right. This guy is too reckless and conceited. He even made such a mistake while facing Ian!”

Marco has heard this evaluation from the whitebeard more than once. The old man has always hoped that Teach could become a better person, but his annoying and reckless personality can never be avoided

“But, anyway, Ian must be responsible for this!” the seventh Division Commander: Rakuyo, a man dressed as a Spanish pirate, said with a cold face: “Let’s hope that Teach is fine, but if he dies, then…”

Upon hearing this, all the present people stopped talking, because everyone had seen it just now, on Teach’s chest, that burned wound…

Teach’s chance of survival was very slim…

In this quiet atmosphere, there was a sound of slammed into the water, and several members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group helped Ian out of the water.

Ian’s mind got a bit sober, when he was splashed by ice-cold water.

He knew that he was really impulsive and went too far by trying to kill Teach right now. He shouldn’t have done it on such an occasion. Teach was a loved member of the Whitebeard Pirates, and killing him in front of his group wasn’t a wise decision at all.

However, although Ian was reckless, it was indeed a great opportunity to finish him at this stage. (T/N: ”what did it cost?”)

Ian didn’t figure out why Teach was trying so hard to get close to him, but only Ian knew how wicked this guy is, he even hid his strength and played the victim to win over Ian’s forgiveness!

Teach had never expected that Ian’s hostility towards him would suddenly turn into a murderous intent, so that he was caught off guard, and Ian himself did not expect that he would breakthrough at this time and realize the use of Vista’s Aura, and successfully locking Teach in place, making him unable to evade the upcoming blow.

The combination of these various factors directly led to the occurrence of this incident, which made Ian feel as if there was a force of destiny pushing things forward…

Soaking in the sea, a sharp pain rushed from his ribs, and he didn’t even have the strength to move. The power that Teach injected his punch at the last moment was his real strength. This blow broke several ribs on Ian’s chest and what surprises him the most was that when he sensed the punch, he used Busoshoku Kōka to protect his upper body! He was damaged badly even with the armored Haki. The hidden power within this guy is really scary.

Thinking of this, although Ian knew that he was impulsive, he didn’t regret trying to kill Teach…

Ace is one of his few friends in this world. However, Ian knows what fate Ace will suffer in the future because of the Blackbeard. Since he knows that Teach is the fuse of dreadful events, why should he regret eliminating him?

However, what Ian has to consider now is the impact of this incident. Knowing that someone will come to save him soon, he simply held his breath and began to think under the sea surface.

He felt it very clearly, the blade did pierce Teach’s heart, and coupled with the high temperature of the black flame, his heart must have been charred at the moment of the stabbed, right?

In other words, Teach may not be able to survive this injury, so Ian must consider Whitebeard’s reaction.

It’s funny to think that Ian killed Teach for the sake of the whitebeard, but now he has to face his wrath…

In the deep sea, Ian saw several members of his crew swimming in his direction, so he let them pull him up and take him to the surface.

When returning to the Moby Dick enduring the severe pain, what Ian saw was the gloomy atmosphere gushing out from the Whitebeard Pirate group, looking at him uncertainly.

Also, there was an infuriated large figure waiting…

The Whitebeard came out. From the moment when Teach was carried into the cabin for treatment, Whitebeard heard the news. He walked up to the deck angrily and stood in front of a group of his sons, looking down at Ian.

However, Ace stood between the Whitebeard and Ian, and raised his head to Oyaji anxiously: “Father, don’t be impulsive, there may be a misunderstanding, please give Ian a chance to explain!”

Ace knew why Ian did such a thing. He recalled the moment when he warned him of Teach’s dark side, but he didn’t expect that Ian would try to assassinate him. At this time, Ace was worried about both Teach and Ian.

But generally speaking, he was worried about Ian more. After all, he just joined the Whitebeard Pirates. How can his familiarity and friendship with Teach be comparable to Ian?

So, even though he knew that his old man was blind with anger, he stood up to defend Ian.

Seeing that Ace was defending him like this, Ian smiled slightly, and then looked at the Whitebeard.

“For the sake of Ace, Ian boy, I’ll give you a chance to explain yourself!” Whitebeard snorted coldly.

However, Ian did not pay attention to him for the time being. Instead, he equipped Orihime’s card to heal himself. With a respectable output of his Nen, he began to heal himself with the Twin Sacred Return Shield. When the pain became less severe, Ian straightened up, and looked at the whitebeard again.

In fact, Ian knew what to do. If he follows Ace’s idea and says that it was a misunderstanding, he may be able to pass this problem with minimum consequences. After all, although it was a spar, there were still some cases where opponents are injured by mistake.

However, when Ian looked up and saw the indifference in whitebeard’s eyes, Ian was upset.

Yes, Ian was indeed able to get rid of the siege of the Marines due to whitebeard’s arrival. However, Ian wanted to repay his kindness. He even thought of using Orihime’s ability to treat his body.

Therefore, this attempt to assassinate Teach was not only for Ace’s sake, but also for Whitebeard.

Ian knows how badly he will be hurt by Teach. During his time with the Whitebeard pirates, Ian discovered that the Whitebeard was indeed an old man with extraordinary courage and a very kind heart, so Ian did what was needed to eliminate such events from happening in the future.

But seeing the look on Whitebeard’s face at this time, Ian had a feeling of being treated as a malicious fellow!

So, Ian laughed, raised his head, and said to whitebeard, “Oyaji, I don’t need to explain anything to you right now, and I don’t know if that day will come, but if so, you will thank me!”

“What do you mean?” the Whitebeard frowned.

“It means that if time goes back, I will do it all over again, I would go all out against Teach!” Ian said loudly.

“You…!” Anger veins immediately appeared on Whitebeard’s forehead, glaring at Ian, but Ian stared back without showing any weakness.

Finally, the Whitebeard lost his temper, stretched out his right arm, and fiercely slammed his punch towards Ian!

His fist did not directly land on Ian, but it hit him from a few steps away. However, when his fist stopped midair, the atmosphere suddenly burst out a piercing whistle!

In front of Ian, a crack visible to the naked eye bloomed in the air, which was the tearing phenomenon of the atmosphere caused by the strong vibration!

At the moment of whitebeard’s attack, Ian instantly used his remaining power to shield himself with the Three Sacred Links Shield. However, when the shield was just formed, an irresistible power instantly broke Ian’s shield, and then the force of this punch was transmitted to Ian within the air. When he was hit by this insane punch, he could not help vomiting a mouthful of blood.

The Yonko’s, the Whitebeard’s blow was so terrifying that Ian didn’t even have the means to resist…



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