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S.C.S Chapter 249: Dead or Alive

When the Whitebeard attacked angrily, not only Ace, even Marco was scared.

Ace rushed towards Ian who was flying out, trying to save him, but Ian who was knocked into the air didn’t fly out of the ship’s side again and fell into the sea, because Fujitora interfered this time.

Ian’s body became light, hovering in the air, and when the shock power disappeared, Fujitora used his power and pulled Ian down.

“Issho, are you going to stand in my way!?” the Whitebeard looked down at Fujitora angrily after seeing this scene.

“I don’t want to fight the strongest man in the world!” Fujitora shook his head and said, “But you attacked our captain. and defending your own captain is the pirates’ obligation!”

The members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group nodded together, so they stood behind Fujitora and were ready to fight the Whitebeard Pirates. Even baby-5, though she was scared, she turned her two arms into huge rocket-launchers.

However, the Whitebeard doesn’t have many friends, but he always cherishes the closest ones. Fujitora had a great time with him during this period, and he has a very interesting personality, so he had already regarded Fujitora as a friend…

‘Huh, and now, even my friend is standing on the opposite side!?’

The Whitebeard felt unpleasant, but the commanders didn’t care much, they stared at the Dragon Hunters with hostility.

However, at this moment, Ian’s voice came from behind, saying: “Unc…Uncle Issho, don’t…don’t interfere!”

Everyone turned their heads and saw that Ace was supporting Ian to stand on the deck. Ian’s mouth was bleeding, but he still insisted and said to Fujitora, “Drop it… let me deal with this matter…”

Fujitora didn’t know what Ian was thinking about at the moment, but he sighed and stepped back!

Ian said to Whitebeard: “Oyaji, have you vented your anger!? If not, then… How about another punch?”

As soon as Ace heard this, he immediately got very anxious. He just wanted to say something, but he was stopped by Ian’s stare…

He can only stop him with my eyes. Ian now feels that all the bones in his body are broken. He has been hit by the Whitebeard, and it’s good that he’s still alive.

After stopping Ace, Ian turned his eyes and looked at the Whitebeard, then he smiled and said, “Do you want to come again?”

At this time, Ian knew clearly that he shouldn’t involve the members of his crew in this. That’s why he told Fujitora to back off. There is no benefit in fighting the whitebeard pirates, and he certainly can’t do $HlT now. So he simply let the whitebeard vent his anger on him. If the whitebeard still cares about Ace, then he won’t kill Ian.

And if he really wanted to kill him because of Teach, then, so be it… From then on, the Whitebeard Pirates will mean nothing to him.

If this is the arrogance and pride hidden deep in Ian’s heart, then what about the whitebeard, what about the strongest person in the world?

“You…!” Seeing Ian’s expression, the whitebeard couldn’t help but get angrier: “Do you really think that I won’t dare to kill you? On my boat, you tried to kill my son… You!!!”

“You didn’t even give me an explanation!” Speaking in a deep angry voice, the Whitebeard again punched towards Ian.

The vibrations forces appeared around his fist again, but this time, Ian couldn’t move, so Ace stood in front of him and took the blow.

At this moment, Ace’s action was unexpected. Watching Ace vomiting blood and getting launched away, but he was stopped from flying away by Ian’s body, and then both of them fell to the ground. The Whitebeard said anxiously: “Ace!! What are you doing!!”

“Oyaji!” Ace was also seriously hurt by Whitebeard’s punch, but he still gritted his teeth and said: “Teach is my family, but Ian is also my brother. I know that his deeds made you very mad, so it’s okay to vent your anger on me too… I’ve known Ian for a long time. He always does things for a purpose. Although I don’t know why Ian would try to do such a thing, he warned me before and told me to be careful of Teach…!”

Hearing Ace’s answer, the whitebeard was stunned and looked at Ian suspiciously.

Ian knows that the Whitebeard wants to get an explanation from him, but the problem was that there is no evidence to confirm this matter about Teach. Then how can he explain…?

So Ian patted Ace on the shoulder. He knew that Ace was having the hardest time ever, so he didn’t want to cause him any more trouble.

The more fraternal Ace was, the more Ian felt that he had done the right thing this time.

He raised his head and said to whitebeard, “Father, I can’t explain much to you right now. But if you want to kill me for the sake of Teach, then I have nothing to say.”

Kill Ian? How can this be? If he really wants to kill Ian, the whitebeard will not be so perplexed!

It stands to reason that Ian did not join the Whitebeard Pirates, and was regarded as an outsider. And if an outsider tries to kill a member of the Whitebeard Pirates, his other sons would rip him apart, without waiting for the old man to do it himself.

However, Ian was an exception. Everyone can see that the whitebeard admires him very much.

That’s right, Ian was just like Ace, he had been invited by the whitebeard himself and wanted to take him as a son. Although Ian refused the offer at the time, it doesn’t mean that the Whitebeard has lost his admiration…

If it were someone else, would he be able to spend a month on the ship of the whitebeard? Although Ian didn’t accept to join them, the whitebeard regarded him as one of his sons!

So in this incident, although Whitebeard hated the mistake made by his child, it was normal to punish Ian, but it was very difficult to say that he wanted to kill Ian personally!

This is the reason why he asked Ian to give him a reason… to forgive him…

“Get out! Get out of my boat!” the Whitebeard finally shouted in anger: “You and your people, get out of my ship! This old man doesn’t have a son like you!”

The last sentence that came out of whitebeard’s mouth, made Ian instantly understand whitebeard’s thoughts. He sighed silently, did not say a thing, and released Ace.

Then the Whitebeard crew quietly put away their weapons and opened a way to let Ian and the others disembark. Ace wanted to stop Ian, but he opened his mouth and couldn’t say a word. He also knew that it was the best choice for Ian to leave now and let both sides calm down.

Before they got off the ship, Ian bowed to the whitebeard who watched them leave.

To be honest, although he did not recognize Whitebeard as a father, Ian felt the paternal love from the Whitebeard. The Whitebeard may be a ferocious monster for his enemies, but for these juniors, he is indeed a great father.

If it weren’t for this sudden incident, Ian didn’t really want to end things like this with the Whitebeard… but now, it’s too late!

After Ian and the others left, Marco came to Whitebeard’s side, watching him sit on his throne, he couldn’t help but whispered: “Oyaji, don’t be too sad, Ian doesn’t look like the kind of person who wants to kill his companion, Maybe he really has a good reason for doing such a thing, but he can’t say it.”

The Whitebeard didn’t answer, he just asked, “How is Teach?

“He’s still being rescued… But judging from the wound…” Marco couldn’t continue.

“Heed my command. If Teach dies, then the Whitebeard Pirates will go all out to destroy the Dragon Hunter Pirates!” Whitebeard said.

“Father!?” Marco said: “Do you really mean this?”

“It must be done!” Whitebeard said: “It’s an unforgivable sin to kill your companion…”

Marco did not say a word. The implication was that Whitebeard still regarded Ian as a member of the Whitebeard Pirates, otherwise he wouldn’t say “killing his companion”…

However, at this time, the ship doctor came out of the cabin.

“How is he?” Whitebeard asked.

“How can I say it!?” The ship doctor said with a strange expression on his face, “Naturally, Ian should’ve killed… No, he did kill Teach ONCE!”

“What…what do you mean?” Marco was confused.

“It’s weird!” The ship doctor said, “This is the first time that I saw a body structure like that. He… His body, the way he’s built doesn’t look like a human (He’s Built Different!)… I have never seen such a thing in my life!”

“What the hell is going on?” Flower Sword Vista and the others couldn’t help but come forward and say, “Is there something wrong with Teach?”

“No, he’s okay!” The ship doctor shook his head and said, “Teach actually has three hearts! Although Ian pierced one of them, the other two hearts are fine. Teach is still alive, and he is just in a coma!” (T/N: Your thoughts guys…!)

Upon hearing this, the entire Whitebeard Pirates were all dumbfounded, how… how can this be possible!? How can a person have three hearts!?

Everyone looked at each other in disbelief. No wonder why the ship’s doctor was so shocked and said that Teach isn’t a human…

“Three Hearts? So, every day passes, Teach has triple times of our heartbeats…?” Rakuyo was shocked and said: “So, this guy is older than the old man…”

The Whitebeard didn’t think much about it. When he heard the news that Teach was okay, he said to everyone: “It’s great to hear that Teach is alive, but let’s get the news out. The Dragon Hunters have parted ways with the whitebeard Pirate Group because they attacked a member of our family.”

“I understand!” Marco nodded… It seems that Oyaji’s anger has finally subsided, and now he is thinking about Ian again… (Author Note: the fact that Teach doesn’t have the body structure of a human has been confirmed in the original story. I’m just making a guess, saying that he has more than one heart… don’t take it too seriously!)



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