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S.C.S Chapter 250: Nothing You Do Will Stop This!

Ian did not know what happened after leaving Moby Dick, and then as soon as the Dragon hunters boarded their ship, they set sail…

The ship under their feet was no longer the one gifted by Jinbe. Their original ship capsized in the tsunami. After that, the mast and hull of the ship had been damaged badly. Now, their new ship is the one captured from the marines.

It’s impossible to sail on a marine warship like this in the New World, where furious pirates were rampant. A single warship can often attract the hostility and the assault of many pirate groups. So, taking advantage of the time on Salamis, the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group have re-painted the whole warship and made a few changes.

Now the appearance of the entire warship has changed. The ship’s original colors, blue and white, were swapped to black, and the bow has been sculptured into a dragon head with a giant sword inserted in it.

When the flag of their Jolly Roger was raised, the ship finally looked like it belonged to a pirate Group.

Of course, this warship was much bigger than the last one. Even Raideen said that there is some space for him to move around.

The most important thing is that the cannons on this Battleship were more powerful and accurate. After snatching it from the Marines, the crew members checked their stocks and found that the inventory at the bottom was full of shells and gunpowder. With this ship, if they were having a naval battle, they would be able to strike back harshly.

However, because it is a Marine warship, Ian was worried about what could be hidden in it, so he asked everyone to thoroughly inspect the ship. And sure enough, a small black Den Den Mushi and a bomb that could be detonated remotely by radio waves were found at the bulkhead. When they brought it up, everyone was shocked.

Marine warships were from the best ships, but there is a reason why only a few pirate groups seizing them…

Only after eliminating the hidden dangers can this ship be safely used by the Dragon Hunter Pirates.

Ian was lying on the deck basking in the sun, and the light film of the Twin Sacred Return Shield enveloped his whole body, from top to bottom, healing his injuries.

Whitebeard’s Shock Strike was quite terrifying, Ian was severely injured, so the treatment time got a little longer.

The crew members were all busy, but Fujitora walked up to him, sat down, and said, “Ian-san, you acted a little impulsive this time.”

“I’m sorry, I caused trouble to everyone!” Ian said to Fujitora sincerely: “Uncle Issho, you are the vice-captain of this ship, if something like this could’ve happened again in the future, you must stop me!”

“This time it happened so sudden, even if I wanted to interfere, I’m afraid it won’t be on time!” Fujitora closed his eyes and smiled: “However, you handled it wisely afterward and didn’t start a war with the Whitebeard Pirates…”

“If we didn’t back off, the misunderstanding would’ve been more serious!” Ian said: “Even now, we must be prepared. In case Teach dies, then the Whitebeard will send his commanders to hunt us down.”

“First the Marines, now the Yonko’s Pirates, you can really flip things around!” Fujitora shook his head with amusement, and said: “But don’t worry, Teach may not die. I can hear his “whining”. It hasn’t disappeared yet!”

Ian was stunned for a moment, but then he understood, he should’ve used his astonishing Kenbunshoku Haki to discover this…

But then he frowned. ‘Teach is still alive?’

After all, things like three hearts were too ridiculous for Ian, so he couldn’t think of such a thing at all.

Although Teach didn’t die, Ian took one of his hearts, and this time it can be said that it seriously disrupted some of Teach’s subsequent plans, but it was not totally useless.

“Where shall we go next?” Fujitora asked.

“Follow the Log Pose and go to the next island!” Ian said.

Fujitora didn’t say anything, nodded, and went to find Margaret, while Ian took off his hat and took out a small piece of paper from it. It was Ace’s Vivre Card, known as the “Paper of Life”. When Ian was on Salamis Island, he once found a shop that could make this kind of paper, so he asked the owner to make his own Vivre Card, using a part of his fingernail, and then exchanged a piece of it with Ace’s.

Ace’s life paper was pointing in the direction of Salamis Island, pulling slightly. After looking at it for a while, Ian clenched it and put it back into his hat.

There was Ace… Ian can’t think too much about it now. The fallout with the Whitebeard Pirates needs time to resolve. Now, what Ian really misses was Frost Moon Village, thinking that when he is no longer pursued by the Marines, it’s time to go home and see his family…


While the Dragon hunters continued sailing on the sea, Marijoa, at the top of the Red Line, Sengoku was having a meeting with the Five Elders.

“Are you crazy, you seriously intend to agree to the terms of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group!?” Sengoku exclaimed angrily.

“Take it easy, Fleet Admiral!” One of the Stars with a full white beard and mustache sat on the sofa and said, “The news brought back by CP0 proves that the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group really has the intention to discuss the matter, and it’s not a direct refusal. Then there is room for negotiation. The man named Ian is not stupid. If we simply cancel the pursuit on him, he won’t be reassured.”

“Exactly, so!” the bold old man with the round glasses and long sword started to talk: “the Celestial Dragons originally intended to use Shichibukai’s position to exchange for the identity chip, so his condition is reasonable. If we don’t give him the Shichibukai’s position, he may worry that the Celestial Dragons will come for him and his Pirate Group after they take back the chip!”

“But he still asked for 20 billion Berries!” Sengoku said: “There has never been a Shichibukai who threatened us to give him money!”

The “Star”, wearing a black hat, shook his head and said, “20 billion is too much indeed. We need to talk about how much we should reduce it. But you have to understand that this money is actually coming from the Celestial Dragons and has nothing to do with the world government or the Marines.”

“So do you think the Celestial Dragons will give this money?” Sengoku asked.

The five stars looked at each other. To be honest, they didn’t know either. It is known that money was also very important to the world nobles. Otherwise, Doflamingo would not be allowed to join the Shichibukai by threatening to snatch the tribute gold.

However, this time, it depends on whether the identity chip is more important to them than their money.

Sengoku also saw this from the expression of Five Stars and continued to talk: “Even if the Celestial Dragons are willing to pay, I am not going to agree to this proposal. You don’t know that we, the Marines have been planning for several years to take down the Whitebeard Pirates… the Whitebeard is getting older, but he is still the most powerful Yonko. If we are going to expand our influence in the New World, then we must deal with the Whitebeard. If he lives until the end, then the dominance of the four emperors will always exist and can no longer be changed. “

Sengoku gasped and then said bitterly: “And you, at this important juncture, want a person who is involved with the Whitebeard Pirates to become a Shichibukai!? Don’t you think that we have enough problems!?”

“We understand your concerns!” After a while of silence, the golden-haired Star said, “But, we received news from the CP0 agents, shortly after they left, saying that the captain of this Pirate Group had a conflict with the Whitebeard Pirates. It is said that Ian accidentally injured an important member of their Group. And now, the Dragon Hunters has left Salamis Island.”

“So what?” Sengoku said: “What if it’s just a trick, an act they performed after joining forces? Did the CP0 agents see the conflict with their own eyes? Who knows whether it is true or not?”

“Don’t be so stubborn, Fleet Admiral!” The old man with the black hat once again said: “The first priority now is to get back the identity chip. The Mjosgard family is very anxious. If they don’t get it back soon, they will be expelled from Marijoa and stripped of the world nobles’ position. Therefore, during this period, they have used all their relations and power to put pressure on the world government. We are also in a dilemma now. And about, “acting together” as you mentioned may indeed exist, but it’s only a possibility. Then if it’s true, we can use it to our advantage and gain an enemy of the Whitebeard? “

Hearing this, Sengoku has understood that they were firmly on the side of the Celestial Dragons, and no matter how much he opposes, they will forcibly pass the proposal.

Sengoku felt powerless. He has already felt that although the Celestial Dragons don’t directly command the marines, their influence has gradually penetrated into the marines through the World Government, and the absolute justice of the marines can no longer remain pure.

What he didn’t know was that this time, Ian becoming a Shichibukai, wasn’t an exception. The same $HlT happened to Zephyr, the loyal Former Marine Admiral… the government ignored what happened to him and made the pirate who killed his students a Shichibukai…

The Celestial Dragons are not all idiots. They are using their money and their rank to gain more and more power, and the World Government and the Marines have to compromise Celestial Dragon again and again for the huge military expenses…

“I still have reservations. No matter what, even if I allow Ian to join the Shichibukai, I should ask for the opinions of the others!” Sengoku used his last card and said: “Inviting Ian to join the Shichibukai without informing them could cause hostility from other Shichibukai, an internal strife, and we don’t want this to happen, do we?”

“All right then!” The five stars looked at each other and thought that they should take this into consideration, so they said, “Well, Sengoku, please inform them…”



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