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S.C.S Chapter 251: Fashion

Strictly speaking, most of the marines are actually opposing the existence of the Shichibukai. For a very simple reason, that is, the Shichibukai are recognized as powerful and furious Pirates. Their existence conflicts with the marines’ principle. Pursuing absolute justice, fighting against all pirates was originally their responsibility and obligation. As a result, the emergence of the Shichibukai system meant that the Marines and these Pirates joined forces.

The stronger their sense of justice, the more dissatisfied with this system they become…

However, there is nothing they can do about it, the Shichibukai system was determined by the World Government. They are the rulers after all, and the marines are only subject to jurisdiction. They must obey the World Government. For Shichibukai’s decision, they had to live with it and make suggestions at most…

Now that the World Government are aware of the danger of the Dragon Hunters, and determined to reduce their hostility, so they stood on the side of the Celestial Dragons and planned to use the position of Shichibukai to pull Ian into their side. Sengoku was very upset about this, but he had to follow orders.

Sengoku is getting old, he is about to retire, but he doesn’t want to watch the Whitebeard and the guys from the same generation keep sailing the sea carefree… He feels that the Whitebeard Pirates is his responsibility, and he must eliminate the danger of the whitebeard pirates while he is still in the position of Fleet Admiral, so he can’t allow any mistakes in his plan.

What Sengoku is most worried about right now is the connection between the Dragon Hunter pirate and Whitebeard Pirates. If Ian was allowed to join Shichibukai, that may disrupt his plan.

So he had to play a little trick and try to convince the other Shichibukai that he’s not worthy of such a title…

In Sengoku’s opinion, this guy called Ian is likely to be disapproved by other Shichibukai, because if they put strength aside, Ian has a weak point, that is, age.

The current Shichibukai members are mostly between 30 and 40 years old. Their fame and prestige have been gradually accumulated over time. Even the youngest one, Pirate Empress, is now 28 years old. In contrast, Ian is a 19-years-old boy, and has advanced a lot in a short period, so that will make it difficult to integrate with the rest of them.

Sengoku was going to rely on this to convince them. In his view, as long as the current Shichibukai members collectively oppose it, plus the Marines’ opinion, the World Government may have some scruples and eventually revoke this decision.

After returning to the Marine Headquarters, Marineford, Sengoku immediately sent people to find Kuma, and at the same time, he personally wrote the consultation letters, asking for the opinion of the other Shichibukai far away.

When Sengoku kept thinking about the wording and finally completed the consultation letters, then sending them with Carrier Bats (Carrier Bat is a message delivery animal of the World Government to the pirates, So far in the series, two carrier bats have appeared), after that, Kuma came to Sengoku’s office.

Because of the cooperative with the Marine Science Force, Kuma has the closest relationship with the world government and the Marines, which made it easy to contact him, most of the time…

Holding his thick book in his arms, Kuma sat down in a chair in Sengoku’s office, then he opened the book and kept on reading, without asking why he was brought here…

Kuma has always been very silent around Sengoku, so he was not surprised, and asked him: “Would you like a cup of tea?”

“Okay!” Kuma said without raising his head.

After Sengoku sent his subordinates to bring two cups of tea, he sat down opposite Kuma and said, “There is something I want to discuss with you, it’s about the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group …”

“Do you want me to withdraw my position and let the newcomer take it?” Kuma closed the book, and said.

“No, exactly the opposite!” Sengoku shook his head, and said: “I want you to object to this matter… Ian, the captain of the dragon hunters, shouldn’t become a Shichibukai.”

“It’s none of my business!” Kuma said in his low voice: “This is what the World Government decided. I can’t oppose it. When they invited Fire Fist Ace to join the Shichibukai, the World Government wanted me to quit. I didn’t have any saying in the matter!”

Sengoku was a bit annoyed: “Damn it, Kuma! Have you lost your mind because of this body transformation? If Ian joins the Shichibukai, then you are the one that is most likely to be replaced, are you really willing to give up your position as a Shichibukai?”

“Shichibukai’s position will no longer be important, when I reached the final agreement with Vegapunk!” Kuma said: “When the transformation is over, I will lose consciousness, then my Shichibukai’s title won’t have any meaning…”

After that, Kuma stood up, took his book, and bowed down to Sengoku. “If there is nothing else, then I’m leaving!”

This time, Sengoku found nothing to say, Kuma’s attitude was totally unexpected. He originally thought that Kuma might be the one with the fiercest opposition, because the World Government wanted Ian to join the Shichibukai by taking his position…

How could he know the real relationship between Kuma and Ian? In fact, this was planned a long time ago… it was manipulated secretly by the revolutionary army!

To become a Great Pirate worthy of the Shichibukai’s rank was the purpose from the beginning. And that’s what Kuma did too. He became Shichibukai because it was a quest that Dragon gave him. Now, since he has successfully contacted Vegapunk, Kuma’s purpose can be said to have been achieved. His title as Shichibukai became meaningless…

However, the Revolutionary Army’s mole inside the marines can’t be lost so after discussing with Dragon, Kuma decided to let Ian, his subordinate in the Revolutionary Army, take his position.

Even in order to protect Ian and enable him to complete the plan smoothly, during the Salamis battle, the leader of the revolutionary army, Dragon even quietly came to Salamis. He planned to help Ian if he couldn’t handle the attack of the two admirals. But fortunately, because of the unexpected appearance of the Whitebeard Pirates, the marines were forced to retreat.

In order to prevent any suspicions about Ian’s identity, Dragon waited to the last moment before acting…

Now, the Celestial Dragons can’t wait any longer. Kuma was the one who planned all of this, making Ian his successor, therefore, he wasn’t going to hinder his own operation. How can he listen to Sengoku’s words and agree to such a thing?

Since he left like this, he had made it clear that he would not object to this matter. Sengoku’s headache got stronger, he could only pin his hope on the other members…

In the following week, Sengoku’s consultation letters reached the hands of the six remaining members…

On the Calm Belt, Amazon Lily, it was midday, and a bell rang across the city.

All the women got flustered and rushed out of their houses and the stores, but they all left the area near the castle in an orderly manner, because the citizens knew that the Snake Princess was going to take a bath.

While staying outside the city, these women were not bored. They used this time waiting for the Princess to finish her bath to communicate with their friends.

On Amazon Lily, all these women have a snake accompanying them. These snakes are the most common partner/pet of these citizens, which help them in normal life matters and battles. These snakes are indispensable for these women.

However, after a close look, everyone can notice that there is something different with these women, they were wearing a unique garment, that is…


Typically, these Kuja warriors seem to have no fear of walking around in skimpy outfits or even bathing naked in public. In the past, it was very common that their bright and clean long legs were exposed all the time. But nowadays, no matter how beautiful, ugly, thin, fat, tall, or short, they all wear silk stockings of various colors, and most of their topics are around these stockings.

Only one person can make a kind of clothing on the entire island become a trend…

That’s right, that’s Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock!

When she came back from her last voyage, Amazon Lily’s residents found that their favorite Princess was wearing this thing called stockings. So they began to follow her fashion one after another. However, because this unique garment was rare on Amazon Lily, it has become extremely scarce at one time. Recently, when the Kuja Pirates went out to plunder materials, they robbed one new raw material besides grain, ore, and gunpowder, which was silk to make these stockings…

But no matter who or how they wear it, the whole Island agreed that the most beautiful and attractive woman wearing stockings was the Snake Princess!

The female warriors were chatting enthusiastically about the color of the stockings she wore in the last two days. While they were chatting, they didn’t notice that a small black spot was flying to the palace at the top of the cliff…

In this palace, there is a huge bathtub, filled with steaming water, a breathtakingly beautiful body was soaking in the bath, and her black hair was scattered on the water surface, which looked very supple.

Boa Hancock was taking a bath, while prohibiting her nationals from getting close to the castle in order to prevent them from seeing the slave mark on her back. However, while she was still enjoying the warm water, a bat broke in through the window.

The messenger bat carrying a letter was very unlucky. As soon as he broke in, he alerted Boa Hancock. A Kiss Bullet hit its body, which immediately turned the bat into a stone statue and fell from the air… smashing into pieces!

This bat that broke in made Boa Hancock annoyed and angry. However, just when she was considering whether to make her people start killing all the bats on the Island, she found the letter beside the poor guy…

With a splash of water, Boa Hancock stood up from the bath. His beautiful figure, perfectly curved, was revealed at this moment. In the looming vapor, her body was even more fascinating.

Walking out of the bath, Hancock picked up the letter. When he saw the Marines’ mark on it, her expression darkened.

Although she was a Shichibukai, Hancock doesn’t like the Marines. Now a letter from them dared to disturb her bathing, which is an unforgivable sin.

At first, she wanted to throw it away before even reading it, but when she looked at the broken bat, she had a strong pulse, she remembered something, and quickly opened the letter.

After reading Sengoku’s consultation letter, Hancock couldn’t help crying out with joy: “it’s him! He… Is he really going to be invited to be Shichibukai?” [ If you liked the chapter and want to read more, feel free to join my PATREON page and find 40 more chapters]



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