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S.C.S Chapter 252: 7/7

Kuja pirates returned directly to the Calm Belt after separating from the Dragon Hunter Pirates at the Mainspring Island.

In the Calm Belt, the passage of information is relatively slower, because the News Coo doesn’t deliver newspapers to that area, so Boa Hancock didn’t know the news of the Dragon Hunter Pirates and Ian in time.

It was almost half a month ago that she learned about the dispatch of the two Admirals, Kizaru and Zephyr, to hunt down the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group. When she heard, she was worried.

But she knew that even if the Kuja pirates rushed to help, it might be too late.

Therefore, Boa Hancock could only worry about Ian when she is alone, praying that he will be OK. But at the same time, she kept on sending her crew out of the Calm Belt to bring back the news every day.

Fortunately, just a few days ago, a report in the newspaper finally let her breathe a sigh of relief. Ian’s bounty has been updated, and even his title was changed, with a reward of 650 million Berries, which made her realize that the Dragon hunters survived the heavy assault. Otherwise, the news would not be like this.

She didn’t watch the live broadcast of the reporter Pritz, but after inquiring about it, she discovered the whole story.

Now, the Marines’ consultation letter has made Hancock realize that the world government has finally arrived at a decision to compromise with him…

She remembered what he told her when she was on his ship, asking her to support him in becoming a Shichibukai. So, after reading it, she didn’t want to continue bathing. She put on a bathrobe and walked out…

“That Old Man, Sengoku, actually wrote such a long letter! But… what should this empress do! Is he really telling me this, would he also like to teach this empress how to rule?” Boa Hancock guessed Sengoku’s meaning through his words, but unfortunately, she does not intend to cooperate with him.

Ian is the second person after Fisher Tiger who liberated slaves from Marijoa. Based on this, Hancock treated him as her own savior. How could she agree with Sengoku in this matter?

Sitting on a table, Hancock picked up a quill pen, and wrote a few words on a letter: “This empress agrees to make him one of the Shichibukai!”

However, as soon as he finished writing this, she remembered something, crumpled the paper, and threw it away.

She threw it away because she suddenly remembered that she used the excuse of being hostile to the Dragon Hunter Pirates in order to mistakenly help the imposter, so Hancock should be an enemy of this pirate crew in the Marines’ vision.

The relationship between the two must continue to be concealed, otherwise, it will arouse the suspicion of the Marines.

So on second thought, Hancock wrote on a new piece of paper: “It doesn’t matter! Let him join! Don’t bother me with such things again!”

Such words were very consistent with the tone of the Pirate Empress, and she cleverly expressed her attitude of no objection.

After writing this, Hancock remembered that the messenger bat was killed, so she called for a Kuja soldier and asked her to send the letter to Marine Headquarters.

So, in this way, Hancock became the second Shichibukai to support Ian…

And the third person to show his support was undoubtedly Doflamingo!

In Dressrosa, the resident of the Donquixote Family, Doflamingo also received a letter from Sengoku, and as soon as he saw its content, he burst out laughing.

“Young master, did you receive some good news?” Trebol heard the laughter and asked.

“That old man, Sengoku, can’t stand the Celestial Dragons, he still wants to stop Ian from joining the Shichibukai!” Doflamingo said and raised the letter to Trebol.

Doflamingo crossed his legs and sneered: “Of course, the identity chip of Celestial Dragons is in his hands, so they had to compromise. This was expected.”

“Then young master, you just have to push the boat along the current to show your support and let the kid become Shichibukai?” Trebol blew out two snot bubbles and said, “This way, you can take the identity chip.”

Doflamingo did not answer, but began to think carefully, and finally said: “This matter must be carried out in secret, and we must not let the Celestial Dragons know that the identity chip is in our hands, otherwise we will be in trouble. Now, have you completed making a fake one?”

“It’s done!” Trebol nodded and said: “It is made according to your description, Young Master, you just need to compare it and replace it with the real one at the right time. Otherwise, it would be useless… After all, Master, are you sure that the boy won’t make a replica and tries to fool us?”

“Huh, deceiving the joker?” Doflamingo sneered: “Don’t forget, I used to be a Celestial Dragon. I had seen the identity chip of my foolish family many times. It’s a pity that I didn’t realize how important that item was, that’s why I won’t allow them to take it back…”

“When you get the chip, the rest will be easy!” Trebol laughed. This snotty slug looks so disgusting, especially when he laughs… “As soon as that brat hands the identity chip, we can avenge Vergo… Young Master, if you think that it’s disadvantageous for us to kill him, then I can find us some Hitmen of the underground World to do the job! Even after he becomes a Shichibukai!”

“Don’t be careless or stupid. You saw the battle scenes of the kid and Kizaru!” Doflamingo said with a gloomy face “I’m afraid that ordinary assassins or even skilled ones won’t be able to do $HlT. You must find someone with sufficient power to do such a job!”

“Master, haven’t you already negotiated with Kaido? Then let the Beasts Pirates take care of this!” Trebol said.

“No, we can’t ask someone from the Yonko Pirates!” Doflamingo shook his head and said: “In that case, it will touch the nerves of the Marines. Don’t forget, the Shichibukai existed to help the Marines fight against the four emperors, and that boy really wants to become one of them, so when he gets attacked by the Yonko, the marines will protect him!”

“Then…” Trebol couldn’t think of anyone for a while.

As a result, at this moment, Doflamingo laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I have already thought of someone to deal with him…” (T/N: Who could it be!?)

After that, he stopped talking and didn’t reveal his thoughts. He just took a paper and wrote down his supporting opinions, then he handed it to the messenger bat to take it back.

Bartholomew Kuma, Boa Hancock, and Doflamingo, these three people have already expressed their support, but the remaining ones like, the Knight of the Sea, Jinbe would never object to this. Ian’s deeds of rescuing slaves from Marijoa reminded him of his older brother, Fisher Tiger, and naturally, he didn’t want Ian to face the same fate as his brother. It would be great if he could become Shichibukai and be freed from such a bounty.

Therefore, in the same way, Jinbe also expressed his supportive attitude in the reply.

As a result, four members of the seven Shichibukai members have expressed their support, which is already more than half.

Even if the other three members object, the world government’s proposal would take place. But what Ian and Sengoku did not expect was the final result.

Far away in the Florian Triangle, in the first half of the Grand Line, Gecko Moria also received a latter through a bat.

Moria has been in this area for several years. Since he was humiliated by Kaido, he has been working there with Dr. Hogback for the past year to produce a massive zombie army. Therefore, he was lacking information about the outside world. When he received the letter from Sengoku, it was his first time hearing about this guy named Ian.

However, this does not prevent him from agreeing to this matter. For him, as long as the new Shichibukai does not take his place, then he does not care at all. Because it is mentioned in Sengoku’s letter that the new guy is going to Kuma’s place, which made Moria support Ian even more! The hidden meaning in Sengoku’s words was completely ignored.

For Moria, a 19-year-old kid is better in all aspects than a Tyrant-like Kuma with a complicated personality…

As for the loner, Hawkeye Mihawk, who is staying far away in the Kuraigana Island, would not object to it either, because he noticed that Ian is also a great swordsman!

“Perhaps I would be able to find this boy easily after he becomes Shichibukai, and then I will see what he’s made of!” Mihawk thought, and wrote a letter of support…

The last person was in the Desert King, Crocodile of Alabasta. (xD)

As a person who has been paying close attention to the news of Ian, compared with Mihawk and Moria, Crocodile knows a lot more about Ian, especially after he noticed that Ian was involved with the whitebeard Pirates, and in the end, he heard that they had a conflict for an unknown reason, and with this letter, Crocodile had to think about it for a long time…

At the end of the day, Crocodile wrote a reply to the letter, which mentioned his approval!

This was a very strange thing. Sengoku’s consultation letter didn’t bring the result he wanted. None of the Shichibukai members opposed to the invitation…!

This almost caused Sengoku a cerebral hemorrhage when all the replies were summed up in his hands!

‘What… what the hell is this!?’

Sengoku couldn’t figure out why many of these Shichibukai members agreed when they clearly didn’t even meet Ian once. Why didn’t they oppose!?

After reading Sengoku’s consultation letter, Hancock couldn’t help crying out with joy: “it’s him! He… Is he really going to be invited to be Shichibukai?” [ If you liked the chapter and want to read more, feel free to join my PATREON page and find 40 more chapters]



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