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S.C.S Chapter 253: Final negotiation

In the vast ocean, a warship with the pirate flag of the Dragon Hunters was sailing peacefully.

This time, following the Log Pose, the voyage was very long. Ian and his crew had been on the ship for 15 days.

Fortunately, the supply of the warship was sufficient. A battleship originally carries hundreds of marine soldiers, but Ian’s crew was around 70 people, and the materials on board can fully meet their needs.

At this time, on the deck, the fighters of the Dragon Hunter Pirates were sweating due to the hard exercises.

This is one of the things that Ian thought of after leaving the island. Although most of the members on the ship were the wrestling slaves rescued from Marijoa, who had a good basis for combat, Ian still started to train them with the mindset of being strong.

Fujitora was the one who performed the training task. He opened a suitable gravity field on the board to make them exercise harder.

After the Salamis incident, the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates felt that their Pirate Group was not strong enough, so they did not go against Ian’s order.

For a great pirate group, there are usually three main parts: the captain, the cadres, and the fighters.

In this world, those who can generally become cadres are usually those with devil fruit ability. Normal people, who want to match the extraordinary power of the devil fruit, have to work consistently and very hard…

In the new world, those who can’t use Haki are basically cannon fodder. For Ian, these people have followed him all the way from Marijoa, so he can’t bear the thought of losing any one of them, and it happens that Fujitora, “a mobile gym”, can help them get stronger, and maybe this will help them Awaken their Haki as soon as possible.

Ian was also standing among the trainees, improving his swordsmanship. When he tried to assassinate Teach, he figured out the last step by accident and realized the use of “Aura”, and what he is doing now was familiarizing himself with this new skill.

This kind of Momentum was very mysterious. It seems to be totally different from Haki. It doesn’t seem to be related to any kind of energy at all, but a strong belief that is exclusive to the battle.

He could even call it “killing intent”… but whatever it’s called, people who have mastered the use of this Aura can produce a strong sense of threat when facing an opponent. It will give the enemy a feeling of being unable to escape, which is the so-called locked-in.

This ability is quite useful, because in the New World, there are many people who use the Observation Haki. And when two Kenbunshoku Haki users are fighting, they can perceive and predict each other’s actions, unless one party is way faster and stronger than the other, the outcome of the battle will be indistinguishable. At this time, the one who can use this Aura will have a great advantage.

Ian broke through the bottleneck of his swordsmanship and raised it to the Master level, and that happened only after comprehending the use of Aura. As a result, when he wielded his sword, his every movement was completely different from before.

His swings were very slow. Every time he lifts it up and strikes it down, he can clearly see the blade chopping the air. However, every time he swings his katana, he gives a feeling of cohesiveness. In a more popular way, every swing of the sword seemed very imposing!

At this moment, Ian was just swinging in the air. If there was an opponent in front of him, he may feel the mystery effect of this move. It seems like a simple slash, but it will bring considerable pressure!

This is the swordsmanship written in the modern time! Ian has been practicing it for so many years. It can be said that only now has he really entered the hall of mastering the essence of kendo. The Way of Sword!

While Ian was practicing, the watchman on the mast shouted: “Captain, there is a ship coming towards us from the rear!”

In these days of sailing, Ian met several pirate groups. Some of them were established in the new world, while others came across the first half of the Grand Line. Of course, no matter what kind of background they have, none of them was a well-known group. After all, in the new world, the slightly well-known pirates either surrender to the Yonko or get eliminated by them…

Only these small pirate groups can temporarily survive in the alleys.

From this point of view, the Dragon Hunter Pirates were very lucky, because of their involvement with Whitebeard Pirates, so they didn’t attract the covet of the other three. Otherwise, with the bounty of 1.2 billion berries, Ian’s Group may have long been targeted…

The pirate groups encountered these few times are different from the ones they met before. When Ian had a 500 million bounty, there were some unlucky fellows who wanted to attack Ian’s group, and gain a reputation for defeating the Dragon Hunter Pirates, but after the battle of Salamis, after the scene of the battle between Ian and Fujitora with the admirals, no one dared to come closer with such intentions…

This also led to several waves of pirate groups, after seeing their flags, all of them ran away quickly, for fear that the Dragon Hunters would be in a bad mood and sate their anger.

At that moment, Ian really realized the benefits of high bounty and fame. Perhaps for some pirate groups, the Dragon Hunters are now “bosses”.

So after hearing the shout of the watchman, Ian didn’t care much. He thought it was a pirate ship. Maybe after seeing the flag of the Dragon Hunters, the ship would retreat.

However, what Ian didn’t think was that it didn’t take long for the watcher’s voice to come again, saying: “Captain, not a pirate ship! That ship is hanging the flag of the world government!”

“Oh!?” Ian immediately became interested when he heard it.

As mentioned earlier, starting at one point in the middle of the New World, the Marines’ influence is out of reach. They are all forces under the Yonko. If a single warship appears with the flag of the Marines or the world government, it is likely to be attacked by pirates. Now the ship was not only hanging the flag of the world government, but also it was still a single ship, with no escort.

“Is it coming towards us?” Fujitora walked over and asked.

“Maybe!” Ian replied and said, “Pull the sails, let’s wait for them to come over, but get ready for battle!”

Everyone on the ship immediately started to take action, brought the shells from the cabin, adjusted the angle of the muzzle, and took aim at the ship.

It didn’t take long for the ship to finally approach. It was indeed a warship, and it stopped a little far away, maybe because they saw the muzzles aimed at them. Then they quickly put down a small boat, with a few people in it, rowed towards Ian’s ship.

Looking from a distance, he could see that the people on the small boat seem to be a bit similar to the CP0 agents who had contacted him on Moby Dick.

Sure enough, as the boat approached, Ian saw the three masked men in suits and coats.

Remembering the words of the CP0 agents at that time, Ian immediately understood that this is probably someone from the world government who intends to negotiate with the Dragon Hunter Pirates!

At the beginning, they only brought the conditions of the world government. After Ian responded, the CP0 went back and asked for instructions because they had no authority. Now, after half a month, they have come again.

This time, it should be the final negotiation, right? Ian thought so.

“Let them come on board!”

Following Ian’s order, the rope ladder was dropped from the side. Three members of the CP0 and several escorted marine soldiers boarded the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group ship.

“We meet again! Captain Ian!” It turned out to be the same man with the feather mask, but this time, he changed his costume and wore another mask, but it was the same voice. As soon as he came up, he said to Ian. “I’m here on behalf of the world government and world nobles, to negotiate with the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.”

“Well, how did they respond to the conditions I asked for the last time?” Ian smiled slightly. Although it was only half a month later, seeing the other party chasing him so eagerly, he was certain that the Celestial Dragons were impatient.

“We have conveyed your terms!” The masked man said: “the World Government technically agreed to make you a Shichibukai…”



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