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S.C.S Chapter 254: Final Final Negotiation

Ian held the sword’s hilt around his waist and said: “Since they technically agreed, then why did you come in person instead of sending a letter through a bat?”

“Because there are still many issues that have not reached a consensus!” The masked man said: “Be aware that Shichibukai’s rank and power isn’t a joke… After becoming a member of the chosen ones, the Marines and the world government will acknowledge the existence of your pirate group and cancel the bounties of all the members.

Any crime committed by you or your subordinates will be pardoned. Ships bearing the flag of your pirate regiment can pass unimpeded through any area under the jurisdiction of the Marines. Some information and resources of the Marines and the world government can also be shared with you.

Shichibukai’s territories, islands or countries, will not be subject to any inspection and interference by the Marines. The world government and Marines grant you the legal right to plunder, but you only need to hand over part of the looted property to the world government.”

“Well, that sounds like a lot of power!” Ian tilted his head and thought, “But what does this have to do with ‘your’ consensus?”

“It’s very simple, as mentioned in the last part, only the Shichibukai has to hand over a part of the looted property to the world government, and there has never been a Shichibukai who asked the World Government for money!” the masked man said: “The 20 billion Berries you asked for is too ridiculous!”

“Don’t get me wrong!” Ian hummed coldly: “This money is not a request, but a ransom. It’s the price that the Celestial Dragons need to pay me for buying ‘my’ identity chip!”

The agent went silent and didn’t know how to answer. Then his right hand reached into his waist.

Because of his action, all the Dragon Hunters pointed their guns and swords at him!

The masked man didn’t panic, then said, “I’m just getting my Den Den Mushi. Captain Ian, maybe… It’s better that you talk to the government directly.”

As he spoke, he pulled out a large Den Den Mushi.

Ian was a little surprised. Hearing what the masked man said, he probably doesn’t have the authority to negotiate about the money, so he had to pass the negotiation to his superiors, right?

After taking the Den Den Mushi, Ian heard a puffing sound, and then the snail’s expression turned into an old bearded face. Ian didn’t ask a thing, and picked up the microphone.

“Is it ‘the Black Dragon ‘Ian?” Den Den Mushi said with a hoarse voice.

Ian picked his ears and said, “Can I say that this is a bad nickname?”

“Young man, put aside the nickname issue for now!” The voice said: “Although the Fleet Admiral Sengoku wants to prevent you from becoming a Shichibukai, the strange thing is that all the other Warlords expressed their support to your case, which made us very curious. How could this be?”

Ian froze for a moment. ‘Did Sengoku really try to prevent me from joining the Shichibukai? What the hell is wrong with him?’

‘Also, why did I get the full support of all the Shichibukai? In my calculations, only Boa Hancock, Jinbe, and uncle Kuma would support… well, maybe Doflamingo helped too, but what about the other three?

However, Ian replied: “I don’t know why… but maybe they think I’m handsome? I’m sure they wanted to improve the Shichibukai’s appearance?”

Fujitora almost burst laughing when he heard that. It wasn’t to improve their appearance, but to lower the average age, right?

“……” The old man on the opposite side didn’t know how to answer for a while, and finally said: “Well, no matter what, you will take the place of Bartholomew Kuma, but correspondingly, you have to agree to our conditions, and the name of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group must be changed…”

“No way!” Ian said directly: “I’ve never heard of a pirate group changing its name without changing their captain… and my group hasn’t decided yet about whatever they should replace me!”

Upon hearing this, Ian’s crewmates burst out laughing. In this pirate group, it is impossible for anyone else to become the captain, not even Fujitora, because the cornerstone of this group is the slaves who escaped Marijoa, and they won’t allow anyone to become their captain except Ian, their savior!!!

“……” this was the second time the other side fall into silence. Although the name of the Dragon Hunters did arouse the fear and anger of the Celestial Dragons, as Ian said, a pirate group would never change its name under normal circumstances, unless there was a riot or rebel and someone else took the place of the captain.

“Then, we have nothing to discuss!” The old man said: “If this is the case, then you can’t join the Shichibukai!”

“I can’t join!? Huh, then let it be!” Ian said: “My 650-million bounty allows me to join any of the Yonko in the new world, and seek shelter. But for you, I’m afraid that the problem will be bigger, isn’t it!? Let’s see, the world ruler, I’m afraid that this time he will have to cut another royal family, right!?”

Ian has the strongest card in his hands, and it’s pressing on an opened wound of the world government. It is certainly easy to refuse Ian’s joining the Shichibukai, because the world government has the final say, but the identity chip won’t return…

The world government can also send out the Marines to hunt down the Dragon hunters. But who knows when would they arrest them? And can the Celestial Dragons afford to wait any longer?

In fact, the initiative of this negotiation is in Ian’s hands. Of course, this is what he gained from the battle with Kizaru on Salamis Island. If Ian’s strength wasn’t remarkable, he won’t have such confidence.

At the thought of this, the Star, who talked with Ian, decided decisively to stop worrying about the name of the Pirate Group and said: “Well, the group’s name can also be put down for the time being, let’s talk about the 20 billion Berries. The concessions have been made, but the money must be reduced! You know, this much money is equivalent to the tribute gold contributed by many countries!”

“How much are you planning to give me for the chip?” Ian asked.

“2 billion Berries!” the old man on the opposite side said.

“No way!!!” Ian shook his head and said directly. Actually, Ian has his considerations about the money. The bottom line of this money was actually 10 billion, because this is the right amount that can let him unlock the Platinum VIP, the final VIP rank.

He knew that 20 billion was an extremely large amount, he was just giving the other party a bargaining room, but now the other party lowered it to 2 billion, which really doesn’t meet his expectations.

So he said, “I don’t want any other reduction. 10 billion Berries is my final bottom line. If you agree, then an agreement will be reached right now. If you don’t, then we have nothing to talk about!”

“……” And this is the third one…

Ian could faintly hear some murmurs. It seemed that the five stars were arguing, he was not in a hurry, so he waited quietly.

“All right, the agreement is reached!” After a while, the voice from the opposite side uttered again, saying: “Later on, the news will report that you have joined the Shichibukai! As for the money, you need to come to the Marine headquarters and hand over the chip, then you will get paid!”

“No way!! Please, don’t play me for a fool!” Ian said in disbelief, “I should go to the marine headquarters!? Huh, don’t mock me, I’m sure they will arrest me as soon as I arrive?”

“We just told you that we will report this matter in the form of news!” The old man was a little annoyed.

However, how could Ian believe their words? Don’t forget, the World Government controls public opinion.

In Ian’s memory, when the Dressrosa citizens panicked over Doflamingo’s “abdication” from the throne, Doflamingo was annoyed and waited for CP0 to clear up this “confusion”. When they arrived, they told the people that the article printed in the newspaper was a mistake, and then everything was settled.

If Ian really believed them and ran to the Marine headquarters after the news came out, the three admirals could surround him and take him down, and then the world government would send news to refute the rumors, then there would be no place to cry.

Ian believes that these governments are on the side of the Celestial Dragons, so he directly said: “Even if this was reported in the news, I won’t go to the Marine headquarters… You want the identity chip!? Then it’s simple. Give me the money first, then I will give you an address, and you can find it there by yourself!”

This was Ian’s plan from the beginning. He wants the news of him becoming a Shichibukai to ferment around the world for a while. When this matter reaches everyone, he will be able to show up there with nothing to fear.

At that time, even if the world government wanted to manipulate the public opinion and deny the rumors, that would be impossible for such news to come out months later and say that it was a mistake?

At that time, Ian’s status as a member of the Shichibukai could be completely confirmed. If World Government didn’t want to cause the rest of the Shichibukai members to be uneasy, they won’t do anything suspicious to Ian…

“Damn, this little devil is really cunning!” The star who was talking to Ian couldn’t help thinking like this.

However, he had no choice but to accept. Ian’s tone was firm and there is no room for negotiation. If the five stars didn’t want this agreement to fail, they would have to agree.

In fact, thinking about it carefully, if they really want to let Ian become a Shichibukai, then there is nothing wrong with such conditions, because if this goes smoothly, not only would they get the identity chip back, but they could also rely on his strength to help them deal with the Yonko. After all, Ian’s strength was seen in the latest battle, and when placed among the other Shichibukai, he would belong to the upper-middle level.

This is beneficial to the world government after all. The five stars have been in charge of the world government for so many years, and the pros and cons were clearly distinguished, so in the end, they agreed.

It wasn’t until Ian hung up the call that the whole thing was over. As soon as the news reports come out, Ian’s identity as Shichibukai will be known all over the world.

The CP0 agents left his ship. After that, Fujitora said, “Now, in the next newspaper my bounty will be canceled. Huh, what a pity. After all, this bounty was a kind of recognition to me…”

Ian smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter if it is canceled… As long as people remember, you will always be well-known, they won’t forget your 500-million bounty … Haha, Uncle Issho, don’t you worry!”

“What shall we do next?” Fujitora asked, “Every Shichibukai has his own territory, shall we do the same?”

“Indeed, it’s time for us to have our own place!” Ian nodded and said…

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