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S.C.S Chapter 255: Territory

In general, all pirates at the Shichibukai level have their own territory.

Crocodile runs the Baroque Works in Alabasta, Boa Hancock is the empress of Amazon Lily, and Gecko Moria is the captain of the giant terrifying ship, Thriller Bark, on the Florian Triangle. Even Dracule Mihawk, the loner, occupies the Kuraigana Island.

Ian also felt that it was time for him to occupy a piece of land and concentrate on it for a while

It’s not easy to live in the new world. It only took Ian a few months to reach that part of the world. Since he doesn’t want to be attached to one of the Yonko, he must have the strength to stand on his own.

Because in addition to the Whitebeard Pirates, there are three other Emperors in the New World… No one knows when he will provoke one of them. The beast Kaido is simply a lunatic, and Big Mom is a moody and crazy woman, even the red-haired Shanks, the ordinary-looking one, Ian doesn’t know what temper and attitude he has.

So it seems that they have nothing to do now, but in fact, there are still many hidden dangers, which require psychological preparation for troubles in times of peace.

Then if they could find a favorable site for a while, that would be excellent for the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

However, Ian has no clue right now about what’s best for them. He is not familiar with the geography of the new world. He doesn’t know which territory belongs to which faction? If he rushes to occupy a random island, it is likely to cause a major problem.

Moreover, Ian has also figured out that it may not be long before his new identity as a Warlord (Shichibukai) will be recognized and announced by the world government. It is not easy for a Shichibukai to settle within the sphere of influence of an Emperor.

As far as Ian knows, the only Shichibukai who has a territory in the new world was Doflamingo. The reason for that was for sure his cooperation with Kaido… This guy is a famous broker in the underground forces. Ian even suspected that Doflamingo might have secretly joined the Beasts Pirates. After all, his nickname was the “joker”, a card that can be played anywhere!

Of course, this is all Ian’s conjecture, which can’t be accurate. However, it can be seen from this how much influence the Four Emperors has in the new world.

As the ship continued to sail, Ian encountered baby-5 on board.

Although this woman is Doflamingo’s subordinate, she is currently a hostage in the Dragon Hunter Pirates. Due to her character problems, Ian thinks she should be a rebellious person, but he also knows that she can’t be completely trusted, so sometimes, Ian tried to avoid her when discussing issues with his deputy, Fujitora.

“Hey! You have been with Doflamingo in the New World for so long, so you should know the new world very well, right?” Ian asked baby-5: “Tell me, where can I find places in the new world which are not taken by other factions?”

Baby-5 didn’t refuse to answer, she knew that the man in front of her would soon become a Warlord like her young master, so she thought for a moment and said to Ian, “In fact, I’m not too clear about the details. I can only say that in the new world, the more dangerous the island, the less likely for it to be occupied.”

Ian nodded slightly. Indeed, what baby-5 said does make sense. There are many islands in the new world, but there are not many islands suitable for people to live in. He’s afraid that all islands which can generate goods and have some benefits have long been divided up by the four emperors who have been entrenched in this part of the World for many years.

If Ian wants to seize one of these islands as his own territory, then he is likely going to provoke the forces of an emperor.

On the other hand, some of the dangerous islands may not be of importance to the Yonko.

These islands are often the favorite of adventurers, but they are usually extremely easy to cause them casualties, and they are not necessarily places that can be easily conquered.

This made Ian somewhat understand why many new pirates who just entered the new world would want to challenge the Four Emperors. In addition to gaining fame, some of them would get cocky and feel like they were worthy of challenging the old forces around.

“A dangerous island!?” Ian rubbed his chin and pondered. In his impression, the only place he could think of was Punk Hazard. This island was not far away from the Red Line.

It used to be a secret Research Institute of the World Government, but after the big explosion, the island was filled with poisonous gas. The Marines then evacuated their scientists, and now no one was leaving on this toxic island.

However, Ian knows very well that Punk Hazard will soon be occupied by Caesar, and then he will reestablish a research institute on it, and together with Doflamingo, they will secretly open a lab to produce artificial devil fruits, which requires raw materials “SAD”.

Generally speaking, Ian has a cooperative relationship with Doflamingo. If he takes his crew to the island, they would be fine. Caesar ate Gas-Gas Fruit, a Logia-type. The power of this fruit may be troublesome for others, but Ian doesn’t care much. If he takes the Dragon Hunter pirate group there, he can drive Caesar out.

Even if Ian was more ambitious, he could take the opportunity to participate in their business and obtain some of those artificial devil fruits to improve the strength of his men.

However, this thought only flashed through Ian’s mind, and then he dropped it. Not to say that it was a perfect idea, but they have passed the location of Punk Hazard, and it won’t be easy to turn around and go back…

However, what really bothered Ian was these artificial devil fruits, what if they have some weird drawbacks and caused his crew some kind of illness, after all these fruits felt like a knock-off. If there is a quality problem, it will cause him a lot, and Ian didn’t want to gamble with the lives of his partners.

What’s more, Ian knows that Caesar is not only a madman who likes experimenting on people, and for such a thing, let alone Ian, even Fujitora can’t tolerate it… He’s a thief who kept on spending Big Mom’s research funds by squandering!

Since there were so many disadvantages in it, Ian gave up the thought of going to that place.

Waving to let baby-5 leave, Ian approached Margaret and asked her, “Which pointer is the most trembling on the Log Pose?”

Margaret didn’t know what Ian wanted to do. She took out the compass and showed it to him, saying: “We have been following this stable one, and it is estimated that we will reach the island soon, and the other two, one pointing to the southeast and the other to the southwest.”

Ian took a look and found that the position where their ship was heading was actually the pointer in the middle, so he thought about it, and said, “Well, let’s go to this island first and have a look around. If this place was a territory of a Yonko, then we will replenish and go to the other two islands!”

The right island is not so easy to find, so Ian had to take a step forward and have faith.

Margaret was right. Early in the next morning, Ian and his crew faintly saw the island ahead.

In general, Ian’s voyage on this road was quite smooth, probably because the magnetic force of the island was relatively stable and safe, so they did not encounter any bad weather on the way and arrived peacefully.

However, as they progressed all the way towards this island, Ian gradually felt something wrong.

On this island, there were several places where dense smoke was rising straight into the sky. However, as Ian and the others approached, they heard roaring sounds from afar.

“Is this… the sound of cannons?” The members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group gathered around the deck. Raideen looked forward with narrowed eyes, and said: “This island seems to be at war!?”

The ship approached the island gradually, more tragic scenes appeared. In the coastal waters of the island, there were many broken sampans and some swollen corpses floating. These bodies had all kinds of wounds, cuts, gunshots, etc… and some even had missing limbs, and the surrounding seawater was tinged with a faint red color.

Under this sea, a large number of bloodthirsty sharks and sea kings were frantically stimulated by the smell of blood, and were desperately tearing these bodies.

As a result, when Ian and the others approached, several large sea kings rushed out of the water to attack Ian’s ships. In order to prevent them from damaging the ship, both Ian and Fujitora took action and killed some of them, while the rest were bombarded by cannons, then they fled!

“This is horrible!” Zick looked at the corpses in the sea for a while and said, “There may have been a naval battle here, which killed hundreds of people.”

“Can you tell who they are?” Ian asked.

“Some of the bodies looked like pirates, but the others are for sure civilians!” Zick said, “Is this island being robbed by pirates?”

After hearing this, Fujitora frowned. Such scenes were the reason why he blinded himself, but he still could perceive corpses around him. So he asked directly, “Can you see the flag of these pirates?”

“I can see some floating pieces of cloth on the surface!” Zick replied, “but it looks like it belongs to several pirate groups, several different flags.”

“Captain, shall we go in and have a look?” Fujitora asked.

“Of course!” Ian said, “I hope these pirates are not under the four emperors, or we will get into trouble.”

“I don’t think they are!” Fujitora shook his head and said, “If these pirates are really under the Yonko, those civilians would not have fought back.”

Ian was stunned for a while, and then reacted, as if it was indeed the case…



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