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S.C.S Chapter 256: Fate

To be honest, Ian has visited a lot of islands since he entered the Grand Line, but they were all in a peaceful state, however, this was the first time that he saw such an island in the midst of war.

The reason why it was judged to be in an explosive war is that too many dead civilians… Too many corpses were floating in the sea and there are traces of shelling on the island.

In the face of such an island, many things were still uncovered, so Ian and the others didn’t dare to take this matter lightly. After discussing for a while, they decided to leave some people to guard the ship. Fujitora, the vice-captain, also stayed on the ship to protect it, while Ian took half of the fighters and went to the island.

There was no port where Ian and the others were heading, so when they were a little apart, Ian and the 25 members of the Dragon Hunter pirate group got on a boat.

Raideen and Doroni were huge, so they didn’t get on the boat. Ian took Zick and some other good fighters.

As they were paddling to the shore, Zick took the opportunity to check the dead bodies near them and said: “Captain, this naval battle is so recent. It was about three or four hours ago. Now there may still be some survivals on the island, so we have to be careful.”

“Well!” Ian nodded and said, “Everyone check and prepare your weapons, make sure you can fight at any time.”

They all answered and checked their swords and guns. About ten minutes later, Ian and his group landed on a beach. The golden sand on the beach had been dyed red by the gallons of blood. Several corpses were lying on the edge of the beach. After Ian got off the boat, he squatted down to have a look. He found that most of the corpses were people dressed in civilians’ clothes, their clothes looked shabby, and their hands and feet were stained with blood and filled with scars and marks of shackles.

The weapons they used were scattered around these dead people. There were very few guns, some common pistols, and the rest were all kind of tools such as pickaxes, hoes, shovel, and some swords.

“Are they slaves?” When the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group saw the appearance of these people, their complexions immediately turned pale.

Ian also had a gloomy face as he looked at the rest of the bodies. There were still some corpses on the beach that looked like pirates, but their number was very small.

It doesn’t need much reasoning logic. Ian quickly figured out what happened here. It must be those pirates who were hunting down these people who looked like slaves. These civilians tried their best to escape to the beach and swim away, but they failed. There was a battle on the beach and all the people died, but the pirates who were chasing them only paid a small price.

This made Ian a little confused. If the island was robbed by pirates, the people who were killed should be all kinds of people, civilians, women, and children… However, almost all the bodies were mature men who looked like slave laborers. What’s the matter?

Zick came over, shook his head, and said to Ian, “Captain, there are no survivors…”

“Let’s go deeper to the island!” Ian said.

Everyone followed Ian and walked forward. Across the beach, there was a forest in front of them. But there were some corpses scattered in the forest. These corpses paved the way and guided Ian and the others…

Many beasts in the jungle, attracted by the smell of blood, were tearing at the corpses. When they see Ian’s group appear, they roared and attacked them.

Ian walked in the forefront, with his hand on the hilt of the sword at his waist, all the beasts that rushed up were beheaded one by one. In the beginning, these beasts were attacking madly, but when their number was reduced, the remaining animals found that they were facing a more dangerous monster, so they groaned and retreated slowly.

Seeing the animals retreat, Ian stopped paying attention to them, and led everyone out of the jungle. At first glance, he saw a devastating scene.

There used to be a village in the valley under the dense forest, but this village has now been blood-bathed by the pirates. The whole village was full of smoke, and there were still some unquenched fires, and the ground is full of various corpses.

Ian hurriedly rushed towards the valley below with everyone, and when he entered the village, he immediately ordered everyone to scatter to search for survivors.

Zick, and the others were ordered to disperse, and Ian rushed into an alley and searched around.

He found the largest hut and walked in. He found it full of bloodstains, and several corpses were lying on the ground. Ian checked and found that these people were all murdered, so he shook his head and continued searching inside.

However, at this moment, a gust of wind suddenly came from behind, and Ian’s heart tightened, and immediately drew his sword and turned around to block!

With a clang, Ian’s sword resisted an attacking long sword. This long sword was a knight sword with bloodstains. Ian thought it was an enemy, so he was about to slash the opponent with a rotating slash. As a result, as soon as his blade came in front of his opponent, Ian gasped in surprise, and quickly stopped his attack!

The person in front of me was a woman in Knight’s armor. Although her face was covered with blood, Ian recognized her at a glance!

“Na… Nana!? How can it be you? “

Ian was taken aback. He didn’t expect to see Nana here!

Nana, after attacking the intruder, recognized Ian, and when she heard Ian call out her name, a smile appeared on her face, and then she fell down toward Ian.

Seeing this, Ian quickly held her, but when he hugged her, his hands got stained with blood.

Nana passed out because of a large wound on her back. She seemed to have been severely slashed from behind, and her knight armor was also cut open, and her injury was severe.

Ian knew that she probably was in a state of excessive blood loss, and if she didn’t get treatment soon, she would die, so he immediately equipped Orihime’s card and treated her wounds.

Orihime’s card can recover dealt damage to achieve the purpose of healing the injury, but Ian has tried it my times before, and this recovering ability has its limit. If the person dies, even with this powerful card, it can’t resurrect him.

Fortunately, Nana did not die. With the continuous output of Ian’s Nen, she was finally pulled back from the death line. Under the incredible effect of the Twin Sacred Return Shield, the scar on Nana’s back was not only healed, but even her broken armor was restored.

With a sigh of relief, Ian lightly patted Nana’s face covered with dim blood and finally woke her up.

“I…Ian!?” Nana opened her eyes. After seeing Ian, she looked at him in disbelief and said: “What I saw before was not an illusion!?”

“Of course it’s not!” Ian smiled and said, “Don’t worry, you’re all right now!”

Nana sat up and moved her hands and feet, and found that the injuries on her back were gone. She finally breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Ian, you finally came, I was waiting for you!”

“What do you mean?” Ian was a little puzzled: “I was wondering before about how could I meet you here!? And now, you are saying that you have been waiting for me, huh?”

Nana nodded, and said: “Yes, we received orders from the senior members of the Revolutionary Army, saying that we should wait here for your arrival and join you. But I did not expect that it would take you a month to reach this place!”

This matter has started since he was in Salamis Island. The leader of the revolutionary army, Dragon, appeared in Salamis Island during the war, but he didn’t contact Ian at that time, so Ian didn’t know what was happening around him. Dragon came to assist him because he had been informed by Kuma about the battle with the two admirals, even if he didn’t interfere and help him escape, he was just waiting for a critical moment.

Needless to say, the purpose of the reunion was to return the identity chip to Ian. At the same time, according to the original plan, a fake identity chip produced by the Revolutionary Army will also be given to him.

However, due to the appearance of the Whitebeard Pirates, Ian didn’t need any help. Therefore, Dragon quietly left, contacted other cadres of the revolutionary army, and dispatched Nana to join Ian.

In fact, as soon as the world conference ended, she should have come to find Ian, but things got delayed because they were waiting to make a replica of the identity chip.

In the beginning, Dragon guessed that the Dragon Hunter Pirates might not stay for a long time in Salamis, and according to the maps, their next destination was likely to be this island, so he asked Nana to get there in advance and wait for Ian.

However, what Nana did not expect was that she had to wait for a whole month…

Because of Ian and the others, they stayed with the whitebeard pirates in Salamis for a long time. If it weren’t for Ian’s sudden attempt of Teach’s assassination, they might have stayed longer.

This has to be fate. If Ian got delayed even for a day, then when he gets here, he won’t find Nana alive…

After hearing the whole story from Nana, even Ian couldn’t help taking a breath!

This… this is really…

Ian doesn’t know how to describe all of this. It can only be said that there is a God looking over them. If he came late, the result will be a little unimaginable!

It’s conceivable that Nana doesn’t carry the identity chip with her. She will find a place to hide it. If Ian arrived and found her dead, the location of the identity chip will become a mystery and will never be found again.

At that time, the world government gave Ian Shichibukai’s title, but he would be unable to fulfill his part of the deal, then…

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