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S.C.S Chapter 257: Nana’s Story

Ian couldn’t help shivering as soon as he thought of the possible consequences.

Fortunately, he didn’t think of changing his path at the time, so he boarded the island according to the original plan.

“Tell me about it!” Ian sat down and said, “What’s the matter with this island? Since you had a mission to wait for me on this island, how can you get involved in this? Plus what about Walnut and Yardi? Didn’t they follow you, or you are not in the same group anymore?”

Nana wanted to explain, but at this time, Zick and the others entered this house. So Nana could only quiet down temporarily.

“Captain, we didn’t find any living soul in the village!” Zick reported to Ian, then glanced curiously at Nana.

Ian knew what was going on in their minds, so he introduced: “This is Nana, she is my companion. She was the one who helped me pass through the Marineford and reach the Holy Land Marijoa, she is the one who informed me about the marines’ movements when we were invading the mansions of the nobles.”

As soon as Zick heard this, he immediately bowed his head at Nana with respect. In fact, when they fled with Ian, Zick and the others noticed that Ian was in contact with someone on the other side. At that time, they knew that Ian wasn’t alone. Unexpectedly, they met Nana here. After all, Nana can also be considered as their benefactor.

Through this dialogue, Nana knew that this was Ian’s crew, so she smiled back as a greeting.

Everyone gathered around Nana, willing to listen to her story. Actually, let alone Ian, everyone was confused about the situation on the island.

“Walnut and I, as well as Yardi, landed on this island a month ago!” Nana said: “I think, it should be a week after the Salamis incident. When we arrived on this island, we lived in the town and waited for you, but then something happened. We rescued a man who was hunted down by pirates. Under his guidance, we came to this village.”

“Saved someone?” Ian was puzzled: “Does that have anything to do with today’s tragedy?”

“Yes, it does!” Nana said: “Actually he wasn’t a normal civilian, we learned afterward that this man turned out to be a miner who was on the loose…”

With Nana’s story, Ian and the others gradually understood what was going on.

It turns out that this island was a little famous gem country in the new world. It produces some rubies and emeralds. Although the output was not that large, it allowed people on this island to live wealthy.

The population of the island was small, but because its source of income was based on these gems, so most of the people here were miners. This small country was originally one of the world Government’s allies, but because it is located in the middle of the new world, they weren’t able to establish a marine base on it!

However, something unexpected happened eight years ago, a big pirate suddenly came to this island. With the help of his Pirate Group, he launched a sneak attack and assassinated the king of this country!

The next thing is easy to guess… this pirate conspired to seize the country and took the seat of the king himself.

Originally, this kind of deed was considered an attack on the world government. At that time, the world government considered sending a fleet to eliminate these pirates, but unexpectedly, the captain who stole the throne went to Marijoa, and when he came back, he got the support of the government and became the rightful king of the country. Although the world government didn’t make a statement, they didn’t send another wave of marine soldiers, which was equivalent to acquiescence.

Such a reversal really made the citizens of this island somewhat confused. Although they know what agreement this pirate king may have reached with the world government, they can do nothing because they don’t know the details.

After all, the history of the country established on this island was too short. Unlike the ancient millennium kingdom Alabasta, the royal family has been deeply entrenched in the minds of its people. But here, for ordinary people, they are not concerned about who is their king. Because the other party has a great force in his hand and they can’t resist, then it’s ok to obey him, as long as he doesn’t disturb people’s lives.

But who knows, shortly after the new King came to power, he announced that all the mines on the island were nationalized, and all the miners on the island must serve the country.

He sent out his men to capture the adult men on the island, turn them to miners, and then distribute them to the mines around the land to dig for ores.

Having lost their personal freedom, the daily working hours of the people who are regarded as miners on the island have greatly increased. In the end, the reward for heavy manual labor was much less than before. Even if their work was completed, these miners were not allowed to return home, but they were put together in custody.

This is no different from being a slave…

After a long time, these people went on a strike, they wanted to stop this madness. As a result, the new king bought a lot of pirate groups to serve him and used them to suppress the miners.

This situation lasted for eight years. All the miners who were arrested for continuing the strike were tortured in a hideous manner. During this period, some miners tried to escape from the island and wanted to seek the help of the Marines. However, some of them were caught and killed by the king’s soldiers. Occasionally, a few of them did make it out of this hell. But when they went to the Marines, they were shirked and ignored by the “righteous” Marines.

After discovering this situation, the people on the island were finally desperate. They knew that they could no longer count on the Marines and could only rely on themselves. So in the dark, the miners began to secretly unite and planned to launch an uprising to overthrow the new king.

Nana and the others did not know the island’s history, so they chose to land on the island at such a time, and the man they rescued turned out to be one of the leaders who organized the miners’ revolt!

The reason why he was hunted down by the pirates was that a traitor appeared within the organization, and he got exposed!

He and dozens of miners found that things were going south, so they killed the guards and ran away. However, when they passed through the city, the pirates hired by the king caught up with them and started a fierce battle in the city. The rest of them died, and he was seriously injured. He was rescued by Nana, and she escorted him back to the village of this secret stronghold, leaving Walnut and Yardi behind, waiting for Ian in the city.

As an active member of the revolutionary army, Nana sympathizes with these miners, so she was willing to help them with everything she could…

However, she got involved in a really bad time. The man she saved was in a coma for three days. It was during these three days that the king was ready to start a bloody suppression against the miners who wanted to revolt.

Time was not on her side, the massacre started last night!

Because of the betrayal of the filthy informants, all the hiding places of the uprising miners were exposed. The king hired a large number of mercenaries as his thugs and began to attack these secret locations. These miners were just ordinary people with very few weapons in their hands. How could they be the opponents of the ferocious pirates who had been fighting for a long time on the sea? So after a little resistance, the miners’ front line collapsed.

Originally, when he arrived here, if the pirate king had a little conscience, he would just arrest these people, without shedding blood. However, because the king was not upright in his country, he was always on the alert. He was very annoyed by such an uprising, so he ordered to kill all the miners who participated in the riot.

As a result, the first tragedy in the history of the island was written. The demented pirates faithfully implemented the orders of their employer and carried out a massacre on the island.

Thousands of miners, indiscriminately, were listed as targets of the slaughter. Although the miners tried their best to resist, they still couldn’t beat the pirates fully loaded with weapons and cannons. Finally, they had to fight carefully and retreat, planning to escape to the sea.

Then when they first went out to the sea, they ran into pirates who were hired to follow them, so a fierce naval battle has occurred.

This time it was even worse. It’s a common practice for the pirates to fight at sea. Although the miners had no way out, they gritted their teeth and killed many of them, but they were still wiped out in the end…

This was the story of this island. The village where Nana was found was one of the secret hideouts of the miners. Therefore, it also attracted the pursuit of the pirates. Although Nana also helped the miners fight against the pirates, she was outnumbered, and got slashed from behind by a mercenary!

If Ian came an hour or two later, Nana would have died of excessive blood loss.

Listening to her story, Ian and the others were silent for a while.

Until the end, Ian frowned and asked, “Weird, relying on some gems, can this filthy king buy the world government and make them allow such behavior?”

“Yes, if the gems produced on this island really have such great interests, won’t they arouse the interest of the Yonko?” Zick asked.

When Nana was telling the story, Ian interrupted to ask, and learned that the Pirate who took over the island was a pirate with a 340-million bounty, but it seemed that he had nothing to do with the four emperors, and the island was not under the protection of any of them…

This is what made Ian feel that this is the strangest place. Ordinarily, a place that can produce gems will make the Four Emperors tempted to conquer it, right? There’s no pirate who doesn’t like easy money.

“I asked the miners here!” Nana shook her head and said, “Actually, there are very few gem veins on this island. After so many years of mining, they are almost exhausted.”

“Then why did he still imprisoning these miners and make them mine?” Ian asked.

“Because the king doesn’t seem to care anymore about the gems!” Nana fumbled for a while, took out a small white crystal, and said, “What he wants seems to be this thing!”



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