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S.C.S Chapter 258: Thunderstone

Ian took it, held it between his fingers, and looked at it, then he found that the white crystal was a kind of translucent object, but strangely, it seemed to be hollow inside.

Looking at it closely, Ian suddenly saw a bolt of lightning running through the crystal!

Although the electric current just passed through in a flash, it frightened Ian and made him rub his eyes. He thought he was dazzled.

“What is this?” Ian looked at Nana and asked in surprise: “Did I just see a lightning bolt inside it…”

Nana said with a smile: “You are not mistaken. There is indeed electricity in it. In fact, this kind of ore was discovered by the miners recently.”

“What do you mean?” Ian asked, “Didn’t they know what they’ve been digging all this time?”

“I don’t want to admit it, but I think so!” Nana shook her head and said: “At first, the miners really thought that what the king wanted them to dig out were gemstones. However, what they dug out were only raw ores. All these raw materials were taken to the palace. It seems that a smelter was built there. They didn’t know exactly what they extracted. They always thought it was gems, but later, someone risked his life and sneaked into the palace, then he discovered the ores they had mined were refined and turned to this crystal”

“In other words, the other ores, the rubies and emeralds, have already been dug up, right?” Ian picked up the crystal and looked at it again.

“Yes, the miners didn’t know what it was called at first, but later, they discovered the characteristics of this thing…” Nana took the crystal from Ian’s hand, then drew out her knight’s sword and leaned the tip of the sword slightly towards the crystal!

Then, a wonderful scene happened. On the white crystal, a strong electric current rushed out, flowing to Nana’s long sword!

Since the hilt was wrapped in leather, Nana was not afraid of being electrocuted. She just held her long sword and kept it still, and the crystal continuously releases and discharges electric current towards her sword.

Both Ian and Zick were dumbfounded. They didn’t expect that this white crystal could be used like this!?

“What do you think?” Nana put away her long sword, the white crystal also ended the discharge phenomenon, then she threw the crystal in her hand and said: “The miners finally gave this crystal a name, they called it the “Thunderstone”! Even if this thing was used while you are still holding it in your hand, you won’t get electrocuted, but once it comes in close contact with a metal conductor, it will produce an insane amount of energy, and the stored electric energy is quite amazing, such a small piece of Thunderstone can emit two hours of continuous electrical energy.”

“In that case, the agreement reached between the King and the world government might be to provide them with this kind of thunderstone?” Ian frowned and said, “After all, some rare gems alone can’t buy the world government…”

“Yes, the miners are so skeptical about this matter!” Nana said: “Because of the scarcity of gem mines, the Four Emperors were not interested, and this kind of thunderstone is useless to them. But things are different for the world government. They have special scientists researching new technologies. Perhaps this kind of ore with an insane amount of energy can be used by them. So the King exchanged this stone for the support of the world government, which caused the world government to turn a blind eye to the king assassination and the takeover…”

“Energy crystal…wait!” Ian suddenly thought of something, and couldn’t help but gasp, and hurriedly asked Nana: “You just said that the King took the throne eight years ago?”

“Well, yeah, what’s the matter with that?” Nana asked.

What’s up? Is this a big problem! This so-called Thunderstone reminded Ian of a similar stone: Dyna Stone!

This Dyna stone is also a kind of energy ore, which contains quite a lot of energy. According to the original history, the admiral Zephyr, who fought against Ian and the others, will leave the marines completely after Edward Weevil get invited by the world government to join the Shichibukai, he will enter the new world with the Neo Marines reorganized from the original pirate guerrillas, and seize the Dyna stone. He will use these mass destruction bombs to detonate the volcano of the new world and completely bury the new world.

Ian didn’t know what the raw material of this stone was, but the thunderstone in front of him reminded Ian of another thing.

That’s the PX project of the Marines scientific force, the Pacifista, which is the cyborg project!

That’s right, it is the human body transformation that Uncle Kuma is participating in!

Ian has always felt that the world’s science and technology were still in the Dark Age. It’s clear that there are submarines and steamships, but the Marines were still using sailing warships. Obviously, most of the guns and cannons were from the old generation, but also cyborgs were made in a large quantity…

Well, Ian can roughly figure out the reason, because such technology can only be discovered by the genius Vegapunk…

The human weapon project that uncle Kuma participated in is a model of artificial humans. However, since they are cyborgs, they must be driven by energy, and their high-energy laser blast, coming out of their mouth and hands, doesn’t emerge out of thin air!

Ian thought that the energy used in these cyborgs was Coke for the first time… but no way, Franky was a unique person that uses Coke as energy…

However, as a human weapon used by the marine scientific force, the energy used by Uncle Kuma after being transformed can never be the same as Franky’s, Right?

Therefore, Ian guessed that maybe what Uncle Kuma and his cloned weapons used this little thunderstone as their energy source!

This kind of ore, which contains a lot of electric energy, is used as driving energy in the steel body of the cyborgs, it’s a perfect fit.

The reason for Ian’s sudden thought is that the key lies in the timeline. According to Nana’s news, that pirate came here eight years ago and became king, and then captured the miners to work for him. If he reached out to the world government at that time and provided them with this thunderstone, then the reasoning would be valid.

The Marines’ scientists must study these thunderstones for a long time. He didn’t know how long it will take to finish Kuma’s physical transformation, because it’s a long process, which can’t be accomplished overnight. Ian doesn’t know when the transformation started, but he can roughly estimate that it lasted for several years.

Therefore, Ian estimated that it was after they obtained the thunderstone from the world government that the PX project was born.

“F*CK! If he can hold this refinement thunderstone in his hands, wouldn’t he be able to get a steady stream of money from the world government?” Ian thought while holding the thunderstone.

At first, Ian just wanted to get a piece of land, but after getting his own territory, he must have a business that can support him and generate income. Berries are always good. If Ian wants to recruit more characters to grow his power, then money is indispensable.

In fact, Ian’s card system is a bottomless pit of money, so finding ways to make money on his own territory was the top priority.

In addition, if he wants to make money, then the easiest way was to collect protection fees. As soon as his identity as Shichibukai was announced, he can go to many islands and offer them protection for a respectable fee…

However, there is a problem with this method, besides time consumption. If the income was too high, it will definitely arouse the resentment of the opposite side. If the income was too low, then Ian himself won’t be satisfied, because unless it was a rich country, otherwise, how much protection fee can be given to a Shichibukai in a month? Ten to twenty million Berries at best…

Therefore, it is better to find another way to make money.

And now, this Thunderstone suddenly appears in front of him, which made Ian tempted to seize it…

They discovered that this Thunderstone is a crystal containing electric energy, and electricity can not only be used as fuel for the marines’ cyborgs. In fact, the use of electric energy is currently the most extensive. As long as more ways to use Thunderstone are learned, it means that the demand for these crystals will increase. At that time, he will be able to sell these Thunderstones at a higher price…

Not only Ian, but Zick and the others also thought of it, so they stared at the thunderstone with shining eyes.

The more Ian thought about it, the more excited he felt. If the Thunderstone was really what powers the PX cyborgs, then he even thought that perhaps he could get a clone of Uncle Kuma from the world government through the Thunderstone transaction!

Don’t forget, Ian will soon become a Warlord of the sea, and at that time, he will be on the side of the world government. Since the other Shichibukai can obtain special materials such as Kairoseki from them, then the trade for one or two PX clones won’t be impossible…

At that time, as soon as the Dragon Hunter pirate group appears in a battle, Ian will be accompanied by two clones of Kuma as his bodyguards… and that would be phenomenal!

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