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S.C.S Chapter 259: The Plan Goes Like This

“Then what’s the situation on the island now?”

Ian put away the thunderstone and asked Nana for more details.

“I don’t know much, Ian!” Nana said, “However, although the miners were killed and badly defeated this time, they still have many people left. The population of this island is about 200,000. The number of slave miners is at least about 20,000, which doesn’t match the number of pirates!”

“Gotcha!” Ian nodded and said, “Humm… Although the king hired mercenary groups to suppress the uprising of the miners, such suppression would be counterproductive, right?”

“Of course!” Nana said: “It was a mistake to hire these pirates. These bloodthirsty pirates have aroused the anger of the remaining people on the island, but…”

“But, what…” Ian asked.

Nana said: “It’s just that the miners are still ordinary people after all. Even if they want to fight against this tyranny, they lack weapons, so the consequences are hard to predict.”

Hearing this, Ian frowned and thought.

Obviously, Nana sensed Ian’s intentions, so she said this, and wanted to let Ian help the people on this island. She was in the village and witnessed the atrocities of these pirates, rushing in to kill the old, weak, women and children. The evil deeds that happened on this island have reached the end of Nana’s forbearance.

Ian is a member of the revolutionary army, and Nana is his companion, and apart from that, Ian also wanted to seize control of these Thunderstones, turning it into the business of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, so no matter what she thinks, Ian has a great motive to make a move.

But still… he actually has two paths: One is to help the people on the island to overthrow the rule of this tyrant, and the other is to cooperate with the so-called king.

However, the second method doesn’t align with Ian’s character and principles. Ian is not the kind of evil person in the first place. Even if Ian comes to his door with a proposal, he won’t be trusted easily by the king.

Ian can be sure that this so-called thunderstone mineral hasn’t been spread out to the world yet, plus is it true that the refinement of this ore was in the palace? The King must be very cautious, and he should be only making a secret transaction with the world government. Otherwise, the thunderstone found on this island would have been seized by the other four emperors.

And if Ian comes knocking on his door, with his 650 million bounty, that will arouse the King’s wary in the first place. When the late news of the world government comes out, and Ian’s Shichibukai title gets announced to the world, the King will be more worried that Ian will discover his secret, and will try his best to get rid of him as soon as possible.

Therefore, Ian actually has only the first way to go with, and that is to help the miners, help them overthrow the rule of the ruthless King, wait until the people elect a new rule, and then use the privilege of his new identity to provide shelter for this country in exchange for the control of selling these Thunderstones.

Thinking of this, Ian asked Nana: “There should be other strongholds for the insurgents on the island? Can you get in touch with them? “

“I can try, but…!” Nana said: “After this suppression, the rebel army will definitely be more careful.”

“Then find a way to contact them!” Ian said, “Perhaps, I can find a way to supply them with weapons!”

As soon as she heard this, she suddenly got a boost confidence and said, “Really?”

“Well, I’m at least 60% sure!” Ian said: “But, we have to split up now. You go to find Walnut and Yardi, and then try to contact the rebels. We need to bury these people, after that, we’ll go back to our ship. Then, my ship will dock at the port of this island. You need to go there and find us.”

Nana agreed to this immediately, stood up, knocked on her chest, and saluted Ian, then said with a smile, “Consider it done, my captain!”

When Ian heard this, he couldn’t help smiling. In fact, he knew that uncle Kuma sent Nana and the other two companions to support him. Now Nana calls himself that, which means that she is already one of his crew members.

Ian already had a good impression of these three, and naturally the more trustworthy soldier, the better.

Nana left afterward, and Ian took Zick and the others to dig up graves to bury the bodies. To be honest, although he had killed many people with his own hands, this was the first time that he saw a bloody massacre like this. The pirates in the new world were more ferocious than those in the first half of the Grand Line.

The fear and desperation in the eyes of these corpses made Ian unable to look directly at them. The only thing he can do now is not letting these people rot in the wilderness.

“Captain, if you want to kill these pirates, please bring us with you.” After they finished their work, Zick and the others resisted the killing intent in their hearts and said to Ian.

“Don’t worry, we are finishing this together!” Ian nodded.

Then, Ian took them all the way back to the beach and returned to the ship of the Dragon Hunter Pirates in the small boat.

As soon as they got on the ship, Fujitora and the others surrounded him and asked about what they found. Ian didn’t hide the situation from them, and told them the whole story, but he concealed the information about the Thunderstone for the time being.

“Then what are you planning to do next?” Fujitora asked him.

Instead of answering him, Ian looked at baby-5 and said, “Now, I’ll let you go back!”

Baby-5 was dangling a cigarette in her mouth, she got a little surprised, and said: “Let me go back?”

“I need you to go back and contact your young master!” Ian smiled and said, “Tell Doflamingo that I want to do business with him!”

“What kind of business?” Baby-5 asked with a complicated expression.

“Arms trading!” Ian said: “I need about 20,000 guns and swords. If possible, some mortars. And don’t bother denying it. I know that Doflamingo runs the weapons business in this part of the world. I don’t care about his affairs, just tell him that I need to buy some of his goods!”

On the surface, Doflamingo is Shichibukai, and the King of Dressrosa. Most people don’t know that he is one of the brokers in the underground world. However, Ian’s disclosure of Doflamingo’s identity surprised baby-5.

“If you can, I hope you escort the arrival of the weapons here and personally hand them over to me at that time!” Ian said to her with a smile.

“W… why?” Baby-5 asked while holding her blushing face… he wants her personality.

“I told you this before, if you want, you are more than welcome to join our Pirate Group!” Ian smirked.

It’s true that baby-5 was indeed a member of the Donquixote family who has lived with them for more than a decade, but Ian knows very well that Doflamingo has been using baby-5 by exploiting her personality. However, Doflamingo’s so-called kinship doesn’t seem to include Baby-5 that much. Ian thinks that if he shows her real passion, she will change sides.

Of course, this depends on timing. To be honest, even with all the manipulation he did, Ian was really good to baby-5. Not only him, but also the rest of his crew treated her very well. Ian wanted to consider her as a companion. In this way, maybe baby-5 can realize the difference between him and Doflamingo!

Baby-5 finally left, escorted by two members of his Pirate Group, to Dressrosa, willing to buy weapons from the joker!

Ian was sure that he will get the weapons needed because of his currently established alliance with Doflamingo. It’s true that Ian killed Vergo, and the Joker wanted to avenge Vergo. But since Ian had something Doflamingo really wants, he won’t change his attitude towards Ian for the time being, before getting the identity chip…

So taking advantage of this period, Ian planned to make use of this alliance. In his estimation, Doflamingo will probably agree to this arms deal.

After determining the source of the weapons and with baby-5’s departure, Ian announced his plan in front of members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

He intended to take his people and dock at the port of this island.

According to Ian’s estimation, although the rebels on the island were suppressed with the help of the mercenaries, the king would not be completely relieved. He might continue hiring more pirates to serve him.

Some people may ask, as a king, wouldn’t that guy form an army to suppress the uprising? Why does he have to find random pirates?

This is probably a psychological reason. Ian knows very well that the king who sought to usurp the throne must have no sense of security or trust. If he wants to form an army, the source of the army soldiers must be recruited from the island. He is obviously an outsider, if he put his own safety on the aboriginal people there, it would definitely not work, because one day the army could suddenly turn against him, which won’t be a smart move from the beginning.

Therefore, the king was willing to hire pirates as his soldiers. After all, pirates who take such a job for money won’t need a large amount of money to keep them for a long time, and as long as they are paid enough, they will do whatever they are asked for…

At such a critical moment when the other party wants more recruits, the appearance of Ian and the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group will definitely attract his attention.

A pirate group with a total of 1.2 billion bounties definitely contains the most powerful Hitmen he could get for the moment. Ian was sure that the king will come asking for his help even if he was anxious and unwilling to do so.

What Ian wanted was for the other party to look for him, so that he could get close to this King.

While providing weapons to the insurgents on the island, he will try to contact the King… what does Ian think about?

Do you still need to ask? Of course, he is trying to get the refining method of the Thunderstone…

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