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S.C.S Chapter 260: Fear Us

Before listening to Nana’s story, Ian had some doubts about the situation.

That is how and why didn’t the residents of this island discover the existence of Thunderstone for so many years, and it happened that these energy stones were found only after the appearance of this King.

Just luck? Give me a break! This Thunderstone does not seem to be a directly produced mineral, which is derived from refining. If they didn’t know about the existence of this thing, then how could they think of extracting and purifying it?

Moreover, from the description, the purpose of the king seems to be very clear. the reason behind his occupation of the king’s throne was to seize this material. It is by no means a temporary intention or accidental discovery.

Therefore, Ian doubts the identity of this king. Although Nana said that the new king seems to be an old pirate with a 340-million bounty, which can be classified as a strong pirate, Ian does not think that a pirate alone could have such knowledge. The current problem is the identity of this pirate… Ian must come into contact with him now.

After listening carefully to Ian’s analysis, Fujitora agreed with his statement, saying: “Indeed, this king may really be a problem. If a guy can get a bounty of 340 million, then he is definitely not an ordinary pirate. Such a pirate can easily get an important position in any of the Yonko’s groups, and what’s fishy about this is that he decided to become the king of such a small island?”

The island’s economy is not that strong, it is not the kind of island with beautiful scenery that can attract tourists, and its population is also very small. Although they had some gemstones, they were all poor mines with small output. To be a king in such a country planning to make a fortune with these conditions was unrealistic… It can’t also be compared with a big country like Dressrosa or Alabasta.

If Nana had not been lucky enough to save one of the rebel commanders in this area, learning the background story, and discovering the existence of the Thunderstone, I’m afraid they would keep scratching their heads and pondering about the purpose of this pirate/king.

“It’s really a misfortune of the people here that such a pirate becomes their king!” Fujitora said, “Let’s go, Captain, let’s see who this 340 million pirate is!”

Ian smiled slightly, turned, and shouted: “Turn the rudder to the Left ninety-degree, let’s find their port!”

The place where they landed before was on the side of the island on a beach, not the port. Of course, they had to turn around to land on another side of the island.

After going around the island for half a circle, Ian and the others finally saw the location of the port. The port here was very small, but at this time, it has been occupied by large and small pirate ships. On these ships, there were different pirate flags. Needless to say, these were all the mercenaries hired by the king.

However, it’s a bit inappropriate to call them gangsters, it’s more appropriate to call them mercenaries. Real pirates don’t live by just bordering an island, they steal everything in their ways, caravans, ships, and towns… anyway, these guys were just mercenaries, as long as they get paid, they were willing to do anything, like suppressing poor civilians…

This reminded Ian of Buggy’s future mercenary organization…

At this time, there were some watchmen on these pirate ships berthed at the port. These pirates stayed on the deck drinking Sake. Although they were all employed by the same boss at the moment, the relationship between these pirates was not so harmonious. Ian saw from a distance that a pirate who had drunk too much wine stood on the side of his ship, facing a nearby pirate ship close to them, pulled down his pants, and start peeing!

Although this guy’s urination couldn’t reach the other ship, he still humiliated the nearby Pirate Group in this way. The drunk pirate and his companions laughed and flicked their middle fingers to the other ship.

In this way, the other group had to react to such actions, so an arrow was immediately shot near the hip of the one who urinated. Although the arrow missed, the drunk pirate was startled, so the people on both sides started cursing at each other.

The farce there has attracted other pirate groups docked behind them. They were bored because they were on the rear. At this time, when they saw such a good show, they naturally laughed loudly and started booing. At the same time, they begin to encourage the two sides to fight.

The most interesting thing in this world is probably watching other people’s fights and gather around as a crowd of spectators. Everyone in this world had the same kind of spirit…

However, Ian’s ship appeared under such circumstances!

Since the Dragon Hunter’s ship was modified from a marine warship, it was much larger than other ships, especially with such cannons on the front, which were very eye-catching. As the pirates who spend many years at sea, they could distinguish the marines’ ships from miles away, so when Ian and the others just turned from the side of the island, they were spotted by the pirates in the harbor.

“Huh…Marines!?” A pirate who was dizzy and drunk, when he saw Ian’s ship, he got so scared that he sobered up immediately, thinking it was the Marines coming… As a result, he rubbed his eyes hard and saw their black hull and black pirate flag clearly. Then he got relieved…

As the ship approached, more and more pirates saw Ian’s ship and couldn’t help but exclaimed: “My God! That turned out to be a pirate ship converted from a marine warship! Which pirate group had the courage to do such thing!?”

In this sea, the incompetent pirate groups don’t dare to have the idea to go against the marines, while the powerful ones may not be impressed or interested in their warships, so it’s really rare for pirates to steal a warship and turning it into their ships. No wonder why these pirates were so surprised when they saw Ian’s ship figure…

Due to the sun’s direction at this time, many pirates have not been able to see Ian’s flag clearly, so they were all speculating about which Pirate Group has the balls to do such a thing.

The pirates, who were fighting, stopped playing around and went to the back of their ship, looking at the ship heading towards the port, and some clever pirates even jumped off the ship and went to the city to report to their captains.

A gust of wind finally brought some clouds and revealed the pirate flag on the top of Ian’s mast. The pattern of the sword inserted the dragon skull made the pirates stunned.

At the first sight of this pirate flag pattern, many people couldn’t remember which Pirate Group’s flag it was, but they had a feeling that they have seen it somewhere, so they searched for the right memory in their minds.

In the new world, the most important thing is to remember the Jolly Roger of the famous pirates. Only in this way can they ensure that they won’t provoke enemies they shouldn’t…

And slowly, after digging in the right places, the face of many pirates suddenly turned pale!

‘I remembered them! F*CK, isn’t this the dragon hunter pirate group that appeared on the screens not long time ago!?’

Thinking of this, the pirates staying at the harbor suddenly gasped, and immediately cursed! $hit, that’s a dangerous group!

‘What’s the matter with this little island recently? First, the king hired a lot of pirates to slaughter his citizens, and now suddenly there is a great pirate group that can resist an attack of two marine admirals!?’

‘If I remember correctly, the captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group is a young man with a 650-million bounty!’

“They… they seem to be docking at this port!?” A pirate who came back to his senses suddenly said.

That being said, the pirates in the port were all shocked. Looking around, they found that the small port had been filled with pirate ships… There was no place where they could dock. In fact, they did this with the intention of blocking all the exits and preventing the people on the island from escaping.

However, such a blockade, at this moment, made all the pirates panic!

“Quickly, untie the cables on the shore!” On a pirate ship right in the middle of the port, someone yelled, and the ships behind roared in a panic: “Our ship must get out first, we need to open some space!”

After seconds of these shouts, the pirates on the front ship immediately jumped out of the sea and swam towards the shore. They hurriedly began to untie the ropes. Not only them, but even several ships nearby did the same!

Although these pirates were rude and fierce, at sea, there were rules that they secretly abide by. Usually, if there is a conflict between the pirate groups, then when the captain with the higher bounty stands in front of the one with the lower reward and brings this matter up, the latter will basically lose in terms of imposing manner.

This is the “bounty classification” between factions and pirates!

Obviously, the fame and might of the Dragon hunting Pirate Group preceded them. Therefore, in order to prevent angering this great Group, these pirates have to quickly give up their spots and make room for the arriving ship, giving them a place to dock.

From a distance, the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group also saw the panic in the port. After a little guess, they knew what had happened, so for no reason, a strong sense of pride suddenly rose in the hearts of Ian’s crew.

‘Look at us, fear us, we are the Dragon Hunters, our Pirate Group will soon become the crew of the new Shichibukai! It’s our presence that these rude bastards fear!’

Unconsciously, all the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group pumped their chests and looked coldly at the pirates who were getting closer and closer.

Even Ian felt the fierce atmosphere bursting out of his crew. He sat on the deck chair, looked back at the expressions of everyone, and immediately understood what was going on, so he couldn’t help smiling.

“Haha, is that so? In that case, it’s time to show the world our aura…”

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