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S.C.S Chapter 261: Show Off

The pirates in the port opened the way, welcoming their arrival, but Ian didn’t give a F*Ck about them, ordering the helmsman to control the ship and go straight in.

The pirate ship converted from the marine warship was so huge, when Ian and the others enter the port, the pirates boarding the other ships on the sides had to raise their heads to look at the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

With a crisp ring of a bell, Ian jumped off the boat first, followed by Fujitora, and the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, they leaped down one after another, and then stood behind Ian and Fujitora.

Most of the fighters of Ian’s crew were slaves from the arenas of the Celestial Dragons. Naturally, they looked very strong and burly. After disembarking from the ship, the pirate groups around them opened their mouths and sneaked a peek at them. They were shocked by their fierceness, especially Raideen’s… his extremely tall body, coupled with the huge double-edged sword, made them shrink their necks.

The next moment, Ian turned back and looked at his ship beside the other small ones…

Those pirates who stayed on their ships recognized Ian, the captain of the dragon hunter pirate group. When he turned back, they didn’t do anything reckless, wondering what he was looking for.

But then, they figured out what was going in his mind.

“It seems too crowded here!” Ian rubbed his chin while talking to himself and said loudly: “What if the paint on my ship gets scratched?”

As a result, the Senbonzakura on Ian’s waist suddenly got pulled out its sheath, and two Flying Slashes were launched in the air!

With a flash of light from his sword, two huge sword auras flew out and merged into a cross-shaped Slash in the air, and went straight towards the ship on the right of Ian’s!

The cross-shaped projectile was so thick and fast that the pirates on this ship did not have time to react at all, and some were immediately hit by the sudden attack.

A loud sound came after the collision, and under the stunned gaze of a large number of pirates, this ship was instantly cut into four parts by Ian’s projectile! The rest of the pirates on the ship felt that their feet were standing on thin air, and the next moment, they fell directly with the collapsed ship!

It took only one second for a relatively strong ship to collapse like this. These poor pirates fell immediately into the sea with the debris of their ship. The rest of the pirates who witnessed this scene were sweating so hard, and a strong sense of urination emerged, causing them to clamp their legs!

‘Did he just chop down a ship because the port was too crowded!?’

Ian’s hand was still on the handle and it was very satisfying to find that large space was suddenly vacated on the right side of his ship. After nodding with admiration, he looked toward the other side!

The people on that ship, after seeing Ian’s gaze, shuddered with fear, and screamed: “No please, spare us! Don’t… don’t do it! We will leave the port right away!”

The men on that ship were clever enough to save their lives and ship, so a group of them jumped down to untie the rope. But Ian simply didn’t care… When they were slowly withdrawing, he made the same move and launched another pair of projectiles.

With a louder bang, the ship on the left was demolished. Under the cross-shaped slash, the boat was also split into four parts and started sinking in the sea.

“Now it’s symmetrical at last!” Ian muttered: “My OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) can’t be tolerated…”

While saying this, Ian turned around and walked towards the city with the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

The remaining pirates in the harbor crouched down on the deck with their heads between their arms. They only dared to show the top half of their heads from the side of the boat and glared at the Dragon Hunter group.

There’s nothing more frightening to these pirates than to chop down two ships in an instant. After Ian and the others disappeared, they dared to stand up straight to look at the directions on both sides of the huge ship.

“These were the Blood bandit Group with a bounty of 80 million and the Ares Pirate Group with a bounty of 94 million… Their ships were gone in an instant… “

“Now on this island, a terrible and ruthless pirate has appeared. What shall we do? Do you want to inform the captain and get out of here quickly!”

“Yeah, what was that… if we annoy the Dragon Hunters, we won’t know how we will die…”

Some of Ian’s crew was left behind on the ship, most of them were women, including Margaret. But none of the surrounding pirate groups dared to get close to their ship, let alone harass these girls. Now they wanted to stay as far as possible from their warship.

Ian’s excuse for chopping these ships was ridiculous, however, these were just mercenaries, not good folks. There is a high chance that these pirates have participated in the massacre of the poor miners last night, so Ian showed them what he’s capable of… destroying two ships to prevent his from being scratched, so imagine what would happen if they tried to harass these guys left on his ship.

After leaving the port, Ian and the others went all the way down the island. Gradually, a city appeared in front of them, but it seemed to be very depressed because of the battle that took place yesterday. There were not many people on the street. Some traces of shells were seen along their path, and there was even smog of gunpowder curling up in the distance that has not been dispersed.

However, in a tavern at the entrance of the city, Ian heard some noises. So he took the lead and walked in.

In this world, no matter which city they were in, as long as there were pirates docked in the port, the crewmembers will be found in the pubs. The same goes with this island. Because the king here hired a large number of pirates as mercenaries, such a noisy pub must be a gathering place for them.

Outside the tavern, some drunken pirates were squatting there, but as soon as Ian and his group approached, the expression of these people immediately changed and they rushed into the tavern to inform their captains.

Some people have spread the news of their appearance before, therefore, many pirate groups on this island heard about them, but they did not expect that when the Dragon Hunter Pirates came ashore, they would march straight to this pub.

As a result, when they just walked to the door of the tavern, they noticed that the noisy tavern suddenly went quiet.

“ding-a-ling.” the bell on Ian’s wrist of the spell bandage made a crisp sound. Soon, this sound will become his symbolic sound of Ian’s appearance.

Reaching out and pushing the door of the tavern, Ian walked in and got greeted with their gazes. These eyes were either full of fear, sparkles, or eagerness to try something…

The pirates in the tavern were all looking at the door. They already know that the Dragon Hunter Pirates are here, but to be honest, most of them were surprised to see Ian in person.

His right arm was wrapped with a white bandage, and the left one had a tattoo of his Jolly Roger. A Katana was held in his hand, a bear ear hat on his head, and a ponytail on his back, he looked exactly like the picture on his bounty, but his face was so young.

All the pirates inside were looking sideways at Ian, wondering how could such a young guy get such bounty, 650 million, but Ian was a little upset by these gazes.

He suddenly snorted, and Haoshoku Haki slowly bloomed around him, and as he stepped into the tavern, it gradually expanded step by step.

With a knocking sound, a pirate at the first table suddenly dropped his wooden cup on the ground, All of a sudden, he foamed, his eyes turned white, and then he fell from the chair.

Other pirates have not yet understood what happened, and more victims repeated the same scene. As Ian slowly moved forward step by step, the pirates on both sides of his way fainted one by one due to his strong Haki!

Walking all the way, Ian controlled his Haoshoku Haki, and he arrogantly crushed all the weak souls, which made those who were a little farther away scared to death.

The reason why Ian brought his crew members to the city was to attract the attention of the King, so naturally, the bigger the fuss they make, the better. If he wants to be noticed between all these pirates, the best way is to move like an earthquake.

“Huh?” At this time, Ian suddenly stopped walking and turned to look at three pirates on different tables to his right.

These three pirates were obviously swept by his Haki, but they didn’t faint like others. Instead, they were sitting there, gritting their teeth.

“Interesting, what do we have here, a little bit of strength!” Ian looked at them with a cold smile.

Then the next second, a more intense wave of Haoshoku Haki burst out and swept the entire pub in an instant!

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