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S.C.S Chapter 262: Tremor

Ian’s cultivation of Haki skills wasn’t neglected. Although he hasn’t used Haoshoku Haki for a long time, he was still familiar with its control.

In an instant, Ian’s wave of Conqueror’s Haki swept the whole tavern, but only the members of the Dragon Hunter pirate group behind him and the waiters standing at the tavern counter were unscathed.

One after another, the sound of falling bodies was ringing like a drum solo. The fainted pirates were all lying on the wooden floor of the tavern, making a fuss out of the previous silence. The three pirates, who were gritting their teeth, got overwhelmed and joined their friends.

Therefore, Ian nodded with satisfaction and looked at the pub again.

In the entire tavern, apart from the dumbfounded waiters, only a couple of men were still conscious. Ian didn’t mind, he just walked to a table in the middle, kicked away the pirates around the table one by one, and sat down.

Fujitora sat down with him, while the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group went to a nearby table to sit on. As for the pirates around these tables, they were all thrown aside.

Ian said to the remaining nervous people: “It seems that the rest of you are the captains of the Pirate Groups, tell me your groups’ names!”

That’s right, the remaining ones happened to be the captains of the fourteen pirate groups hired by the king. They were able to reach this part of the world, so they must have some strength!

In fact, pirates with ten to twenty million bounties can’t be seen in the New World. Therefore, the fourteen captains here should at least have a 50 million bounty on their heads. That’s why they were capable of withstanding Ian’s strong wave of Haoshoku Haki.

However, among such captains, there must be some short-tempered characters. After hearing Ian’s words, a captain with an eye patch slammed the table and said: “You stunned my crew, what do you mean by this!?”

The fourteen men were not sitting at the same table, and he reacted recklessly, by slamming the table and standing up so fast. It was too late for the other captains to hold him down, so when they heard what this guy said, all of them looked at him in disbelief.

‘Are you out of your mind? That’s the newly emerged pirate with the 650 million Berries bounty! And you are just Polly, the one-eyed pirate, with a reward of 72 million, you really have the audacity to talk like this!?’

The rest of the captains quickly looked towards Ian. As expected, after hearing this, the expression of the black dragon, Ian instantly turned cold!

But strangely, instead of getting angry, he slanted his eyes and looked at this one-eyed Polly.

When everyone looked at Ian while holding their breath, they felt that something was wrong!

“Is this… an illusion? Why do I feel that the surrounding air is shaking…” A captain looked around in dismay and spoke in a low voice.

It was not an illusion, the rest of the people also felt this tremor, and then they seemed to perceive something, and they all watched Ian in horror.

Only Fujitora, who was sitting next to Ian, understood what had happened.

“Little brother Ian, your progress is really amazing!” Fujitora nodded with admiration.

This trembling of the air was nothing else than a pure Aura pressure from Ian. Since he awakened his murderous aura when he assassinated Teach, in the half-month after leaving Salamis, Ian’s Nen talent finally got a breakthrough under the chain effect.

That was actually an accident. It happened when Ian tried to combine his Aura and Nen.

The breakthrough of Master Nen Talent was very sudden, but the changes it brought were amazing. Ian had always thought that Haoshoku Haki can only deter weaker enemies, but he did not expect that when he advanced to the Master level Nen talent, He found that the pressure of Haoshoku Haki has actually increased by a lot.

[Master level of Nen Talent: Increase the total amount of Nen by 75%, and reduce the consumption of skills by 25%. Your Nen energy can be used on Emission, Conjuration and Transmutation/Tremor.]

The new concept of Nen Tremor was a combination of Haoshoku Haki with Ren (Ren focuses on outputting a larger amount of aura than Ten, projecting it outwards explosively), which can actually affect the surrounding matter.

As the pressure of his Haki was slowly released, the surrounding items started trembling, some dust and gravel on the ground, as well as some wood residue, floated slowly and suspended in the air.

More than that, the air and the ground seemed to tremble slightly, and the rest of the captains around stared in horror at the rippling waves of liquid in the wine glass in front of them.

However, the one-eyed Polly targeted by Ian got the worse of it. A terrifying pressure enveloped him. He felt weakened all over his body, only to find himself going to kneel down.

And he did kneel. Although the pressure was not real, it actually affected him psychologically. He only felt that the young man staring at him turned into a wicked demon. The fear of facing a powerful existence made him instinctively yield.

With a knock, Polly fell on his knees, sweating hard, which made his clothes soaked.

The captains there didn’t know what Polly had experienced, but the more they look at Polly, the deeper they fear Ian. They just looked at each other in dismay, after watching the deteriorated Polly kneel…

After a couple of seconds, Ian let him go and withdrew his aura. With his body as the center, the dust and gravel floating around him, like the bursting of soap bubbles, made a clicking sound as they fell on the ground, then pub returned to silence.

This kind of tremor, in fact, brings a strong pressure that can disturb the surrounding objects. Ian realized this when he first used it. Now his tremor was not too strong. When Ian becomes stronger and stronger in the future, perhaps he will be able to produce a powerful wave of pressure that can tear apart the clouds just like when Shanks and the Whitebeard collided!

Yeah, that kind of power, the true power! If Ian can reach that step, then he will be closer to the strength of the Yonko!

“Alright!” Ian looked at the blue faces of the captains, and said, “Since you don’t want to introduce yourself, then I won’t bother asking again. Let’s talk about why so many Pirate Groups are gathered here, on this island?”

After hearing Ian’s question, no one dared to make a reckless move against Ian anymore. A bearded captain quickly stood up and came forward: “Boss…sir, we are here because we were hired by the king of this country! We came here to make some extra money!”

Ian naturally knew what employment he was talking about, but he still pretended to be very interested and said, “Oh? Extra money can be earned here? This is great. Can you recommend me for this employment?”

“What… of course!” The Bearded captain was taken aback for a moment, and then rubbed his hands flatteringly: “I just don’t know if this king can offer you enough money that will please you!”

What Ian showed them a moment ago was his power that matches the amount of his bounty. Although these captains don’t know why Ian appeared on this island, since Ian showed interest in this business, they needed to cooperate. So the Bearded captain ran out of the tavern and went to the palace to contact the king.

During the time he was gone, the other pirate captains were neither sitting nor standing. They wanted to come forward and talk to Ian, but they didn’t have a topic to speak about. However, Ian didn’t pay any attention to them and just drank with Fujitora.

The waiters gingerly served Ian and the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates the best wine in the tavern, but for them, Ian smiled and thanked them with respect, which made the waiters feel flattered and relieved.

It didn’t take long for the bearded captain to return. He led a man into the tavern, which was well-dressed but had a dreadful face.

“This is Habs, the Palace Manager, and the King’s right hand. He’s here on behalf of King Varua!” The bearded captain introduced the man he brought to Ian with a smile.

Before Ian could speak, the Palace Manager, Habs, carried a suitcase and walked in front of Ian and Fujitora, put it on the table, and opened it, revealing the stacks of banknotes inside.

“Here is fifty million Berries!” Habs nodded and said: “King Varua is very grateful to you, boss Ian. But since all the matters on the island were trivial things, he didn’t want to bother you…”

When Ian saw the money at first, he thought that this money was his hiring bonus. But when Habs said that, he suddenly realized that Varua, the king, had rejected his offer!?

How come!? Ian was a little confused. He looked at Habs in front of him and found that there were tattoos on his neck and wrist, which ensured Ian that Habs must be one of Varua’s pirates. After confirming this identity, then Habs must be delivering Varua’s words.

Seeing that Ian didn’t respond, Habs looked at him cautiously, feeling nervous.

Indeed, Ian’s powerful Pirate Group landed suddenly on this island, and it seems that they also wanted to be hired by the king to make easy money, which was Varua’s thought of this matter!

However, the problem was that Ian’s bounty is too high. His bounty alone was more than double that of Varua, plus the reward for Fujitora’s head was also remarkable…

Varua is a pirate with a 340 million Berries bounty, and he must be very strong. The reason why he dared to recruit pirates as mercenaries was that he can suppress those with a lower bounty, but for Ian, he has no such means…

He was still a pirate after all. Faced with a powerful pirate, like Ian, of course, he was worried that he won’t be able to control Ian and may get overthrown by him!

That’s why he asked Habs to bring him this money, and then tactfully refused Ian’s offer, plus he wanted to use this money to send them away…

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