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S.C.S Chapter 263: Mutual Benefits

Ian is not a fool. After thinking about it for a while, he immediately understood the situation. He placed his left arm on the table, leaning forward, and rubbed his eyebrow with the other hand.

‘This Varua is very cautious.’

‘What should I do now?’ Ian thought quickly. In fact, it didn’t need to be so troublesome. With his and Fujitora’s strength, he could directly take the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group to the palace and overthrow king Varua. The atrocity of this guy on this island has aroused the anger of the people here. If he gets overthrown, the residents of the whole island may support Ian.

But… it’s easy and simple to overthrow this guy, but Ian’s current goal was to learn Thunderstone’s refinement method. Varua will definitely keep this technology secret. Ian also thought that maybe he could secretly sneak into the factory to have a look, but he can’t steal anything.

For smelting this kind of thing, a little information about the catalyst formula in the king’s mind could be enough to make it impossible for others to produce these crystals.

Therefore, the safest way is to find a way to approach Varua, and then look for opportunities to learn the most he could.

Thinking of this, Ian had a decision. He immediately took the money in the box in front of him and said to Habs, “Well, since I can make money without doing any work, that’s great!”

Habs heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Ian accepting the money. However, at this time, he suddenly heard Ian say. “However, my pirate group is going to stay on this island for a while, if you need anything, come to me at any time!”

Habs’ chest tightened. He gave him this money just to send the Dragon hunters away, but Ian wanted to stay instead, which was somewhat surprising.

However, he couldn’t say anything about it. He can’t directly ask them to leave! He is not that brave.

Therefore, he could only leave with some anxiety and go back to Varua.

After Habs left, the captains in the pub also left quietly, taking away their fainted subordinates. The Dragon Hunter Pirates are going to stay on this island, which was a big problem. They have to go back to their crews and tell them not to mess with this Pirate Group.

After only Ian and the other crew members were left in the tavern, Fujitora asked in a low voice, “Captain, what are you going to do?”

Fujitora figured out a part of Ian’s thoughts, but faced with the situation of being turned down, he wasn’t sure about the next move.

However, Ian’s brain was working so fast, then he smiled and said, “This bastard Varua, he doesn’t want us to intervene! But accidents always happen unexpectedly… What if these pirates won’t have the strength to fight back, when the fighting capacities of these miners increase greatly? Or, for the sake of their own lives, these pirates would leave the island one after another?”

“Huh, you mean…” After hearing Ian’s words, Fujitora liked the idea, and a smile appeared on his face.

“Yeah, he doesn’t want to deal with us right now, it’s just that he still has those pirate forces to rely on!” Ian said: “Then we’d better take a drastic step to drive these pirate groups out of the island, and then he will beg for our help!”

Fujitora nodded, agreeing with Ian’s statement. Since he became a pirate and got a bounty of his head, Fujitora was fond of his position in the Dragon Hunter Pirates. He is the deputy captain of this amazing group. And everything will go based on Ian’s ideas and principles.

After standing by Ian’s side for a long time, Fujitora discovered that Ian is very different from the real pirates. In another word, the two of them are like-minded partners.

“Then, you should contact the miners as soon as possible!” Fujitora said: “They should have a leader!”

“That’s what I was thinking about. I should meet them!” Ian said: “I hope Nana and Walnut can get in touch with the other party smoothly.”

After making a discussion, Ian and the others began to rest on the island. Perhaps the massacre and suppression of the miners by Varua had taken effect, or the emergence of two great Pirates, Ian and Fujitora, so that the rest of the pirate groups became more careful. Therefore, in the past two days, the island has temporarily restored its vividness, and the people in town gradually reopened their stores.

On the night of the third day, Nana came back quietly and brought both Walnut and Yardi.

Seeing these familiar faces again, whether it’s Ian or Walnut and Yardi, they all seemed very happy. They chatted about what happened after Marijoa’s separation, and soon turned to the main topic.

Nana was not wrong. Walnut and Yardi, who were waiting for Ian in the city, actually contacted the local miner organization. On the night of the massacre, they saw some pirates burning, killing, and looting in the city, so out of indignation, they shot and killed some of these pirates, and Walnut used her fruit ability to successfully cover a group of insurgents and help them escape from the city, so they were taken as companions to the rebel leaders.

For the past few days, Walnut and Yardi have been staying in the rebel stronghold, until Nana found them, then they came to Ian together.

“The news of your dragon Hunter Pirate Group’s landing on this island has been spread all over the island by this time!” Yardi, a boy with a mature man’s face, scratched his head and said to Ian, “So the rebels are very afraid of you, for fear that you will also be hired by King Varua and act against them! If you meet them and dispel their worries, it would be great! “

“I’m down to meet them, I also need their cooperation!” Ian said.

Walnut and Yardi didn’t stay long, and they soon went back to the base. They brought Ian’s request to meet the rebels. If nothing bad happens, then the news will come back soon…

However, because of Ian’s sudden appearance, his group has been watched by the civilians during this time. When Ian moves, he will attract other people’s attention easily. If king Varua was careful enough, he might send people to follow and report every move of the Dragon hunters.

In the end, the next night, people from the rebel army came to the hotel to meet Ian.

Meeting him late in the night and in a secret way was because the rebels don’t trust anyone at the moment. After all, Ian was still a pirate. People in this world generally don’t trust these thieves.

The liaison person of the rebel army came in from the back door of the hotel under the escort of Walnut. With the cover of the silent fruit field, it was absolutely silent. At this time, the members of the Dragon Hunter pirate group were drinking and playing in the hotel, which was believed to attract a lot of attention. However, Ian quietly left and went back to the second floor of the hotel to meet the other party.

In the room, after walnut placed a soundproof barrier, so that all the sounds in the room could not be transmitted outside, the man who was brought in by them took off his hood and revealed his face…

This was a mature man who looks very heroic and charming. He took a look at Ian, although he was surprised by Ian’s age, he still said calmly: “Your Excellency! With all due respect, why would a great pirate want to contact us?”

“We both seek the same thing!” Ian saw at a glance that this uncle was probably an important figure in the rebel army, so he didn’t go around in circles, and said directly: “You want to overthrow the tyranny of Varua, but for me, I want to get the extraction technology of thunderstone!”

When the uncle heard this, his face gloomed and he said, “A pirate will always be a pirate. They aren’t trustworthy… You just want to take control over the thunderstone?”

Ian was not angry by his response, and said, “Believe me, Thunderstone is not something you can play with. If I am not mistaken, Varua’s transaction partner is actually the world government, and even if you overthrow Varua, It’s not likely that the world government will do business with you! Because they will just pull you into the alliance, and then justifiably seize all the thunderstone on this island!”

Spreading out his hands, Ian shrugged and continued, “So, even if you get the Thunderstone’s refining technology from Varua, you may not be able to protect this secret, because you don’t have enough strength!”

Ian’s chain of predictions was very likely. The world government accepted the business with Varua because perhaps he’s the only one who knows about the refining technology of thunderstone. Plus Varua is a pirate, so if something goes wrong, he may run away. At that time, unless the Marines catch him, they will never get the refining technique.

But things were different for the rebel army. They are just ordinary people. Even if they overthrow Varua and take control over this country, the world government will not pay attention to a small country with 200,000 people. Let alone trading with them, they may send some warships and annihilate the entire civilization there…!

Even if these crystals were not a part of the PX project, the world government will not let them fall into the hands of a small country. Then will the rebels abandon their country and flee?

However, if the refining technology is transferred from one pirate to another, the situation will be a little different…

The uncle comprehended what Ian meant, but he was still unwilling to admit it, so he said: “We won’t allow this refining technology to be shared with a lot of people, it will only be in the hands of our senior executives!”

Ian smiled and said: “You may not know that the world government has an organization called Cipher Pol!” Upon hearing this, this uncle’s expression changed dramatically, but Ian still didn’t let him go and said, “Then don’t say that this technology will be available just in the hands of several senior managers, even if you are the only one who knows about it, still you should have a family, right? If the world government threatens your family and asks you to hand over the extraction technology, do you have the strength to protect them?”

The more Ian talks, the more frustrated the uncle’s face became, because he knew that such a situation was very likely to happen.

“You should understand that what I’m saying are facts, and this is how the world works. Therefore, your best way out of this is to cooperate with us!” Ian said: “I’ll assist you to overthrow the rule of Varua, and you help me get the refining technology. Then we will establish a business together, you guys mine these ores and sell them to me. After I refine them, I will fulfill Varua’s deal with the world government!”

This is the best way that Ian can think of. He also knows that since the rebels know about the existence of the Thunderstone, they must want to get refining technology from Varua. The gem veins on the island have run out, and they need a new source of income.

Therefore, there is a conflict between Ian and the miners on this point, but just as the insurgents can’t protect the secret of refining technology, Ian also has some obstacles, that is, if he gets the refining technology, he still needs the miners on this island to extract the ores. He can’t do it alone.

In his opinion, after the miners overthrow Varua, they still need to work and earn money to support their families, so the two sides could have mutual benefits.

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