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S.C.S Chapter 264: Surprising Identity

The uncle of the rebel army, after listening to Ian’s analysis, was so worried.

He knew very well that Ian was right. For ordinary people, the Devil Fruit users are unstoppable. Varua used his ability to kill the previous king and successfully ascended the throne. In a small country, the strength of a pirate with a 340 million bounty is almost unbeatable. Unless the rebel army has weapons and equipment as strong as the Marines, otherwise, even ordinary guns and artilleries will have little effect on those with devil fruit powers.

Now, it’s obvious that the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group is a more powerful group. If they want to overthrow Varua, they must rely on their strength, which is why the uncle came to see Ian.

The same goes for Ian. He must have the refinement technology in his hands. This is the capital for the Dragon Hunter Pirates to settle down. If the rebels were too greedy and unwilling to accept his terms, then Ian will consider leaving them to deal with this alone.

Similarly, when the time comes, it will be a big problem to spend tons of money to bring workers to mine for him.

Perhaps this uncle also thought about all of this, then finally he agreed, gritting his teeth.

“Just, how will you get in touch with the world government?” the uncle asked again.

Ian smiled slightly and said, “You don’t have to worry about this. Maybe in a day or two, you will know how, by reading the news!”

Contacting the World Government, for a Shichibukai, should be too easy…

Now that an agreement has been reached, then the two sides began to discuss ways of cooperation, and this uncle did not say his name until this time.

Arion, the uncle was called Arion, and he turned out to be the leader of the rebel army! He himself was originally a miner, but since he was the first to start a riot against Varua four years ago, he was elected as the leader after the establishment of the miners’ rebel army!

Not surprisingly, perhaps after taking down Varua, he will be the new king of this country.

After learning from Ian that a batch of guns and weapons would arrive soon to support the rebels, Arion was very excited.

What the army lacks the most are weapons and ammunition. The only swords they have were the ones made by digging iron ores and smelting themselves. But the problem is that there weren’t many iron veins on this island. They can’t get self-sufficient. It can be said that this support came at the right time.

Of course, the price of this batch of weapons is not cheap. At least, they are all counted in hundreds of millions. According to Ian’s character, he will not be the one who pays for this batch of weapons in the end. At that time, the rebels must return every penny.

The two parties have agreed that before the arrival of the weapons, Ian will find a way to expel the pirate mercenaries wandering on the island. When Varua has no employees available, the rebels will launch a final attack and end the rule of Varua in one fell swoop.

After the discussions, Arion wore the hood and stood to leave, he suddenly remembered something and said to Ian, “By the way, there is another information. Maybe I need to tell you about it now.”

“I’m listening!” Ian said.

“Although many people know that Varua used to be a powerful pirate with 340million bounty, few people know that his former nickname was Ripper!” Arion said: “Over the years, his wanted posters have been disappearing, so it’s hard to find an original one now. Our rebel army has investigated for a long time before we discovered that he seems to be the one with the tear-tear fruits!”

“Tear- Tear fruit!?” Ian frowned, ‘what kind of fruit is this?’

If he understood this correctly, it should be a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit. As for his ability, it should be tearing!?

Ian thought of Buggy again. The name of this fruit was like Buggy’s Chop-Chop fruit, but… such ability should be totally different. The name of the fruit present the extreme attacking means…

With the 340 million bounty, plus the nickname of the Ripper, this Varua is probably not that simple opponent.

Just as Ian was thinking about this, Arion continued: “Moreover, we also found out that ‘Varua’ doesn’t seem to be his original name. He didn’t start his journey as a pirate, but that’s all we could find… what happened before is still a mystery!”

Ian didn’t think much of this, but when Nana heard this, her eyebrows frowned, clutching her chin and thinking carefully.

After Arion left, Ian noticed the abnormal situation of Nana, so he asked her, “What’s in your mind?”

“Varua the Ripper?” Nana was puzzled and said, “I seem to have heard this name before.”

“What’s so strange about that? That guy’s bounty should’ve made him very famous. It’s normal that you have heard of him!” Ian said with a smile.

“No… it’s not like that!” Nana said: “I’m not talking about his bounty, it’s just when I was at the Revolutionary Army base his name crossed our attention!”

“Huh!? What do you mean?” Not to mention Ian, even Walnut and Yardi couldn’t help getting closer.

“This Ripper, Varua, seems to be a person that the Revolutionary Army attaches importance to!” Nana said: “You may not know that I was born and raised in Baldimore. When I was 16 years old, I joined the revolutionary army, and then I was sent to Rose country to carry out a mission. I spent some time in the revolutionary army base in Baldimore, and I heard some partners talk about this man!”

“Wow!” As soon as Walnut heard this, she immediately pulled Nana with shining eyes and said: “Sister Nana, you have been at the Revolutionary Army base? Tell us, what was it like there?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t reveal too much!” Nana apologized: “The location and the information about that island should be kept secret. I have already crossed the limit by telling you the name of the place!”

She looked back at Ian and said, “Perhaps you will have the opportunity to visit Baldimore yourself in the future!”

“Yeah, haha!” Ian nodded. He already knew about Baldimore, but actually, he didn’t even know in which part of the world this island was.

“Now, I have to contact the superiors of the revolutionary army and look up this man!” Nana said, and ran away while pulling Walnut, her ability can help her prevent eavesdropping.

Ian looked desperately at Yardi and said in a low voice, “Well, I, a cadre of the army, don’t know how to contact other partners, but she knows…”

Yardi laughed and scratched his head with a shy expression. He didn’t know how to respond.

Ian just said it casually. In fact, he also knows that the revolutionary forces in various places were basically in a dormant state, and there was very little interaction between them.

Although Ian was introduced to join the revolutionary army by Uncle Kuma, he hadn’t even seen the leader Dragon, so it’s normal not to know how to contact him. Perhaps it was why the revolutionary army sent Nana and the others to assist him.

In the middle of the night, Ian went to sleep in his room. However, what Ian couldn’t think of was that he was awakened by Nana who suddenly broke into his room!

Because Nana walked in by slamming the door open!

She was still followed by Walnut, and as soon as she smashed the door, Walnut immediately placed a soundproof barrier. Nana said anxiously to Ian: “Ian, this is bad, we found the real identity of Varua!”

“Calm down, speak slowly!” Ian got up straight from the bed and said, “Who the hell is this guy?”

“I don’t know if you have heard of this. About a few decades ago, there was a very powerful research institute on this part of the world!” Nana calmed down and sat down in his chair.

“Decades ago, I’ve never heard of it? I’m afraid I wasn’t even born at that time!” Ian said.

“It doesn’t matter if you haven’t heard, but you must know the name of a person in this institute!” Nana said: “That’s Vegapunk!”

Huuuuh! As soon as Ian heard the name, he immediately raised his head and looked at Nana in surprise.

“You heard it right, I’m talking about Vegapunk!” Nana said: “You may know that Vegapunk is a Marine scientist, but what you don’t know is that he was working in this institute before he got recruited by the marines.”

Nana took a breath and continued explaining the situation to Ian: “Because of his existence, the research results of this institute were amazing. They were well-known all over the world at the beginning, and countries from all over the world were openly and secretly sponsoring their researches…

However, one day, Vegapunk developed something called ‘Lineage Factor’, which is the blueprint for the creation of life itself, and this is close to the field of God. After this discovery, World Government could not sit still, so the institute was declared an illegal organization, the institute was dissolved and shut down, and Vegapunk got arrested!”

“After that, he joined the scientific team of the world government, funded by the government to carry out researches for them. In order to protect this gifted scientist, the marine Science force was established!” Nana kept on talking.

“You…you mean, this Varua is…” Ian asked her in disbelief.

Nana nodded solemnly and said: “Yes, the research institute was disbanded, but not all the scientists were arrested like Vegapunk. Some of them escaped, and Varua was one of them. I asked my superior to check and found that his former name was actually Rulvado!”

“He was an engineer in the Research Institute at that time. After the dissolution, he escaped. Then he became a pirate a few years later. It seems that his devil fruit ability was acquired afterward.”

“Although he became a pirate, he kept a low profile and wandered around the world. He seemed to be looking for something. His achievements were very few. However, the world government seemed to recognize him, so they put such a bounty on his head and started pursuing him. Unexpectedly, he suddenly disappeared again and came to this island to become its king…. “

Ian was shocked by this sudden news! I didn’t expect this guy… to be Vegapunk’s former colleague!?

Being reminded by Nana of such a matter, Ian suddenly recalled what happened in that period, because Ian was so impressed by the patriarch of the Vinsmoke Family, Vinsmoke Judge! Sanji’s biological father!

20 years ago, he was also a colleague of Vegapunk, but after his arrest, he also ran away. He escaped with the final blueprint of the Lineage Factor, established the Vinsmoke Family, and developed a company known as Germa 66, and became the king of the Germa Kingdom… a country without territory!

‘Well, let’s not think about the Germa Group now!’ Ian did not expect that another colleague of Vegapunk would appear here!

No wonder Ian had been wondering before, that such a pirate, not to mention becoming a king, still developed the technique of refining thunderstone… It didn’t look like the pirates’ living way!

‘Who would’ve known that this guy was actually a scientist!’

‘How… how shall I deal with this?’

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