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S.C.S Chapter 265: The New Shichibukai

‘Let’s leave the news that Nana brought for the time being, and turn our attention to other places.’

Early in the morning, when the first ray of sunshine on the sea level began to show its light, a large number of seagulls flew out of Newspaper Corporation to distribute the latest news around the world.

These news birds with hats and backpacks, flapping with their strong wings, flew high in the sky and scattered in all directions. They carried stacks of newspapers in their backpacks to sell them to everyone willing to buy, in exchange for some Belly coins.

On the sea, a pirate ship was moving slowly, and the people on the ship hadn’t woken up yet. Even the watchman on duty was lazily asleep beside the fence at the top of the mast.

However, as usual, he placed a 100 Belly coin on the fence.

A news bird hovered down and stood on the mast fence. It looked down and saw the coin at its feet. So it picked up the coin with its long beak, got up, and flew away. Then a newspaper clattered and landed in the mast fence.

The watchman was awakened by the noise. After seeing the newspaper next to him, he didn’t care much. He yawned and stretched out, then he took the newspaper and read it.

But soon, after seeing the news at the top, the rest of the watchman’s sleepiness disappeared.

“Captain!” The watchman quickly slid down the mast and rushed towards the cabin with the newspaper: “This is a major event!”


This scene didn’t only happen once, it has occurred in every part of the World.

On this day, the world government and the Marines published on the news that the captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group wanted alive for 650 million Berries. Ian, the Great Pirate who was known as the “Blazing blade” pirate hunter, and then became the “Black Dragon” pirate, was invited to be the latest Shichibukai. At the same time, the tyrant Bartholomew Kuma withdrew his current title and joined the Marine Science forces.

As soon as this news got shared, the whole world was in an uproar!

The battle on Salamis not only did it make the intern reporter Pritz famous, but it also let the world know about the existence of two fearless pirates of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group. One was the captain, Ian, the other was his vice-captain, Fujitora.

The battle between the Marines’ Admirals, Kizaru and Zephyr, with the dragon hunters was broadcast live throughout the world, which naturally showed the humiliating defeat of the marines…

Such a failure made many ordinary people panic. With the last words of the pirate king, Gol D. Roger, the world witnessed the great age of pirates. The endless emergence of Pirates made people all over the world feel uneasy. More and more powerful pirates appeared from thin air, even the Marines’ admirals, couldn’t stop them. What should the world do if things keep going like this?

When the news of Ian’s joining the Shichibukai, these ordinary people were relieved. Plus, the tyrant Bartholomew Kuma had also joined the Marine Science forces. The result of this means that the marines have a total of eight Shichibukai now.

In the end, they praised the wisdom of the world government and Marines. In this way, not only will the threat of a terrifying pirate group disappear, but they can also be used to help the world government.

As a result, people in many countries were jubilant, celebrating the rise of the Marines’ power.

Of course, the people who celebrated like this were the civilians of the countries under the protection of the world government, they were the only ones who got deeply encouraged by their rules.

However, some other people reacted differently.

They were the people living in war-torn countries. These countries, perhaps because of the king’s arrogance and excessive levies, triggered the people’s resistance, thus launching an uprising war in an attempt to overthrow the existing ruling class, or maybe the invasion of foreign enemies. War broke out between two countries because of hostility, and the losing party will be in dire straits.

In such countries, they don’t pay much attention to the news from the outside world. When they look at the newspaper brought by News Coo, they will only have numbness and indifference in their eyes.

Since not everyone was supported by the government, there was naturally some hatred.

The power of the world government and Marines was unshakable, and their actions were naturally biased towards their own interests. In addition, the privileges they have given to the world nobles have caused a lot of injustice and tragedy in many places and countries. Therefore, there were absolutely tons of people in the world who are hostile to the rulers of the world.

Slums, streets under the control of gangs, slaves and laborers, as well as vagrants who have lost their living foundation and can only survive now by looking for food in garbage… These lower-class people have long been dissatisfied with their living conditions. After seeing the news, their first reaction was: “Huh, another filthy minion of the world government!”

These poor folks weren’t the only ones who expressed hatred toward the news, there are also the pirates sailing on the sea all over the world. At first, they didn’t feel much when they heard that the Dragon Hunter group were chased by the Marines, because they were all pirates and could be regarded as companions. But when they read the news, they immediately cursed in disgust.

This kind of scolding was nothing more than strong jealousy. The era of great pirates has begun 20 years ago, but no one yet has found Gol. D. Roger’s hidden treasure, the One Piece.

Many pirates, even though they went out to sea with the idea of becoming the new pirate king, their passion have been dissipated over the years. They have just become ruthless pirates. They only want to burn, kill and loot, get tons of treasure, and then enjoy their easy life, or join the army of the world government to end the days of being hunted…

Every pirate knows the privilege of being a Shichibukai. These seven positions can be said to have been coveted by many pirates. Now, Ian, a young pirate, has walked ahead of them and became one of them. How can this not make some pirates’ eyes turn red from jealousy?

However, they can only yell and scold. If they were asked to challenge one of these Warlords, none of them would step forward…

Ian’s photos were once again spread all over the world within the newspaper. It can be said that this year, he was the most popular person. First, the big fuss he made in Marijoa, setting the Holy Land on fire, and leaving with a large group of slaves.

Then, after entering the new world, he fought an extraordinary battle with the Marines and made his bounty soar. In the end, the world government had to invite him to their ranks and eliminate his threat. A series of events stunned people who knew the majority of his story.

However, the other six Shichibukai members didn’t make any reaction when they read the newspaper. In fact, they had expected this to happen earlier due to Sengoku’s letter. So they were not surprised that Ian joined them.

Although the young man should be so eye-catching among a group of mature pirates with an average age of more than 30 years, however, because there was not much connection between them, they basically didn’t care at all…

However, Doflamingo was pleased. Things went as he expected. The Celestial Dragons couldn’t hold on any longer. In order to get the identity chip back, they pulled every string and made this happen faster.

In other words, Doflamingo didn’t even have to bother and reach an alliance agreement with Ian to make this happen… things were going his way from the beginning!

At the same time, baby-5 came back, and brought back Ian’s request to make an arms deal with him.

“It seems that our new Shichibukai ally seems unwilling to stay idle and wants to start a war!” Doflamingo laughed, and said to baby -5: “Go ahead, give him all the weapons he needs and bring back the money. By the way, since the agreement has been reached, it’s time to fulfill his promise and give me the identity chip!”

“All right, young master!” baby-5 nodded, but she felt a little disappointed. After she came back, no one in this family cared about her well-being while she was with the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, and in return, the young master turned around and sent her out again.

‘Am I really just a useful woman to them?’

Doflamingo beckoned, Trebol handed over a delicate box, and gave it to baby-5, saying: “Give him this, he knows what to do!”

The content of this box was naturally a fake identity chip made by Doflamingo.

In a sense, the identity chip Ian got was really a priceless commodity. Not only the Celestial Dragons want to recover it, but even the revolutionary army wants to reveal the mystery of this item. Even the mighty Joker, Doflamingo, tried his best to look like he’s doing everything he could to honor his deal and obtain the identity ship…

But none of this has anything to do with baby-5. She didn’t ask much, and set off with a fake identity chip and a ship full of weapons and ammunition…

During her departure, the people on Gems Island also saw the news.

Unlike people in other places, the civilians on this island were so shocked, because they know very well that the newly appointed Shichibukai is now on their island!

The 14 hired pirate groups were the most overwhelmed. These days, they have been careful not to provoke the Dragon Hunters. However, because they were close to each other, they felt like they have some new leaders, which were the members of this pirate group…

However, when this new information was revealed, all the pirates on the island started acting like dogs.

It felt like a pair of good friends who had promised to be together forever, turned their heads and found a gorgeous lady…! (T/N: don’t ask! It’s the author’s saying)

‘The F*CK, these pirates are acting weird!?’

All of this was because of the huge change in the identity of the Dragon Hunters. Don’t forget that Shichibukai can attack any other pirate group, even capture them and legally receive their bounties from the marines…

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