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S.C.S Chapter 266: Raijin Island

The sudden change of Ian’s identity has brought the biggest impact on the islanders and the pirates around, and they were very anxious!

That’s right, the lack of understanding of this pirate group’s nature made the fourteen pirate groups on the island have no idea about Ian’s character. When he was just a pirate, everyone maintained a neutral attitude…

However, when Ian became a Shichibukai, no one can guarantee that he won’t kill all the pirates on the island and then receive their bounties.

There’s a saying that “one mountain cannot accommodate two tigers”. Now there’s a fearless beast wandering on the island. If Ian declares this island as his first territory due to the change of identity, the pirate groups who are willing to stay there will start getting into trouble.

So, the first coward has appeared, and that was, one-eyed, Polly who had experienced Ian’s Tremor. He had a taste of Ian’s terrifying power, so when he saw the news, he immediately summoned his crew and planned to get as far as possible from this place…

“It’s a good thing to earn easy money, but I must be alive to get a chance to spend it!” One-eyed Polly said to the other captains: “This is not the only place where I can earn money? Why do I have to make it under the nose of a Shichibukai? Can’t you see it? It’s just because of the existence of our pirate groups that king Varua didn’t want to hire the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group. We have already blocked a very beneficial business for this group. If we don’t leave now, we will be just asking for our demise!”

“But with so many pirates in our fourteen groups, don’t we have the strength to compete with the Dragon Hunters?” A captain was not willing to leave, so he said.

“Haha, you are kidding, right!?” For this problem, the other captains could not help giving such a disdainful laugh.

Don’t they know what a Shichibukai means? Shichibukai refers to a person with disastrous destructive power and great fighting strength that can rival a whole country. Although there were thousands of people in these groups, most of them haven’t awakened their Haki or even have Devil Fruit powers. How can they compete with the Dragon hunting Pirate Group? (T/N: Ian should farm this Free XP!)

As a result, some captains quickly discussed the matter, and soon reached a conclusion. On the same day, they gathered their own men and then left the island in a hurry and scattered around.

In a blink of an eye, a large number of the pirates on this island disappeared, and Ian soon got the news.

“It seems that Shichibukai’s deterrence is also useful!” Nana sighed, and said to Ian: “With their departure, our plan will be implemented.”

“It’s a pity… most of these pirates are stained with innocents blood. Sadly they left without paying for their deeds!” Yardi said.

Fujitora smiled slightly and said, “Then, let this old man go after them, even though I’m not a bloodthirsty person. It is still possible to catch them and send them to the Marines!”

Ian didn’t like these pirates either, so he didn’t stop Fujitora. He just told him, “Uncle Issho, remember to bring back their bounties! Don’t spear any one of them! So many bounties! $-$”

The crewmates around burst out laughing. In fact, compared to the nickname given to Ian by the Marines, everyone who had been with him for a long time found that the nickname “Money-grubber” was more suitable for Ian.

After Fujitora left to hunt down the escaped pirates, Nana said, “As soon as these pirates leave, Varua won’t sit still, right?”

“Yeah, he may come to us sooner than we thought!” Ian said.

It’s reasonable that when a Shichibukai appears in his country, as a king, he should come to meet Ian. This is one of Shichibukai’s privileges, plus the king must respect the other side.

Moreover, due to the recognition of the World Government, a Shichibukai who knows how to act can even become a hero of the island, just like Crocodile in Alabasta.

Ian and the others were not mistaken. At this time, in his palace, Varua was so concerned about the situation.

Most of the 14 pirate groups left “without saying goodbye”, eeeto I mean “without a notice” XD which made Varua lose most of his manpower.

Obviously, these pirate groups were all a bunch of cowards, but still, there were a lot of them. Each Pirate Group has about 200 people. The 14 pirate groups add up to nearly 3000 members, and they were all armed.

So with the help of these pirates, Varua was able to suppress the miners’ riot.

After all, although these rebels were just ordinary people and lacked weapons, they have a scale of 20,000 people. In this small country with a population of more than 200,000, these 20,000 miners were all adult men.

The situation of Varua’s side was very bad now. He still controls a force of more than a thousand people, which was the force he formed from the backbone of his pirate regiment… But this manpower can only defend his palace at most. He wants to suppress the rebellion, but he can’t do it alone. In this case, he has to find new foreign aid.

However, when there is a Shichibukai on his island and he refuses to leave, Varua won’t be able to hire any mercenaries, even if he was willing to pay more money, unless he can find the pirates of the Four Emperors!

Now Ian was so imperious. As long as he is on this island, most of the pirates won’t dare to provoke him!

This was the source of Varua’s anxiety. With the departure of a large number of pirates from this island, the rebel army has begun to stir up. However, he still has some scruples about the Dragon Hunter group.

Although Varua didn’t know why he was staying on the island, his instinct told him that the other party was probably coming for the Thunderstone.

In the palace on the island, a man wearing a gorgeous crown was moving back and forth anxiously in his office. This man looked old, and he is the current king of this country, Varua.

Eight years ago, he was still a pirate known as The Ripper, but earlier, he was working with Vegapunk in a research institute!

Varua’s appearance was very shady. He has a very prominent hooked nose. However, the most impressive thing is the densely packed scars on his face!

He got these scars when he escaped from the Research Institute. In that year, the world government suddenly sent the Marines to attack the Research Institute and arrested Vegapunk. The rest of the scientists, some escaped and the others were arrested, but they were completely disbanded.

Varua didn’t want to be captured by the Marines, so he chose to hide at that time. Originally, he wanted to hide in a secret place until everything is over. However, what he didn’t know was that when the Marines were evacuating, they bombarded most research facilities. Varua survived the explosion, but his face was distorted, a total mess.

Fortunately, the disfigured appearance also helped him conceal his true identity. In the beginning, the Marines did a good job searching for the scientists who fled. Taking advantage of the disfigured appearance, Varua successfully escaped the subsequent hunt, and then used a pseudonym to go out to sea as a pirate.

However, his identity as a scientist could make it hard for him to be a pirate. So after disguising, he set up a pirate group and looted a lot of funds, so he finally decided to find a country and hide then continue his researches…

When he was in the Research Institute, Varua was looking for sources of energy. At that time, he had a good relationship with Vegapunk, and the latter was already working on a cyborg project at that time. Varua was assisting him in the energy development of the project.

Now, although the research institute has been disbanded, Varua came to this island and started working on his old business again. After becoming the king, he owned most of the wealth of the country. So he rebuilt his laboratory in the basement of the palace and began to study Thunderstone.

Thunderstone was discovered by accident when he was passing by the island. After giving up being a pirate, he returned to take over the island and began to research it.

Speaking of the Thunderstone, I have to mention the situation of the other islands on the same latitude, after leaving Salamis Island, the Log Pose pointed to the three next islands, the one in the middle is the island they are currently at, but the one in the right direction was the famous Raijin Island in the New World!

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