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S.C.S Chapter 267: Perfect Deal

In the New World, there are many islands that are recognized as extremely dangerous, and Raijin Island is one of them.

Due to the special climatic conditions, this island has been in thunderstorms all year round. Black clouds have been shrouded in the sky above the island, and violent purple thunder and lightning are striking the land of the island every moment. The entire Raijin Island is a Lightning cage, and it is impossible to find a landing point.

Perhaps because of the perennial lightning strikes, this island has produced a kind of stone that can store the power of lightning, which is the original source of the Thunderstone.

But this Raijin/Thor Island is uninhabitable, and it is impossible to mine ores there. Varua also discovered this Gem Island by accident. After research, he discovered that this island seemed to be part of Raijin Island before. It split from Thor Island two or three hundred years ago. Underneath the shallow veins of this island, there were the rocks charged with energy.

At that time, the Marines bombarded the Research Institutes, and almost kill Varua. This incident has filled him with hatred. So after he occupied this island and started mining the thunderstone, Varua’s purpose was to use these thunderstones and make a powerful weapon, and then retaliate against the world government and Marines.

In fact, Varua is very insidious. Although his desire was to get revenge, he was able to cooperate with the world government on the surface. By providing them with some thunderstone, he can get the research funds he needs. After all, scientific researches cost tons of money.

The real purpose for the cooperation between them and Varua was actually to get enough time and power to stab them in the back, and they would never suspect such a thing… they classified all of this just as a business!

Since the research requires a lot of money, it is impossible for Varua to invest too much money in his army. He can only squeeze the lives of these miners and force them to provide him with a continuous supply of raw materials. He wasn’t considering the situation of the country and the people around him, so over time, the angry citizens started a rebel against him.

In this world, it is true that very few pirates can turn to be good kings. After discovering that things went south, Varua’s first thought was not to appease his people, but to suppress them. (T/N: If he just gave them the money he used to hire the mercenaries, things could’ve turned out much better!!!)

He took out part of his money and hired more than 3000 pirates. He didn’t even care about how they do their job… He just told them to suppress the wave of resistance. So these pirates went berserk on these poor people!

The outcome of such a decision was the scene of the massacre that Ian and the others saw after they landed on this island.

Now, due to an inexplicable appearance of the latest Shichibukai, all the pirates hired by the king ran away. That caused Varua to lose most of his manpower. When the next riot wave comes, he is likely to be expelled from the throne of the king. At that time, the rebel army will occupy his palace, and all his researches will be burned.

Varua couldn’t bear the thought that his facility might explode again. He didn’t want to repeat his tragic experience for the second time.

“Habs! Habs!” Varua called out the name of his henchman.

Habs quickly appeared, ran to Varua, respectfully said: “Your Majesty, what can I do for you?”

“Contact the Shichibukai named Ian and tell him the King needs your protection!” Varua said: “I will pay whatever he wants, but he has to deter the uprising of those damned miners!”

“Your Majesty!” Habs said with a surprised tone: “He has been on this island for a long time. I am afraid that he now knows about the Thunderstone. Those miners have discovered our secret, which may have been leaked out and reached his attention. Otherwise, why would he stay this long on this island, how could a Shichibukai not be interested in such an object?”

“This doesn’t matter now, just go and talk with him! Tell him if he cooperates with me, I can provide him with some Thunderstones!” Varua said with a mad face.

“Is this really a good idea?” Habs was still worried, and said: “What if he gets greedy and wants to take complete control over the Thunderstone?”

“Don’t worry, I just need I little more time, my Laser Cannon will be developed successfully. Then I will take care of this Shichibukai!” Varua was feeling proud of his plans and achievements.

After getting Varua’s orders, Habs went down to the city, rushed to the hotel, and found Ian.

“Oh? Is that what your king said?” Ian was a bit surprised. He didn’t expect that in the message delivered by Habs, Varua would directly say that he could provide him with some thunderstones.

In fact, Ian has not been idle during this time. He has been studying the small piece of thunderstone crystal obtained by Nana. Because he has Misaka’s card, Ian can control the lightning and electrical energy. He once tried to see if he could absorb the electric energy in the thunderstone, but found that it wasn’t feasible.

However, although he can’t absorb its energy, Ian was able to control the power within and use it. Originally, skills such as the Iron Sand Manipulation and the Railgun will consume a lot of his Nen, but if he holds this crystal, he could activate these abilities without consuming his own Energy!

In other words, if there are enough thunderstones on his pockets, he can use them as external storage… ‘PowerBank XD’

Although Ian has now broken through the master-level of Nen talent, and unlocked her new abilities: Lightning Strike and her ultimate: God of Thunder, but these amazing skills, even if he is at the Master Level, and the consumption is reduced by 25%, they still drain a lot of Nen!

Therefore, it is great to get a large number of thunderstones as Mana bottles.

However, although Varua felt that he had made a huge concession, he didn’t know that what Ian wanted was not the handful amount of thunderstones he’s willing to provide, but complete control of the production…

Because in addition to his own use, Ian also wants to reach a deal with the World Government and make stacks of money.

Ian thought quickly in his mind. He knew that showing his real purpose now would only make Varua more vigilant. Now that he has agreed to cooperate with him, it is a good start, so there is no need to complicate things.

So he said with satisfaction: “Very good, then it’s settled. 300 million Berries, plus providing me with some Thunderstones, I can provide your king with all the protection he needs!”

300 million Berries, this money as a hiring fee was really amazing, but Habs was very pleased because Ian agreed without changing the terms…

Shichibukai’s deterrent power is higher than a dozen pirate groups. Reaching a deal with Ian will definitely make Varua forget about the rebels for a while.

Of course, Habs knows that he can’t easily trust a pirate, even a Shichibukai, but it is important for them to buy some time. After a certain time, His Majesty, Varua’s researches will be completed. Then he will be able to defeat any opponent!

“So, can I meet with your King?” Ian asked.

“Of course, His Majesty will be thrilled to meet you!” Habs said.


Later that afternoon, Ian finally entered Varua’s palace.

For a small country, the palace is nothing unusual. It was very small, and it didn’t look very luxurious. However, Ian memorized the environment along the way.

In the palace, Ian finally met this Varua, a scientist, a pirate, and a king. The scars on his face, coupled with his surly eyes, made Ian feel uneasy when he first saw him. He knew that such a man could not be forced to tell his secrets through torture.

Although Varua was smiling all the time when they met, he was also observing Ian. Although Ian looked young, Varua didn’t dare to be careless, and carefully tested Ian’s personality with words.

Ian knew that he would be at a disadvantage if he talked a lot, so he didn’t say much. After Varua invited him to dinner, Ian asked to see the refinery of Thunderstone.

Ian thought that Varua might refuse, but unexpectedly, he agreed directly.

There is nothing unusual about visiting the refinery. In fact, Ian won’t understand everything by walking around. He just watched piles of ore got sent into the furnace with the conveyor belt. After many processes, they turn into small pieces of thunderstone crystals.

After Ian looked around for a while, he left and Varua sent him out.

As soon as he left the palace and joined Nana who was waiting outside, Ian immediately turned pale and said in a low voice, “There’s a problem. I’m afraid there’s nothing special about the refinement of Thunderstone, but Varua must have hidden something from me!”

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