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S.C.S Chapter 29: Ian’s Great Plan For Making Money

Looking at the fading boat, the pirates who were still on board, carefully asked Buggy, “Captain, do you want to shoot?”

As a result, Buggy, who was floating in the air and full of rage, kicked him directly without thinking, “Are you idiots? When the boat is already that far, can you hit it with your skills??”

Mohji also said alongside, “Don’t fire. Cabaji was taken on that boat by him. We still don’t know if he is still alive, but if he’s hit by gunfire, he might die!”

His relationship with Cabaji is not very good, because Cabaji often bullies him and his lion Richie, but in any case, Cabaji has always been the chief of staff of the Buggy Pirate Regiment, in front of Buggy, Mohji still has to take into account.

“Go and fix the rudder right away!” Buggy shouted at them, “After repairing it, catch up to him immediately!”

“Alright! Captain Buggy!” they were afraid to say anything and quickly moved up.

Mohji whispered to Buggy, “Captain, do you think that the kid took Cabaji away is more than just being a hostage?”

Buggy was stunned: “What do you mean?”

“I mean, is it possible that he will take Cabaji to the Marines for the reward?” Mohji said, “That kid is not a pirate, but he doesn’t look like a Marine, so maybe he’s a bounty hunter?”

“Well, that’s very likely!” Buggy touched his chin and wondered: “No, we have to catch up as soon as possible. If Cabaji is dead that’s fine, if he’s still alive, that kid will hand him over to the Marines, and we’ll have to go to the Marines’ jail to rescue him!”

Speaking of this, Buggy suddenly asked: “By the way, Mohji, you said that the kid might be a devil fruit user, but why didn’t I see him use a strange power? There’s nothing special about him except that sword looks very long!”

Mohji was stunned too, as if that was the case.

A thick-lipped pirate next to him could not help but say, “Captain Buggy, that man does not seem to be a devil fruit user. When he got on board, he was wet. he should have swam on the sea…”

When Buggy heard this, he became furious, he grabbed Mohji’s collar and said, “Are you stupid? It was so obvious, and you couldn’t see it?”

“I’m sorry!” Mohji apologized quickly and said: “But that large sword really came out of his hand suddenly. I’m absolutely not mistaken!”

“Oh!” Buggy’s interest came as soon as he heard what Mohji said. “It was said that the boy has some kind of treasure in his body, and I think he can hide the weapon he carries?”

The last thing was ignored when Buggy heard the word “treasure.” Suddenly his eyes turned to two bright yellow stars, and he made up his mind to catch up to Ian. He wanted to see if he could rob the so-called “treasure” from Ian…

While they were busy repairing the rudder for Buggy, Ian had rowed the boat far away.

Affirming that Buggy could not catch up in a short time, Ian stopped paddling, opened the boat’s sails and began to move forward with the wind.

Until this time, he had time to confirm Cabaji’s situation, whatever if he’s dead or alive.

To be honest, he felt that this battle was a bit inexplicable. When he was robbed, he did not expect that he would meet the Buggy pirates here.

However, since they met and fought, he must have gained a bit of harvest after the fight.

That harvest was Cabaji. Mohji guessed it right. The reason why he had taken Cabaji with him when he left, the purpose was naturally for the bounty.

Although he did not know how much Cabaji was worth, it is reasonable to say that since Buggy has been wanted, his cadres would not be without a bounty. The bounty order is generally for the whole pirate group. Ian cut Cabaji with a blow at that time and did not know whether he was dead or not, but in most cases, the wanted Pirates are wanted either dead or alive.

Maybe some people will ask why not cut down Mohji and take him too for his bounty?

Because that’s not possible, Ian was alone. He doesn’t even have a rope. Even if he can carry two people, his small fishing boat can’t fit them. So Ian can only take Cabaji first. As for Mohji and Buggy, he needs to wait for the next time.

Yeah, in Ian’s eyes, the whole Buggy Pirates was his goal of earning their bounties. If he can, he won’t mind killing them all at once.

After this battle, Ian also had some confidence in his own strength. He found that even if his level was still low. Even though he has used only one card of its bonus, but there was still no problem fighting these ordinary pirates. As for the devil fruit ability of Buggy, to be honest, it was a headache, but it was not incomprehensible. Just take advantage of Buggy’s splitting ability, he only needs to hold his head and jump into the sea when he is splitting. Let this guy drown and get him done.

The reason for choosing to leave in the first place was that it is pointless to stay entangled for too long.

He had already thought about it, even if he took down Buggy, his pirates would run into the sea, leaving him alone, and it would be impossible to drive Buggy’s boat. And the small fishing boat could not hold so many people, it is better to catch them one at a time.

As a bounty hunter, earning rewards was like doing business.

Although he does not know how much Cabaji is worth, he doesn’t need much. Even a million Belly is enough for Ian to draw for the first time the ten consecutive draws. By that time, an extra four-star orange card will be added, and his strength will improve again.

Squatting down, Ian checked Cabaji’s breath and found that he was not dead yet!

Ian cut him with his sword, almost from the shoulder to the chest, a long sword wound, but when Ian looked at this wound, he found that it was not as deep as imagined, Cabaji seemed to subconsciously retreat when he was facing Ian’s sword, which saved his life from Ian’s chop.

But this was the case, Cabaji has bled a lot, he is already fragile now.

For those who he didn’t like it, Ian does not care about his survival. He reached out, smack him on the face a few times, and said, “Wake up! Wake up! “

Cabaji leisurely woke up, but his face was pale, and his eyes were swollen. He looked at Ian in confusion and looked around. Knowing that he had been caught, he gave a weak sneer and said, “It seems you are going to hand me over to the Marines…”

“Well, that’s right, I will rely on you for my meals in the future!” Ian smiled and nodded.

“Hum!” Cabaji snorted coldly, but because he had the wound in front of his chest, he couldn’t help but take a sigh of cold air. After a long time, he slowly said, “You provoked us Buggy Pirates and thought it would be okay? Wait for Captain Buggy to come and rescue me even if I’m handed over to the Marines, and you, I’ll see how you die then! “

However, what Cabaji did not expect was that Ian blew a whistle and said, “Oh! That would be great!”

“Great…?” Cabaji looked at Ian in a daze and did not understand what he meant.

So Ian snapped his fingers and said, “Look, I’ll hand you over to the Marines now, and I’m going to earn your bounty first. When Buggy rescues you, your reward will surely be raised because of jailbreaking? Then I will catch you again, and get more money. If Buggy continues to save you, your bounty will get higher and higher, I will continue to catch you for the bounty… What the f*ck! Just by catching you, that can make me rich! “

Ian’s eyes shone as if he had seen his golden future. He patted Cabaji on the shoulder and said, “Don’t let me down. After I hand you over to the Marines, you must escape! I depend on you for my great fortune!”

Cabaji was dumbfounded, he didn’t expect Ian to say such a thing. He didn’t even know how to respond at the same time. After a while, he couldn’t believe Ian said, “You… You’re crazy about money.”

Ian sighed, and he found that Cabaji was right. In a sense, with such a pit of money system, Ian was afraid of being greedier than Buggy…

Putting these aside for a while, Ian asked Cabaji, “By the way, you should know something about navigation, right? Where is the nearest island with a Marine base?”

“Of course, I know!” Cabaji sneered. “I’m the chief of staff of the Buggy Pirates. I’ve been in the sea for so long. How could I be compared to you, a newcomer who has just gone to the sea? But why should I tell you? So you can send me to the marines?”

Ian nodded and said, “Hum, well, understandable! If I were a hostage and people were going to send me to jail, I wouldn’t give them the direction. Nevertheless, I would like to remind you that if you don’t deal with your wound, you will bleed to death. There is no medicine on board to treat you. If you don’t show me the way, you won’t stay alive for a long time! And don’t expect Buggy to come up and save you. When I left, I cut off the rudder… Choose for yourself!”

Cabaji was silent, and after a while, he said harshly, “Turn to the east, there is where the nearest Marine base is located…”

It seems that between life and integrity, Cabaji chose to former, even if he didn’t want to go to the Marine prison. Ian was not surprised at that. It’s strange that this despicable fellow didn’t choose the latter instead.

So looking at the sun above him, Ian found the eastern direction, adjusted the sails, and went away with the wind…



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