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S.C.S Chapter 28: What Was The Reason Of This Fight?

Seeing the whirlwind blade thrown out by Buggy, Ian just had enough time to erect his sword forward to deflect the daggers, he then heard the jingling clash of the daggers on his sword.

He even saw sparks coming out from the blade of his sword!

However, Ian had just blocked the upper body attack that Buggy had thrown, and in the next second, Buggy even lost his legs. There were sharp knives hidden on the tips of his shoes, and they were spinning and flying towards Ian’s legs in the same way. “Bara Bara Senbei!” (Chop-Chop Buzzsaw) Ian was resisting the attack from above but had no time to wave his sword and block the upcoming attack, so he could only jump up and avoid the attack from the ground.

When Ian jumped up, Ian was naturally in midair, and Buggy’s first upper body attack suddenly stopped, and a wrist with daggers flew towards Ian in midair like a bullet.

Ian couldn’t dodge it at this moment. He could only bite his teeth and slash toward the wrist.

It was a subconscious act, but he forgot that Buggy’s body could be separated at any time. Ian split the wrist from the middle, but the two-half wrist was still flying, flying over Ian’s face with sharp blades, and cut two scars on his face.

After landing, Ian wiped his face, and his hands were covered with blood.

This was his first battle with a Devil Fruit user. It feels so weird that the fighting style of the regular people can’t be applied to the Devil Fruit user at all.

“Hahaha!” Buggy laughed loudly: “See how awesome Captain Buggy is?”

Ian didn’t talk, tightened his hat a little, and rushed with his long sword in both hands toward the location of Buggy’s head.

“Hem! Didn’t I say that? Chopping doesn’t work on me!” Buggy sneered.

Ian was too lazy to talk back to him. When he rushed to him, he swung his hands, and his sword was slashing toward Buggy’s face.

“Do you want to die?” Buggy saw his movements and said, “Well, Let’s see why it’s called immortality!”

He thought that Ian attacked his head in an attempt to attack the critical position, but when Ian’s great sword was about to cut into Buggy, he twisted his wrist, his attack was going to strike the blades of Buggy, but suddenly turned into the long sword to Buggy’s face!

The long sword of the Blademaster Samuro was different from that of an ordinary Samurai sword. That blade was wider. With this unexpected twist of the blade, Buggy could not respond at all, and Ian hit him in the face at the right time. Buggy was hit by the side of the blade like a baseball bat.

At that moment, the tremendous force came, and Buggy’s whole face was deformed, and his head was pulled out from his body, like a shell, and with a loud bang, a big hole was made in the plank of the cabin.

How powerful is Ian now? After he was equipped with the Blademaster’s sword, and with 30% of the attributes are added, that will make his strength exceed 100 points. This is already a strength that can compete with the Lion Richie. It is no surprise that he can achieve such an effect.

If chopping is not possible, then a blunt hit will be used! This time, Buggy’s body did not split again.

Seeing this scene, Ian felt that Buggy’s Chop-Chop Fruit might be affected by the pressure. The sharper the blade, the higher the pressure, the more it will cause Buggy’s body to split, but in turn, the smaller the pressure, the less he will split unless he takes the initiative to do so.

The pirates on the boat, were stunned to see the big hole in the cabin, and they looked at Ian, then looked at the big hole, then looked at Ian again, they didn’t know what to say.

This is a battle between two monsters. They can’t intervene. Even captain Buggy, who they think has always been invincible, has been beaten up. ‘What could we do?’

If they could, they would want to lie on the ground and pretend to be dead…

There was a slamming sound on the cabin’s debris, and Buggy’s head is seen floating in midair, swayed out of the doorway, but this time, half of Buggy’s face was swollen. It seems that Ian had just slammed his sword on Buggy’s face and it was effective on him.

“It hurt me so much!” Buggy gritted his teeth and looked at Ian. “Boy, you’ve managed to piss me off!”

Ian was surprised to see that this guy was all right, and it seemed that Buggy’s ability to resist attacks was not as bad as he had imagined.

Unlike Luffy, who has a Paramecia-type of Devil Fruit, Buggy was different. Luffy has no pain or fear of bullets. That’s because he’s a rubber man. The substance of his body has changed. But it seems that Buggy’s fruit has not altered his material. Although he’s not afraid of chopping and being cut into many pieces and can be restored, but his body is still a normal body. When his body is not separated, he will always feel pain when he receives an attack!

The strength of the devil fruit comes from his training exercises. Buggy probably knows his weakness, maybe he has also done targeted training. Otherwise, Ian who just smash him on the face, with overwhelming strength, not to mention of being fainted, he would at least lose two teeth! But Buggy’s face was just a little swollen…

Tut! Ian felt a little troubled. Buggy’s ability is not only strange, but it’s really a headache. Unless he was stunned by the Kairōseki or the absolute advantage of power, this fellow is like a jelly. He can’t cut him in any way and can’t be killed. He really has no good idea to take him down.

At this time, Buggy’s wrist floated again in midair and stabbed at Ian. Ian originally wanted to reinvent the technique and used the sword like a bat to the flying wrist. However, what he did not expect was that Mohji moved at this time! He moved with the Lion Richie and suddenly jumped up from the side. Instead of attacking him with his claws, he pressed his whole body on Ian and threw him directly to the ground.

Then, Richie’s forelimbs crushed Ian’s shoulder so that he couldn’t move.

Buggy laughed and said: “Well done Mohji! Just hold him down like this!”

As he spoke, he manipulated his wrist, and he was about to stab Ian’s face with a dagger.

Seeing the dagger will pierce his eyes. In the midst of the crisis, Ian suddenly broke out suddenly. Over the years, he has mastered the control of the Nen, and at this time, he used it. Although he did not use it on a flash skill, Ian accumulated the Nen on his body. This sudden explosive force suddenly overturned the lion Richie above.

Then Ian twisted his head desperately, and Buggy’s dagger was inserted in his ear…

That was close! Ian stood up, and he didn’t expect that Mohji would even sneak in to help Buggy. Ian thought that he and his foolish lion were not threatened, but carelessly, it has almost hit its mark.

Looking at the unkind Mohji and Buggy, Ian’s headache was getting worse and worse. This bastard, Buggy, no matter how he cut him, he won’t die, and now there are Mohji and Richie beside him to help, which was even more difficult.

However, just at this moment, Ian was suddenly stunned and slapped his head, Damn it, did he just get dizzy?

‘Why do you want to be so entangled with Buggy? Wasn’t my purpose is to regain my clothes, my hat, and my Den Den Mushi? Now those things have been brought back, why am I still here?!’

‘Buggy is a pirate with a ten million bounty. Isn’t it normal to take him for the time being? Can’t I just go out to sea and try to knock down this pirate regiment?’

After discovering that he was caught in a misunderstanding, Ian suddenly became cheerful, took a neutral position, jumped out of the battle circle, twisted up Cabaji who was lying on the ground, and then suddenly rushed to the top of the cabin, where the rudder of the pirate ship of Buggy was located. Ian rushed over and cut down the rudder with one stroke!

Neither Buggy nor Mohji expected Ian to stop fighting suddenly, so Ian’s series of actions had been completed in a daze.

“Bye-bye! I don’t want to play with you anymore!” Ian smiled and said to the Pirates of Buggy, “See you next time!”

After that, Ian grabbed Cabaji’s collar and jumped out of the boat with him.

“Catch him!!!” Buggy finally responded to what had happened and roared, “Catch him! Don’t let him run away!”

The pirates rushed to the side of their ship in a hurry. Looking down, they found that Ian had jumped onto his boat below the Buggy’s ship.

“What are you looking at, jump into the sea and chase him!” Buggy kicked a pirate out to the sea and roared.

So the pirates jumped into the sea like dumplings.

But Ian didn’t care at all. The boat was so small. Anyone who dared climb up, he will be beaten up with one strike. He didn’t believe that these pirates had the courage to go on his boat.

As for the shipwreck, Ian didn’t believe that their swimming speed was as fast as their boat speed. How can they catch up to his boat?

The pirates probably know this too. Although they jumped into the sea, they just were scared of Buggy’s shouting.

But what made Ian feel surprised was that Buggy actually floated his upper body and threw a dagger at Ian.

Ian shunned sideways and waved his hand to Buggy with a smile. He knew that Buggy could float his upper body when his feet touched the ground, and his limit was only 200 meters. He couldn’t reach it any farther, so he didn’t worry at all.

“Kid! I am going to kill you one day, I will kill you!” Buggy roared in midair.

He didn’t dare to chase him too far, because below him was the sea, once the devil fruit user falls into the sea, although his ability is still there, he will be powerless, unable to swim and he will drown. Buggy worried that once he leaned up, he will be shot into the sea by Ian, and this will be awful.

“My name is Ian, remember this name!” Ian closed his index and middle fingers and put them in front of his forehead, giving him a Polish style salute, and then smiled and paddled away quickly.

Leaving Buggy alone in midair, grinding his teeth in frustration…



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