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S.C.S Chapter 27: Refuse to join

It took Buggy a little time to finally react on what was going on: since this hat belongs to the boy in front of him, then this means that the “tyrant” Bartholomew Kuma did not appear here.

This made Buggy feel relieved. If a legendary pirate with a bounty near 300 million appears in the East Blue, all the pirates in this area probably will suffer. The reason is very simple. Generally speaking, the amount on the wanted poster does not only represent the strength of the pirates but also the threat they pose to the world government. The nearly 300 million bounty pirates are responsible for the pursuit of at least a Vice Admiral. And when one of those Vice Admirals come to the East Blue, it would be enough to kill all the pirates in this Sea!

Even if Bartholomew Kuma is already a member of the Shichibukai, the marines will not necessarily pursue him, but whether he appears or the marines appears, it would be the same.

However, Buggy was still a bit confused and asked Ian: “Boy, why do you have this hat? What is your relationship with Bartholomew Kuma?”

Ian gave him a blank look and said, “What’s the matter with you? Give me back my hat and clothes!”

Buggy thought with his head tilted. He actually threw back Ian’s clothes and hat.

Ian was not polite. He came over and examined it. He found that the Den Den Mushi in his hat was all right, but the little fellow might be frightened. When he saw Ian, his big eyes were full of tears.

Ian touched it, reassured it a little, put it on his head, and then put on the bear ear hat. The Den Den Mushi was usually sleeping, so although the hat was dark, it has no effect on it, it will retract into its shell.

In the eyes of the public, Ian began to wear his clothes. Seriously, no one wanted to fight naked under the eyes of a group of old men. If there were beautiful women, they would completely go blind by his strong body.

So when he put on his clothes and pants, Ian was finally relieved, and there was no such feeling of cool wind.

While he was dressing, Mohji moved to Buggy’s side. He was frightened by Ian’s slashing Cabaji. Now, when both sides met, he came to Buggy and reminded him, “Captain, be careful, this kid is also a Devil Fruit user!”

Buggy was stunned: “Is he?”

Mohji nodded and said, “In all likelihood, when he got on board, he only brought an ordinary sword, but when the sword was smashed by Richie, he suddenly turned the long red sword out of his hand…”

Before all words came out, Buggy suddenly grabbed his collar and growled, “Who do you say is a big red nose?”

“No, no!” Mohji suddenly realized that he had also violated the captain’s taboo words, and quickly defended: “I am talking about the sword, the sword!”

Buggy let go of him, touched his chin, and said: “You said that his sword suddenly emerged out?”

“Yes, he was naked. That sword can’t be hidden! I went up with Cabaji, and we were not his opponents!”

“Devil fruit ability?” Buggy laughed: “I never heard of such devil fruit, what kind of devil fruit is it?”

They didn’t know the real situation of Ian, but they regard Ian as a devil fruit user. During the time when they mumbled, Ian has already dressed, and Buggy sees it now, and immediately opened his mouth, “Boy! Are you interested in becoming one of the Buggy Pirates? As long as you come, the position of commander of the crew will be yours!”

Buggy thought about it for a long time and came with this idea. Even though Cabaji and a bunch of Pirates were lying on the deck, and their situation was unknown. He chose to invite Ian as if he hadn’t seen them.

Buggy knows Cabaji’s fighting power, but the kid in front of him can cut Cabaji down with one blow, which shows that this kid is not weak at all!

The thing that Buggy was most concerned about was the bear ear hat. Although Ian did not tell him about it, Buggy also thought intuitively that the boy in front of him might really have something to do with Bartholomew Kuma.

Buggy and his pirates have always been very low-key, there are two reasons for this.

Since Roger was executed, Buggy has been concealing the fact that he used to be a trainee on the pirate king’s ship. Even the people under him didn’t talk about it. The reason is very simple. If this thing is exposed, how many marine figures can be expected to come after him? This is the first reason that Buggy has been relatively low-key.

The second reason is that Buggy’s enthusiasm for the treasures is even greater. His dream of being a pirate is that one day, he will rob all the treasures of the world, which leads to his unwillingness to confront the marines and cause too much trouble.

Now for him, Bartholomew Kuma is a trouble, a big one, although he doesn’t know what the real relationship between the boy and Kuma was, but in order to avoid this trouble, then he asked him to join his pirate group and at the same time to replace his right-hand man that he just lost, this was the best choice!

In this way, they can not only have more than one fighter but also avoid the possibility of a confrontation with a Shichibukai. This was the best for both sides.

However, when he confidently extended an invitation to Ian, Ian unexpectedly refused, “No! I’m not going to be a pirate!”

Before going out to sea, Ian figured out that there was no future for him personally when he was a pirate. Even though the pirates lived very smartly, it seemed that they did not lack money, and often could be linked to words like treasures. However, how did most of the money come from the straw-hat pirates? It was by robbery! Pirates who really make a fortune by looking for treasures are very rare.

Ian is very short on money. Since he had this system, it can be said that the growth of his strength is linked to how much money he has. If he is a real pirate, he doesn’t know when he will become a rich man.

And after all, Ian has his own moral outlook. Ian doesn’t want to rely on the money that comes by killing and robbing.

Bullying those weak civilians is not a real strong mentality.

Therefore, Ian never thought about being a pirate. On the contrary, he found that as long as his strength grows, the high reward pirates wanted by the world government can become his best target for making money!

Yeah, a pirate hunter, or a bounty hunter! This was the goal of Ian at this stage.

He’s not going to join the Pirates, let alone the one inviting him now was Buggy with such a group that seems to be funny.

After listening to him, Buggy narrowed his eyes in disbelief: “You… you dare to reject the great Captain Buggy!?”

Ian shook his head and said, “I can’t see what’s great about your big red nose, captain!”

Buggy jumped like a thunderbolt: “How many times have I told you, don’t call me red nose!”

As he said, Buggy pulled out many daggers from his waist. These daggers were sandwiched between his fingers. Buggy crossed his hands in front of his chest and looked at Ian fiercely through the gap of the knives. “If that’s the case, then you will stay here. I’ll hang you up and let you taste my special Buggy shell!”

After that, Buggy rushed toward Ian with his knives.

Ian gripped this long sword with both hands and calmly looked at the rushing Buggy. When he came to him, Ian saw Buggy’s fist with the daggers as a paw, and it was waved at him. Ian was not surprised. Watching the daggers were about to attack him, he instantly launched a True Flash!

He flashed past Buggy, and his long sword in his hands crossed Buggy’s waist.

Buggy’s body suddenly split into two halves and slammed into the ground.

Buggy’s pirates watched the scene and secretly laughed. They wanted to see Ian’s unexpected appearance.

However, unexpectedly, Ian suddenly turned around sharply, and the long sword in his hands slammed to a position on his right side. After Ian’s blow came out, it hit an object instantly.

It was Buggy’s hand that came out of his body with sharp daggers on it. This hand quietly tried to sneak into Ian.

But neither Buggy nor his pirates thought that Ian had not relaxed because he had cut Buggy into two parts with one strike. He had already expected a possible sneak attack from Buggy!

After cutting Buggy’s body into two sections, Ian pointed to Buggy lying on the ground with his sword and said, “Don’t pretend to be dead, I know you’re fine!”

Buggy unexpectedly floated his upper body in mid-air and said surprisingly, “How do you know that?”

“Chop-Chop Fruit Right?” Ian laughed and said, “Sure enough, you can’t be chopped to death!”

Although he laughed, Ian did have some surprises in his mind. Although he had known the effect of Buggy’s Chop-Chop Fruit for a long time, he shouldn’t have thought about chopping him anymore, but just now he couldn’t help trying.

He wanted to try and see if when the Nen was winding up on his sword, could that hurt Buggy?

However, the experiment proved that it seemed impossible. He could feel that when his sword was crossing Buggy’s body, he did not receive any resistance. His body seemed to be separated from itself as soon as it met the sharp blade, and the Nen winding around the blade was as if it had not touched Buggy’s body at all.

No wonder even the incidental aggressive chopping is ineffective for him, even Mihawk can’t kill him. This guy’s fruit ability is indeed the nemesis of many swordsmen.

Buggy was also quite surprised. He didn’t realize that he hadn’t been overcast to Ian. Did this kid know his name somewhere before, so he was prepared?

Buggy thought about it, laughed awkwardly and said, “You know, what I really like is fighting with a swordsman like you. After I send you to hell, you’ll regret the thought about fighting against the great Captain Buggy!”

In this way, Buggy suddenly twisted his upper body, then suddenly separated his head from his chest, turned his arms into windmills, and flew towards Ian with the blades!

“Bara Bara Senbei!” (But with his upper body, not his legs XD)