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S.C.S Chapter 26: Whose hat is this?

“Richie!” Mohji burst into tears, looked at the lion underneath, and said with anger: “I don’t remember ever teaching you this!”

As if feeling the resentment of his master, the Lion Richie finally came back to his senses and made a pretentious roar at Ian to show his mighty power.

However… Ian still sees through everything. The lion looks fierce, but in fact, it’s a fool!

Just now, although he only had a fight with him, Ian could feel that his strength was comparable to that of the lion, and their speed was similar. It was no problem to beat the lion.

The problem was that his katana was broken!

Although Ian was in good shape, his physical skills were flawed. He has not practiced any martial art. Besides swordsmanship, he still has no other fighting methods.

Forget it, I’ll just use the Blademaster’s Long Sword! Ian thought so, and in his mind, he chose to equip the Blademaster Long Sword.

The next second, Ian opened his hand, and a long red sword appeared in his hand immediately!

Since Mohji took Richie and went to face Ian, all the pirates on the ship had been watching the battle between them. When Ian’s sword was chewed, the pirates were very excited. They thought this time the boy could not run away! However, when the Sword of the Assassin Samuro has suddenly appeared in Ian’s hands, everyone was frightened.

“What happened? From where did the boy take out such a huge sword?”

“He’s naked!”

“Is this the power of a Devil Fruit?”

“Yeah! This kid is probably like the captain, a monster that had eaten a Devil Fruit!”

“Shh! You dare to say that our captain is a monster? Don’t you want to stay alive?”

Not only the pirates whispered, but even Mohji and Cabaji, who were watching the battle, were shocked. As members of the Buggy Pirates, they naturally knew how powerful their captain was, so they were subconsciously afraid of the Devil Fruit, which was beyond their knowledge.

Holding the long Sword of the Assassin Samuro, which had a fierce and rough shape, even the lion Richie could not help but step back.

‘The heck? With this sword in my hands, I have the world!’ Ian held the Blademaster’s Long Sword in his hands and felt arrogance: ‘now I see! You can’t chew this one!’

Holding the handle in both hands, Ian pointed the tip of the sword at Mohji and Richie and said, “Come again!”

Mohji was stimulated by the relaxed expression on Ian’s face. He was always the only one who followed Captain Buggy in his tyranny. When did he start to be despised by such a boy who had just gone to the sea?

Taking out his whip, Mohji whipped Richie’s ass and roared, “Kill him!”

Under the pain caused by Mohji, he also refused to feel the threat brought by the long sword of Ian. So he swooped to bite Ian!

Ian crossed his blade and was preparing for a hard-hitting frontal attack, he suddenly heard a burst of a sound broke through the air coming from the right side. He quickly turned his head and avoided an unexpected attack!!

The sneak attacker turned out to be Cabaji, who had been silent all the time. This man was despicable, silently sneaked and said nothing, and when he came up, he was on top of Ian’s head. If Ian hadn’t reacted quickly, he would have lost his head!

In order to avoid Cabaji’s attack, Ian failed to parry Richie’s attack. He was kicked by Richie’s paw and was hit on his sword. A great force came and pushed Ian a few steps back.

When the pirates saw this scene, they immediately applauded for their deputy captain and chief of staff, as if they had defeated Ian.

“Together, we can take him down!” Cabaji finally opened his mouth and said to Mohji: “Otherwise, we will all be punished when Captain Buggy comes out!”

Mohji also knew the seriousness of this matter, the nine pirate members lying on the deck were still covered with blood. If they couldn’t capture the attacker, Captain Buggy won’t spare them when he came out, so they began to attack Ian together.

Ian was still lacking experience, and whether it was the Lion Richie or Cabaji, these guys were very aggressive, Ian could only hold his ground temporarily, withstanding the attack of the two.

In the course of the battle, Ian hated Cabaji the most. This guy’s attacks were insidious, and all aimed at Ian’s vital organs. He was intent on killing Ian.

If he remembers correctly, in the original storyline, after Zoro got on the boat of Luffy, they will encounter the group of Buggy in the Orange Town, and it was this guy Cabaji, who especially focused on hitting Zoro’s stab wounds!

Though in Frost Moon Village, Ian teased Zoro from time to time, but there were feelings between them, not to mention the time spent together, Ian has already treated Zoro as his brother. When Ian thought of Zoro, being kicked in his stab wound by the bastard Cabaji Ian felt a burst of blood rushing through his head!

‘Only this Cabaji, I won’t spare!’

With this in his mind, Ian started, dodging a swing of Richie’s claw, suddenly took a step forward, leaned his body, and slashed the Blademaster’s sword violently. The light of the blade turned into a huge arc projectile in front of him and cut to Cabaji who was about to attack.

Although Cabaji resisted, it was in vain. Ian’s long sword was filled with a large amount of Nen. This blow cut the ridiculous Western sword in Cabaji’s hand directly, leaving a large wound in his chest!

Cabaji looked at Ian in disbelief. He saw the coldness in his eyes. He didn’t understand why Ian wanted to kill him so badly.

With a bang, the door leading to the cabin opened, and Buggy rushed out of the door, shouting loudly: “Oh, no… That’s terrible. This hat…”

Before the words were finished, Buggy saw the scene of Cabaji’s chest bursting with blood and slowly falling to the ground.

Buggy’s eyes were full of blood. Although he doesn’t care about his men, it was different from the two cadres who follow him. Whether Cabaji or Mohji, they are the cornerstone of his Buggy pirate regiment. Especially the sinister fellow, Cabaji, was most liked by Buggy. Otherwise, he won’t be given the post of Chief of Staff.

However, now, his chief of staff, Cabaji, was attacked in front of his own eyes, he was chopped by a naked boy with a big red sword…

“Boy! Who are you!!?” Buggy roared, “You dare to kill Cabaji! Are you impatient with your life?”

After Ian took out this indiscriminate blow, he naturally discovered the appearance of Buggy. He sniffed back and said, “What do you call this? You with the big red nose, telling someone to steal my things and even dared to not admitting your own mistakes?”

This is a world full of pirates, but not all of them behave in the same way. There are pirates with an ideal conscience, but there are also pirates with bad behavior and are unscrupulous. It is obvious that The Buggy pirate group is one of the latter!

So Ian will not be polite to Buggy. Starting by chopping down Cabaji, he wouldn’t show any mercy to Buggy either.

“Don’t call me Big Red Nose!” Buggy roared fiercely and then suddenly responded, “You said we stole your stuff? What stuff?”

“My clothes, my hat! And Den Den Mushi in the hat!” Ian sniffed. “That’s what just happened. Don’t you dare to deny it?”

Buggy raised his bear ear cap and asked, “You mean this hat!”

“Yes!” Ian nodded.

Buggy was dumbfounded when he saw the hat. He was so familiar with it that he rushed back to the cabin to verify his memory. As a pirate, in addition to avoiding the pursuit of the Marines, most of the time, he had to know the situation of their peers. So in his cabin, he had always kept the bounties attached to the newspaper.

This is for the sake of being careful not to get into big trouble when he meets those peers in the future. The bear ear cap that Buggy had felt so familiar with seemed to be one of some great pirates in his memory. Buggy rushed into the cabin just to look through the bounty lists and see who it is.

He turned over, but after seeing the pictures on the reward list, Buggy began to tremble!

Over there, it was two years ago that he was recruited by the world government and became a member of the Shichibukai. The reward amount is 296 million Berries, known as the “Tyrant” Bartholomew Kuma.

Buggy looked at the picture and the bear ear cap in his hand. Not mistaken! This hat is exactly the same hat as that worn on the tyrant’s head!

In that instant, the whole body of Buggy was pale. He thought that he had let his men loot the boat aboard by Kuma one of the seven Shichibukai.

Buggy only felt that his entire life would be destroyed by his greed. Although he had been a crew member of Roger the Pirate King and had once fought with Roger against Whitebeard, but now it is totally different from that time. He had gone out to sea and worked alone, without Roger in his back, and with a bunch of fools at his fleet. When they meet Bartholomew Kuma, the end can be foreseen…

That’s why he rushed out in a panic. He was thinking about telling his crew to rush everything back and see if they could make up for it.

However, as soon as he came out, he saw that Cabaji had been cut down, and heard Ian say that this hat was his, Buggy’s brain was somewhat overwhelmed.

A capitalized obscurity engraved on this face, with his big red nose, how funny the picture was…



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