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S.C.S Chapter 25: making fun of him?

Is this really the ship of the buggy pirates?

Looking at the bow, Ian found that the bow was an elephant, and the long nose was transformed into a cannon. There is no mistaking it! This was Buggy’s pirate ship “Big Top”!

Ian never thought that it was Buggy’s Pirates who have stolen his things. It was a great surprise.

This was a bit difficult because Ian was very impressed with Buggy, not to mention his future achievements, say that when Buggy first came on the scene, he already has a bounty of ten million Berries!

Ian went to sea earlier than Zoro, which was naturally earlier than Luffy. Now Buggy’s reward wasn’t known, but it should not be too low.

Because there was no clear understanding of his own strength, Ian doesn’t know whether he can beat Buggy. At other times, Ian may temporarily avoid it, but not at present. His clothes, hat and Den Den Mushi must be brought back!

Ian kept thinking and did not speak, making Buggy Pirates believes that Ian was frightened of them, so they took out their weapons one by one and leaned over Ian with a grin.

“Boy! Now that you’re here, don’t move! Put down your weapon and wait for Captain Buggy to come out! “

“Haha, if the great Captain Buggy is in a good mood, maybe you will be a low-level boatman on the boat, and help us by scrubbing the deck every day!”

“What if the captain is in a bad mood?”

“Haha, that would be terrible. He might be used to replace the unlucky one that was hoisted! The cannon will be fired at that time… Boom!”

A group of pirates talked recklessly about Ian’s fate but did not see Ian’s face getting worse and worse.

At this time, finally, a pirate could not hold back, he raised his Western sword in his hand and smashed it toward Ian, trying to injure him and then tie him up.

Ian stood still and watched the sword coming toward his shoulder. Just when everyone thought he was frightened and didn’t know how to resist, Ian suddenly moved!

With a one side move avoiding the slashing of the pirate, Ian slipped behind him, and the katana in his hand came out of its sheath in an instant. Accompanied by the bright light of the sword, he slashed him down!

The pirate burst into a scream, and Ian cut a large wound on his back. The blood gushed out and fell on the ground.

However, it wasn’t over yet. After Ian chopped down the man with one blow, his body moved again at a very fast speed. He shuttled among the group of pirates. Every time he switched his position, he would be accompanied by a snow-shining sword light, either chopping or cutting or stabbing or smashing. Each action was different. The same was that every time the katana flashed, there would be a pirate screaming and falling down!

After waiting for the eight or nine clowns who surrounded him were smashed to the ground, and Ian’s body movement finally ended. At the moment when his figure stopped, Ian’s katana just returned to the sheath!!

‘Hoo! Perfect!’

Although they were only minions, but the number of enemies was too much, and he was alone. So it is not good to be surrounded! So when Ian came up, he used his strongest sword skills: Chain Flash!

This trick is worthy of the advanced swordsmanship. It is very important to talk about the connection between the attacking actions. When chopping down the first opponent, he must have the intention of attacking the next opponent at the same time. Meanwhile, he must make a gesture in action. Otherwise, we will not be able to continue and will be interrupted halfway. Ian practiced it in Frost Moon Village for a long time before he finally mastered it.

The advantage of this trick is that the power of the Nen in one application can be divided into several parts for continuous use, rather than consuming one Nen point per hit.

Most importantly, it’s a great skill to fight these huge numbers of pirates!

The rest of the pirates were still in the distance, he wasn’t surrounded by them! At this time, there was no reaction at all. They stared at Ian, who was still in the position of sheathing the sword. They did not know what expression to express their surprise and astonishment.

Originally thought to be a lonely rookie who wandered alone at sea, how in the twinkling of an eye, he became such a murderous demon!

His expression has changed too fast!?

Ian did not know what the pirates thought. After seeing so much blood for the first time, he did not feel nausea and vomiting as often described in the novels. Instead, he had a faint excitement, which was a sign of his adrenaline surge.

He found himself seemingly comfortable with the battle!

Of course, the pirates lying on the ground, Ian actually did not kill them, but they were seriously injured, he did not attack the vital parts of these pirates, the most use of the Nen was held on his own body, not entangled in his katana. The power of the attack was relatively small, if these pirates were treated in time, they would not die.

After all, he hasn’t really reached the point of killing people without blinking an eye.

But the other pirates didn’t know. They thought their companions lying on the ground had been killed by him. When they came back, they immediately shouted angrily.

“Haa!!! Kill him!”

“You offended the Buggy Pirates, you’re going to die!”

However, after a long time of shouting, no one dared really to rush up. Just now, Ian smashed over eight pirates, and the others were frightened. Just thinking about it, they realized that they were not Ian’s opponents. So when they shouted, their eyes unconsciously started swaying to the side of Chief of Staff, Cabaji, counting on him to come forward.

Cabaji was sitting on his unicycle with his arms crossed, his mouth hidden in his blue and white checked scarf. They could not see what his expression was, but with a little closer observation, it would show the haze in his eyes.

He had not spoken since Ian jumped on the ship, but the difference was that at the beginning, he felt too lazy to take care of him, he thought that Ian was a rookie, so let his men teach him a lesson, but even now he is not speaking! After seeing Ian’s actions of chopping his crew, he found that he was not sure to defeat him!

He can’t help it. When Ian used the Chain Flash, it seemed that he was moving too fast!!

Just as Cabaji hesitated to make a move, he suddenly heard a huge lion roar.

The sound came from the back of the ship, Ian heard it and looked at it. He saw a man riding a lion and slowly walked out.

“What’s the matter? Why is there such a bloody smell? Aren’t you afraid to stimulate Richie?” As soon as he came out, he said unhappily.

When he saw this man, Ian burst into laughter, pointed at him, and said, “Haha! Your hat is stranger than mine!”

The person who just appeared was wearing a circle of fur on his head, and it was even wrapped around his cheeks, looked like a sheep with wool all over his head!

And the lion under him, the mane on the top of its head was actually combed into a long hair, erected straight, looked so stupid.

“That’s rude! This is my hair!!!”

Hearing Ian’s laughter, the lion rider was furious, and the blue veins were coming out of his forehead. Anyone whose hair was treated as a fur hat would be angry.

But after the roar, he reacted and asked Ian doubtfully, “Who are you? Why are you on our ship?”

This was naturally the deputy captain of the Buggy Pirates, the Beast Tamer Mohji. There are so many strange people in the world of One Piece. Ian looked at his fur-like hair and suddenly thought of it. Is he from a furry family?

If so, which family would he be? Sheep family?

Just as Ian’s brain opens wide, Mohji finally saw the pirates lying on the deck in the pool of blood, and suddenly reacted to what was going on. The naked boy in front of him was an intruder!

“You have so much guts that you dare to come up to our ship, and provoke us!” Mohji gritted his teeth and said to Ian.

“Puff (Fart)!” Ian couldn’t carry on anymore: “It’s clear that you stole my things, even dare to say that I am provocative!”

Mohji didn’t care much. He was the deputy captain. If he had let go of Ian at this time, then he wouldn’t need to join in with Cabaji. So he ignored the rebuttal of Ian and patted the lion Richie, and said: “kill him!”

The Lion Richie made another loud roar, jumped up toward Ian with Mohji on his back, and swung its claws sharply toward Ian.

Ian saw its claws coming fiercely, and he was ready for it. He quickly stepped back and dodged the claw. He felt a gust of wind blowing in front of him and could not help but sweat slightly.

He wasn’t afraid to fight the pirates, but this was his first time confronting with a beast like a lion.

When he missed, Richie attacked Ian again. The lion is a fierce beast, attacks its prey much faster than the human being. Ian was in a hurry and could only use the sheath of the sword to resist the blow.

What surprises him, however, was that Richie had bitten his sword and broke it into two pieces!

Ian was stunned and stared at the remaining handle in his hand. For a while, he could not respond. He did not expect the low-quality Samurai sword he brought out to last long, but he never thought that it would break so quickly!

“Hem! Don’t underestimate Richie’s biting power!” Mohji crossed his hands and looked down at Ian. “Richie is a terrible beast. Many people lost their lives in his mouth!”

As a result, his words were still coming, and Richie stopped suddenly, lowered his head and sniffed Ian’s broken blade. Then the next second, he stretched out his tongue and licked the broken blade…

“…” Ian looked silently at the lion Richie licking things like a big dog. When he was diving in the sea, he used the sword to catch some fishes. So there was still a fishy smell on the blade. It was estimated that after he smelled the fishy smell, he felt that he should have a meal…

Though he did not want to say it, he couldn’t help opening his mouth and saying, “Are you really a pirate? How can you look more like a circus…”