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S.C.S Chapter 24: Lucky Day

“What… What the f*ck! My clothes!?”

When Ian finally caught a big fish with a strange shape from the sea and climbed onto the boat, his eyes were about to come out!

At first, he thought it was a naughty seabird who had taken his clothes, but when he saw the pirate ship of Buggy in the distance moving away, he immediately understood what was going on, and for a moment, he felt that he was robbed by a bunch of naughty monkeys!

‘Damn it, I was unlucky enough to encounter a storm last night. Now pirates had stolen my things on this vast sea. Can this get any worse?’

When the fish was thrown into the boat, Ian grabbed the paddles and rowed towards the pirate ship in the distance.

Far away, he had not yet seen who this pirate group was, but Ian was full of anger, because not only did they took his clothes, but also the hat that Uncle Kuma had given him and the Den Den Mushi that he had put in his hat, all of which had been stolen!

Without the Den Den Mushi, how can he contact Zoro to ask about Kuina’s situation? How can he feel comfortable without wearing his beloved hat? And without clothes, it would be even worse. Even if he landed, he could only run like a tribe man!

‘I won’t forgive you!’ Ian was about to blow up with anger. Using his utmost strength, the two paddles were spinning very fast…

At this time, several pirates that were ordered to inspect Ian’s boat. They had already boarded the pirate ship of Buggy. When they came up, Buggy asked them indifferently, “How was it? Is there any goods?”

“Report Captain Buggy!” A man in a circus hat stood up and answered, “We’ve searched, there’s no money, no treasure! There are only a few clothes and a hat on the boat! Oh, yeah, there’s a Den Den Mushi in the hat!”

“Oh!?” Buggy was somewhat surprised. In fact, he did not have a lot of expectations for the things in that boat. He just had an idea of checking the boat, so he sent some of his people there. Did they found something there?

‘A Den Den Mushi? This kind of thing is quite rare, I didn’t expect that there would be such a thing on that boat.’

“Show me!” Buggy slumped down the chair.

“Ah, alright!” The pirate in the circus hat quickly handed Ian’s cap over and flattered, “The Den Den Mushi was inside of this round bear’s ear hat…”

But before he had finished, Buggy suddenly said, “What did you say? Repeat it again! “

“The Den Den Mushi was inside this round bear’s ear hat…” It was repeated so unclearly.

Then Buggy was furious, one hand suddenly broke away from his body, flew over and grabbed the man’s neck. He shouted, “Who do you say is a big round nose??”

“I… I haven’t!” The pirate was crying. He knew that his captain has turned a blind eye again!

Because he cares about his round red nose, what he hates most is that others mock his nose. Once anyone mentions it, he will get so angry. Over time, he became so sensitive. All Buggy’s pirates knew that their captain has prohibited using a sentence with these words: “round,” “red,” and “big,” Not even words with similar meanings.

But knowing that it’s one thing and making mistakes is another thing. The pirate just thought that Ian’s bear ear hat looked so cute that he couldn’t help describing it, but… what made Buggy angry was that he said that this bear ear was round…

For an uneducated pirate, he could not find another adjective to replace the word “round”…

Not been educated is terrible, without an education you will be punished! XD. Captain Buggy was so angry, and everyone under his hand dared to say those bad words. How could he maintain the captain’s prestige without giving a lesson?

So Buggy did not turn back and said, “Prepare the cannon!”

“Ah? Ah! Alright!” The crowd shivered, they dare not disobey, and immediately agreed.

The clown Buggy is actually very cold to people. The cannon execution is a reserved program on his pirate ship. His men have seen it many times, so although they are preparing in a panic, they are very skilled in their movements.

“For… Forgiveness!” The man who was lifted into the air and his neck were twisted, could hardly breathe. He was desperately trying to break Buggy’s hand. Maybe because he didn’t think so much, he still had Ian’s hat in his hand.

Buggy saw the hat at that time, and he was stunned.

The next moment, Buggy’s hand loosened, and then he fell down and stared at his captain Buggy, wondering why he suddenly let go. Did he change his mind?

Buggy did not pay attention to him. His hand flew over and picked up Ian’s hat. Then it flew back and re-sticked into Buggy again. He took Ian’s bear ear cap and said thoughtfully, “Huh? Strange, this hat, I seem to have seen it before?”

After that, Buggy seemed to think of something, turned around with this hat and rushed towards the cabin, leaving behind a crowd of people who looked at each other, wondering whether they should continue the execution.

Captain Buggy was supposed to have lost his mind by ignoring them. Sitting on a one-wheeled bike, a man wearing a large blue and white checkered scarf that covers the lower portion of his face came over. He was the chief of staff of Buggy Pirates, Cabaji. The man with unique hairstyle, his hair covering his left eye, sullenly said: “Tie him up! The execution continues! This is Captain Buggy’s will!”

“Hai, chief!” The other pirates responded quickly, tied up the unfortunate fellow, and hung him on the side of the boat.

Then they moved over the cannon, aimed the muzzle at the hapless guy, lifted the torch, and watched as the fuse was about to ignite.

At this time, a man jumped up from the side of the boat and landed on the deck with a loud bang.

Everyone stared at the sudden appearance of the figure and found that he wasn’t wearing clothes, only a pair of pants. The tribe man body was wet, with black hair tied behind his head and a katana in his hand.

Yeah, it was Ian. The person who was about to be executed was really lucky. For the first time, he was released from Buggy’s hand. The second time he was about to be bombarded by the giant cannon, but when Ian got on the boat, everyone’s attention was drawn, which kept him alive.

Today must be his lucky day…

Ignoring the tearful and grateful eyes of the suspended fellow, Ian jumped aboard the boat and shouted angrily, “Who stole my clothes and stuff? Stand up!”

The men on the boat looked at each other, and they didn’t know how to react to what was going on. Wasn’t that boat empty!? And he even dared to come to us!! Watching the wet man, they all thought that he was afraid of them, and he had jumped into the sea.

After a while, the reaction came over, one of them suddenly burst into laughter.

This man is really stupid. It was understandable that he was angry when someone has taken away his stuff, but he dared to catch up with him and ask for it. This was not what ordinary fools can describe! Didn’t he look at how many people there are on their side, and how many people are on his side?

“Boy! Has no one taught you how does the pirate flag look like?”

“Haha, that’s ridiculous, you dare jump on the boat without seeing it!”

“From the first glance, I knew that he’s just a newcomer to the sea.”

Don’t look at them when they were in front of Buggy because he makes them tremble, but when they were with outsiders, they showed what the evil pirates deserved, and they sneered at Ian fiercely.

At this time, Ian actually saw the people on the boat. At first, he just felt a little puzzled. The pirates in front of him did not look like pirates at all, but more like a circus. What are they wearing?

Hearing the jeers of the pirates, Ian looked unconsciously at the sail, and he was stunned when he saw the round red nose pattern.



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