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S.C.S Chapter 23: Starving!

“What… what is going on here??”

Ian stared at the Blademaster’s sword in his hand. He thought it was incredible and quickly asked the system.

“The exclusive treasure can produce a materialized projection!” The system explained: “But the projection only has a percentage of the corresponding stars!”

Ian understands in seconds, that is to say, the Blademaster’s sword in his hand does not achieve the full effect of the real weapon, does it?

Looking at the sword in his hand, he found it was actually long enough. This weapon, which he didn’t know whether it should be called a long sword or a huge knife, was originally the weapon of the orc swordsman in Warcraft. How tall the orcs are, how big they are, and how do the weapons that seem normal in their hands, changed to be quite huge in Ian’s hands! This sword was almost as long as Ian’s height!

but in terms of its shape, there was nothing he could say, although it looked rough, both the arc and the sharpness were from the top class, just from seeing it, he could tell that this was a weapon made to kill!

With a gentle swing of the blade, Ian heard the resonance of the blade, which showed that the blade was uniform in material and the weight of the whole sword was concentrated on the back of the blade, which made it especially suitable for slashing.

According to Ian’s understanding, this was a heavy sword that required both hands to hold.

Originally, when Ian went to the sea, he was only carrying a rough sword. He spent so many years in the dojo and was deeply influenced by Master Koshiro. He felt that the most important thing for a swordsman was to have a good sword. So he felt sorry for the sword he brought out with him. Just when Ian was thinking about how to get a good weapon, the system sent him a very powerful sword to his door.

Although this Blademaster Long Sword was completely different from the samurai swords he usually uses, the principles of swordsmanship are the same. The Blademaster’s Long Sword was not only suitable for slashing, but also for straight stabbing and cross-cutting. As long as Ian gives a little time to adjust to its weight, there will be no problem.

Well, that’s all right. The key to its weight is… It pulls the wind!

Although it doesn’t have a scabbard, he can always put this sword on his back, and pull it out whenever he wants but it would need a huge force to do so! (Like Ichigo)

With the long sword in his hands, Ian tried to wave a few times. He was satisfied to hear the sound of the blade cutting through the air. He felt that this was the only thing in the package that didn’t pit him.

And the most comfortable thing for Ian was that this sword can also achieve the effect of disappearing instantly by removing the exclusive treasure in the equipment slot! After re-equipping, it will reappear again, just like a virtual equipment, very convenient.

As the boat moved forward with the wind, Ian practiced waving the Blademaster Long Sword on the boat. First, to adapt to using this sword as soon as possible. Secondly, because his habits of so many years have been maintained, the sword exercise has been like his instinct. If he catches the opportunity and does not practice for quite a time, he will feel sad.

Unfortunately, concentration exercises often result in a lack of attention to other things.

In the evening, the sea breeze became more violent, and air pressure began to decrease. People with a little common sense would understand that this was a sign of a storm in the sea.

It was not until then that Ian finally regained consciousness and lifted his sails.

The weather on the sea changed, and it was not long before Ian put up his sails. The storm came, and the strong wind began to blow his boat, picking up the big waves, and rushing toward the boat. At first Ian was worried about capsizing, so he sat in the middle of the boat wearing a raincoat, relying on his own strength to stabilize the boat, but after a long time, he had to stand up, pick up the bucket left in the fishing boat, and pour the seawater on the outside!

How strong is a small fishing boat against this storm? Needless to say, everyone knows that experienced fishermen go fishing in the morning and come back in the evening, and they only stay near the coast.

It can be said that Ian was totally affected by the Anime he had seen before. Whether it was Luffy or Ace and Sabo, it seemed that they went to the sea in a small boat, which made him think that he could do it.

But it wasn’t until he really experienced traveling in the sea that Ian realized that he really despised the knowledge of navigation.

Looking at it, all sides of the sea were dark and oppressive because of the gloomy weather. The sun in the sky was invisible, and there was no reference. Ian was not sure what direction he was heading.

It was hard to hold on in the storm, but his clothes and dry food in the boat were all soaked by the seawater. The clothes were not a problem, because when the sun came out, it will dry them, but his foods were all gone!

The next day, when the sun rose, Ian found that he had lost his way. When he set off, he was heading north. However, the position of the sun showed that he was actually heading west. He had no idea how far he was.

“Aaah, F*ck!” When Ian discovered this, he couldn’t help slapping his head. When he was still in Frost Moon Village, the most he said to Zoro was: Don’t believe your sense of direction. If you get lost, just stand still and wait for someone to save you! Ian didn’t think he’d get lost now.

Ian’s geographical knowledge was very poor, but he also knows that he can’t go further to the west, because there seem to be no islands in the west, and he will be closer and closer to the Calm Belt of the Grand Line!

It’s a gathering place for large sea kings, and Ian’s small boat can’t even get near the Calm Belt…

So he had to adjust his direction and keep sailing north.

However, deviating from the route means that Ian will stay longer at sea, and his dry food has already been rotten. If he wants to eat, he can only rely on the sea.

From this point, he could see that with his lack of navigation knowledge: he forgot to bring a fishing rod on his own boat!

It was enough for Ian that Uncle Hull gave him his fishing boat. Is it impossible that he prepared a fishing rod for him? However, when Ian went out to the sea, he didn’t even think of it, and now he can’t even catch a fish!

By noon, Ian was so hungry that his eyes were almost green. He thought of a way to tie the katana that he brought out to a rope and throw it into the sea for fishing.

However, how could a fish be hooked? The rope was so thick, and it had no hook or bait. How blind should the fish be to be caught by him?

Ian didn’t know if he was hungry or dizzy. He saw that the self-made fishing rod hasn’t responded for half a day, then he woke up and slammed his head. ‘How could I be so stupid?’ so he took off his clothes and pants and jumped into the sea with his katana.

Without a fishing rod, he had to fish in his own way. Fortunately, Ian’s lung capacity was sufficient, and he could still dive for a long time in the sea.

“You should be able to catch a fish,” Ian thought so.

But what Ian didn’t realize was that just as he was diving, another ship appeared on the sea behind him.

It was a very large ship, with a black pirate flag hanging on the mast and a round red-nosed skull on the pirate flag.

Above the mast, a watchful sailor looked around with a binocular. Soon, he found Ian’s boat on the sea.

“Captain Buggy! There is a boat over there!” The watcher immediately shouted down: “It’s a fishing boat, but I don’t know why there’s nobody on board!”

On the lower deck, a man in a captain’s cap and overcoat was sitting on a chair with his jaw pinched. This man was dressed as a clown with a big round red nose.

That’s right, this was a pirate ship, and that clown was their captain, The Clown Buggy.

Hearing the call of the watcher, he was stunned and said, “Nobody’s on the boat? A shipwrecked?”

“The storm last night was so fierce, maybe it’s indeed that!” A black-haired man riding a unicycle next to him said, crossing his hands.

“Go personally, maybe you can find something worthwhile!” Buggy waved: “We are the famous pirate group of robbers, even if it is a small fish, we don’t let it go!”

“Yes! Captain Buggy!” A crowd of pirates on deck immediately stood up and replied loudly.

Soon, a small boat was laid down on the sea and sailed in the direction of Ian’s boat.

Ian did not know what was happening on the sea. He was still trying to catch a fish.

Don’t be ignorant, it is so difficult to catch fish in the sea, how can a human be faster than a fish in the sea? So even though the sea was full of fishes, Ian could not catch one.

He can’t hold on anymore, so he floated to the surface for some air, and then he will dive again. If people are extremely hungry, they can go all out to eat.

So Ian showed up and dive again, he didn’t even notice the coming boat with Buggy’s Pirates. Similarly, his figure was too small for the pirates on board to find him.

So, several pirates got on Ian’s boat, looked around, and found nothing. Finally, they took all his clothes and his hat back for Buggy…


When Ian resurfaced again and returned to his bought, everything was gone, and he has nothing left.

“What the heck! Where are all my stuff? is there anyone around?”

Ian looks around on who might possibly have taken all his stuff, and then he saw the ship of Buggy the clown.

“Buggy! that freaking clown, how dare they took all my stuff!”

Ian dropped the sail of his boat and headed for the ship. While Ian was getting closer to the pirate ship, a crewmate of Buggy saw him with his binoculars and shouted his presence to the captain.

“Captain buggy! A small boat is following us! and there is a kid on it!”

“A kid? How dare someone has the guts to follow us the buggy pirates! Aim all cannons and show him fear! No one shall dare not show fear in front of the great Buggy! Gyahahahahaha!”

Ian’s saw the cannons and immediately understood what that Buggy was planning, he took out his brand new sword of the Blademaster and prepared to slice the cannonballs headed his way.

The pirates began shooting the cannons headed for Ian’s way, Ian concentrated full heartedly and sliced all the cannonballs aimed right at him, the cannonballs split and a half and exploded at the side of his boat.

“is that all you got big nosed! Give me back all my clothes and hat! or I’ll come and kill you all!”

Buggy got irritated, “How dare you call me big nosed! Bring out the buggy balls! Let’s see how this brat deal with this! Gyahahahahahaha!”

The pirate crew brought out the buggy balls and loaded it to the cannon, aimed at Ian and shot out!

When the cannonball was headed his way, Ian saw that it was different from all the others and brought out all of his strength to cut down the ball, but it was no use. As soon as his sword cut the cannonball to two, the ball exploded and destroyed Ian’s boat, Ian was hit point blank and got dismembered to pieces from the explosion and died at sea.

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