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S.C.S Chapter 22: 8,888 diamonds

“First big gift package?” Ian asked doubtfully, “Is that an extra reward given by the first recharge?”

“Yes!” The System replied: “If you recharge any amount for the first time, you can get the first big gift bag worth 8,888 diamonds!”

“Any amount!” Ian was so mad. “Why didn’t you tell me about it sooner?”

‘Dang it!’ If he had known that there was such a big gift package, Ian would have recharge all of his money when he was in Frost Moon Village. At that time, although the monthly pocket money was pitiful, he still accumulated a few hundred Berries. It was a very good deal to take this big gift package.

However, the System replied: “The lowest grade of diamond purchased in the store is 100 diamonds!”

“…” Ian was speechless when he came up, and if it was possible, he only wanted to crush the System into a ball and kick it 10,000 times!

‘This is what you call an “arbitrary” amount!? B*tch! You directly said that the lowest purchased must be 100 diamonds!!’

‘Amazing Bro (-_-)! Nice game of words, System!’ Ian could only scream and swear at the System!

‘No wonder why the System did not mention the First big gift package before, only when I held this amount of money in my hand! The minimum threshold for recharge is 100 diamonds, which is equivalent to all my 20,000 Berries…’

Selectively, the System knew how much money Ian had, and then gave him a deal to persuade him to charge with all his money! This System is really savage.

Forget it, Ian has long known that this pit money system is cancer. Ian was too lazy to complain, so he asked: “What can I find in this package?”

Can’t help asking, he has already understood the System’s skill of the word games. Sure enough, he talks very well. But would this gift bag be really worth to about 8,888 diamonds? Everyone knows that opening a bag when you only recharge the bottom value won’t be worth much.

“The package includes: a fixed number of breakthrough stones, a fixed number of advanced stones, a fixed number of random five-star red card fragments, and a random piece of exclusive treasure.” The System responded.

Ian squinted and asked, “That’s all? Is that worth 8,888 diamonds?”

The System didn’t speak, it seemed to be the default, and then Ian suddenly felt that the whole thing was not good, he felt that he should not believe this System, more than 8,000 diamonds, which was almost equivalent to 20 million Berries, but the items in the gift package did not sound like something worth so much money.

Well, this is the usual bullshit advertisement of game makers. For them, this kind of gimmick is not even a false advertisement, because virtual goods are not worth estimating. You can’t refute them at all if they say what they are worth.

“Should I do it?” Ian looked at 20,000 Berries in his hand with some hesitation.

Frost Moon Village is very small, most of the people in the village are self-sufficient, the island’s economic situation is naturally not developed. In addition, in these years Master Koshiro often purchased a lot of medicines for Kuina, his savings were certainly not much, giving out 20,000 Berries to Ian was already the limit. Rather than buying diamonds, this amount was to help him in his journey.

What is the situation after going to the sea? Ian still has no idea. It must be a better situation to carry money with him. But Ian doesn’t know whether he has the ability to defend himself or not. He hasn’t dealt with other enemies yet.

Don’t forget, this is the world of pirates, even in the weakest Blue, The East Blue, It is said that the average bounty of a pirate group was 3 million Berries.

Ian did not have a clear understanding of the relation between the pirate’s strength and their bounty, but out of cautious mind who doesn’t want to make a mistake, it was certainly right to increase his strength by recharging for that gift package.

So at this time, Ian found himself in a difficult situation and did not know how to choose.

Why is it so unfortunate that it is exactly 20,000 Berries? If it were a little more or a little less, Ian wouldn’t have been so entangled.

When he finished eating the dry food in his hand, Ian finally made a decision to recharge! Whatever it is about money, take one step at a time, but could he even get an opportunity to work and make money?

On the contrary, the five-star red card in the package made Ian very curious.

When Ian made the decision, the money in his hand suddenly disappeared. It was collected by the System. Then Ian heard the voice of the System in his mind: “You bought 100 diamonds and got 10 extra diamonds as a gift. You have received a gift package.”

Ian focused on the system interface in his mind and saw a flashing gift pattern hanging there, so he chose to collect it.

“You’ve got 100 breakthrough stones!”

“You’ve got 100 advanced stones!”

“You get 60 five-star red card fragments: Yamata no Orochi!”

“You have acquired the exclusive treasure: Blademaster Long Sword!”

Ian was stunned, Orochi! Is it really the Orochi!!!

He rushed into his backpack interface and chose to look at the fragments of the existing cards. Sure enough, there was a handsome white-haired man’s head there. The upper left corner of the avatar showed a fragmentation sign, indicating that the card was still in a state that could not be synthesized. On the right side, there was X60 indicating the number of fragments of the card.

Ian suddenly got up, what the f*ck, he is really the final boss of The King of Fighters ’97! This is developed!

According to the System, Orochi’s card should be the original five-star red card. Whether its qualifications or attributes are top-notch. If this card is cultivated, it will definitely bring a huge bonus to Ian.

But now the card hasn’t been fully synthesized. Ian couldn’t see the skills of Orochi, but he believes it must be very powerful.

This was the first top card Ian has ever seen. After enjoying it for a while, Ian asked the System: “Oh, yeah, how many fragments do Orochi’s card needs to be synthesized?”

“The number of fragments needed to synthesize five-star red cards is 180!” The System responded.

“…” What the heck, what is the feeling of being pitted again!?

Before listening to the System, the number of fragments needed for a three-star purple card is 30 pieces, so Ian also thought that the number for four-star and five-star cards would not be much more. He guessed that five-star cards can be synthesized with up to 80 fragments. If that was the case, then with his 60 fragments, there would still be some hope for him to synthesize it…

But now the System told him that it needs 180!

Ian felt that he was scammed by the System. ‘The f*ck! Only giving me the third of the fragments needed, and you dare to call it worth of 8,888 diamonds!’

‘Can’t see! Can’t use! What’s the difference between this and getting nothing?’

Ian understands the meaning of the System very well. Gives him some fragments, not many, and attracts him to continue charging for the other fragments. This is a typical consumption trap. Yeah, it’s not easy even for an occasional charger player!

while stroking his chest, Ian comforted himself: “Don’t think too much, get used to it, just get used to it!”

It’s not worth it to be angry with the System, because it’s useless to get angry. ‘You can’t even do anything to hurt the system even a bit, except to make yourself emotionally agitated and irritable.’

So Ian could only temporarily drop Orochi’s fragments and switch to the backpack option to see the so-called exclusive treasure.

“Hey? What was that sword you gave me?” When Ian saw the exclusive treasure in his backpack, he was surprised softly.

Listening just to the name, he was not able to imagine what this exclusive treasure looks like because many games have the role of Blademaster, Ian does not know which one it will be, but when he saw the weapon, he recognized it for the first time.

Because he was so familiar with this weapon! This was the sword of the Blademaster Samuro from World of Warcraft! And it’s color was the red version.

Ian didn’t know the name of this long sword. It seemed impossible to verify. That sword had a long hilt, and there was a round iron ring at the end of the handle. The slender body of the sword stretched out straight ahead. It looked quite long, but the blade was rusty red. There were some black and gold lines on it, but there was a snow-white color at the edge of the sword. Just by looking at it, Ian could feel the glaring sharpness of the sword.

The whole long sword seems to have like a rough style. Ian knows that the red version of the sword was supposed to be used by a Swordsman of Blackrock clan, But maybe even the System didn’t know what swords do the Blackrock swordsmen used, so it was arranged directly for Samuro.

[Blademaster Long Sword]

Card Samuro’s Exclusive Treasure

Star: three-stars Treasure, Upgradable.

Strength +100

Speed +50

Destructive power +25%


‘Very good attributes, but… F*ck I don’t have Samuro’s card!’

Ian just felt that he had a bad start of a day, even when he got the gift package. But at least, there were some breakthrough stones in the pack, and none of the other things were useful for him now.

Just when Ian was a little crazy, he suddenly heard the System saying, “The host can equip any card’s exclusive treasure!”

“Huh!?” Ian was stunned. “Can I use it?”

“Yes, the host can be equipped with any card’s exclusive treasure, but only one at a time!” The System replied.

So, holding on to the idea of trying, Ian switched to the side of his character. As a matter of fact, he saw an empty box showing a red dot in his attributes. This red dot wasn’t unfamiliar to Ian. When Samanosuke Akechi’s card was able to equip, it also showed that it meant something that could be equipped.

Ian chose the small box, and there was the Blademaster Long Sword in the pop-up item bar. After selecting equipment, Ian’s attributes changed immediately, 30% attributes bonus was added. The strength value increased by 33 points, the speed increased by 15 points, and an additional destructive power attributes added by 7.5%.

Before Ian finishes reading, he suddenly felt that his hands were pulled down when he came back to take a look, he found that there was a weapon in his hands, which was the Blademaster Long Sword that was just equipped!

Ian bit his tongue directly, what was going on! After equipping the exclusive treasure, how did it appear in reality!?

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“Nice! let’s try swinging this sword and see how powerful it is.”

Ian raised the sword above his head, ready to swing the sword down to split the sea or the air.

When Ian began to swing the sword, the sword slipped from his hand before even going above his head.

The sword immediately drops straight down, puncturing the boat floor down to its ring-shaped end.

“What the heck!! Oh no, the boat! the boat is flooding!”

Ian retrieved the sword and trying to plug up the hole, but to no avail, the boat slowly sank and left Ian stranded in the endless sea far from an island out of sight.

Days past and Ian had yet to see an island, with hunger and thirst, Ian slowly dies at sea.

“Freaking sword, why does it have to end like this” Ian finally closes his eyes and floats down.


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