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S.C.S Chapter 21: The First Big Gift Package?

Ian chose a good day to sail the sea. It was a sunny day.

In such a weather, the sky showed a deep blue color, with occasional drifting clouds that embellish the scene. Looking at the boundless sea, and feeling the gentle blow of the sea breeze, it makes people have a relaxed and happy feeling.

As Ian became tired of paddling, he opened the small sails on the fishing boat and let the sea breeze take him forward.

He laid back in the fishing boat, looking at the unknown birds flying in the sky while checking the System.

Actually, choosing to go out to the sea wasn’t only to find a way to cure Kuina, but also because he is now at the bottleneck!

Opening the attribute interface of the System, you can see that Ian’s current level, he is now level 5, this was the experience he has gained from six years of constant practice with Zoro in Frost Moon Village. Taking advantage of Zoro, Ian learned more about using his Nen, and he spent more time training his swordsmanship than Zoro. In that long period, those two have fought a lot, and Ian has won most of the battles.

The reason why the victories were more than defeats was that Zoro was indeed very talented. In these few years, he really began mastering his swordsmanship.

Although at first, he was able to use only the Tora Gari (Tiger Hunting) and Ushi Bari (Bull Needles), Ian did feel the power of the Nen on his swords. Of course, in the words of this world, it was the fluctuation of the Haki. With these two moves, Zoro had gradually taken control of his inner strength, so for a time, even Ian could only match his two strokes. If he was not careful enough, he might be defeated by Zoro.

Zoro’s strength was a little enhanced. When Ian defeated him, he gained a bit more experience. It can be said that Ian has reached the current level, which was completely the contribution of Zoro’s defeat.

However, when Ian reached level 5, he found that even beating Zoro would not give him experience. The System seems unable to gain too much experience on the same opponent.

Frost Moon Village is located on the island where there are no ferocious beasts and so on, which leads to the fact that he could not upgrade his level for two years, which was one of the reasons why he wanted to go out to the sea early two years ago, but he was prevented by Master Koshiro.

It is estimated that in the System, the host Ian was also counted as a card, and according to the number of stars and qualifications, he should now be a one-star green card, which can be seen from the attribute points obtained after his upgrade.

For each level he upgrades, he gains +5 power and +5 speed. When he reached level 5, each one was increased by 20 points.

This may be the qualification question mentioned in the System because when Ian raised the Samanosuke Akechi’s card to Level 5 with his experience book, he found that Samanosuke Akechi’s card, a three-star card, could gain 15 points of strength and speed, 20 points of life and Nen per level of promotion.

This card may be a balanced type, that is, the upgraded attributes have the same increase in strength and speed, which is a good reference for comparison.

Ian also tried to ask the System to see if the host could use the advanced stone to enhance the number of stars and qualifications, but he was told that he could not and needed other special items. As for what special items he need, the System did not tell him.

Though it was a little regrettable, but the System’s answer was good, it gave a little hope to Ian.

According to the 30% ratio, every level of the Samanosuke Akechi’s card can bring him just 5 points of all attributes, so now Ian’s attributes are as follows:

Name: Ian

Level: 5

Doriki (Power Level): 217

Strength: 82 (Base 5 + Upgrades 20 + Cards 35 + Self-Exercise 22)

Speed: 78 (Basic 5+ Upgrades 20+ Cards 35+ Self-Workout 18)

Vitality: 89 (Basic 10+ Upgrades 40+ Cards 39)

Nen (Mind Force): 99 (basic 0 + upgrades 40 + card 39 + Nen-practice 20)


  • [Advanced Swordsmanship]:
  • Swordsmanship speed +30%,
  • Destructive power +30%.
  • Proficiency (10,000,000/10,000,000)
  • [Intermediate Nen practice]:
  • Increase the number of restore per hour of the Nen, current restore value: 5 points.
  • increase the total value of Nen by 25%.
  • Proficiency (6,811/50,000)

Among the two skills that Ian now has, the 10 million proficiency of advanced swordsmanship was already full, but strangely, advanced swordsmanship can no longer be upgraded, which is the so-called bottleneck! Ian knows that there must be a higher level of swordsmanship, but he lacks insight and the opportunity to improve.

However, the Nen practice was accumulated with his daily practice of swordsmanship. It was limited to the amount of the Nen, he could not improve as quickly as his proficiency in swordsmanship. So now, he was only at the intermediate level. However, after the improvement of the practice skills, he can increase the total number of Ian’s Nen values by percentage. This was not a big surprise.

Whether it is advanced swordsmanship or Intermediate Nen practice, these two skills have an impact on Ian’s Doriki value. Otherwise, with his current attribute value, it is impossible to have more than 200 Doriki value.

Of course, it is said that it takes about 500 points to be called Superman. Ian has more than two hundred Doriki values, which seems to be quite low, but this was not the case, because, in the long-term practice of swordsmanship, Ian found a strange thing, that was, when he consumes the Nen to use his flash skills, the value of his power level will change instantaneously!

This change, of course, was rising, and according to the size of the Nen that Ian calls, the increase in the value of the Doriki was also different. For example, if he wraps his 99 Nen points in his sword and hits the Bullet Flash, his Doriki value in this instant get doubled at least!

Because the flash skills are instantaneous, it was difficult for him to observe it carefully. Ian has also found this in an unexpected situation.

After reading his attributes, Ian flipped into the card backpack and looked at the cards he had obtained.

He can draw a free card every 100 days. In the past six years, Ian has drawn twenty-one cards altogether.

Although the odds of such a single draw card are very small, but the number of times is too large, so it can still be done. In this twenty-one draw card, Ian has successively pulled out three complete cards.

It is a good thing to have many cards, but the problem was that those cards were one- star and two-star: Rando (one-star green card, source: Yu Yu Hakusho), Shimura Shinpachi (one-star green card, source: Gintama) Jabu (two-stars blue cards, source: Saint Seiya).

When he drew these cards, Ian was confused. Although he knew that such low-level cards had no value to cultivate. After seeing their attributes and skills, he really understood why he shouldn’t upgrade them.

Even if their basic attributes were too low, they also had only one skill. Rando’s card was still better. He has miniaturized spells (Shrinking Curse). Ian didn’t know what kind of effect does it has. The most thing that made Ian speechless was that Shimura Shinpachi’s card has only one skill: Make complaints!

Also, there is the Unicorn Jabu, who has come from a small universe, was he good or bad? But in the card attributes, unexpectedly it also has the same Nen attribute!

So Ian understood that no matter what kind of cards were drawn from the System, their skills were classified according to the Nen… It seems that in the concept of the System, the Nen has unified the whole universe…

Ian still has a card slot to use, but he doesn’t want to waste it on these cards. The percentage of the bonus is low, and the basic attributes of the cards are so few. Even if these cards were equipped, the attributes bonus obtained is not the same. It’s better to keep it for the first ten consecutive draws and equip a four-star orange card.

After drifting for a long time in the sea, Ian was hungry, so he climbed up and opened his package.

This parcel was a gift for Ian. There were a few clothes in it. Besides, there were some dry food enough for three days. Ian listened to Uncle Hull in the village, which told him that it would take him 3 days to get to the nearest island by boat, so he prepared this dry food.

Taking out the dry food and a bottle of water, Ian sat on the boat and ate, but at this time, he found a small cloth bag in his package.

He remembered that he hadn’t put it in the package, so curiously, he picked it up and opened it.

What didn’t Ian expect was that this cloth bag turned out to be full with a stack of green bills and a white envelope.

Ian counted the amount of money and found that they were a total of 20,000 Berries. It was the first time that he had received so much money in his hand. Then he opened the envelope. Sure enough, there was a letter left by Master Koshiro!

Although he did not come to see him off, Master Koshiro still kept thinking about him all the time. These 20,000 Berries were all the current savings of Master Koshiro, and he gave them all to Ian for his journey.

Ian was full of warmth. Although 20,000 Berries was not much, what it represents is Master Koshiro’s concern for him.

Just as Ian sighed, he suddenly heard the voice coming from the System in his mind.

“Money detected, does the host want to recharge? With the first recharge, you can get the first big gift bag!”


Ian got surprised, and immediately said: “Recharge using all 20,000 Berries!”

The System replied: “You have 2 card draws available, would you like to draw cards?”

Ian was excited and said, “System, draw a card.”

Ian received a card, but when he saw what it says, “Self-Destruct Button.”

Ian immediately panicked when the card suddenly self-activated, and he shouted: “How did I get a Yu-gi-oh card and why this card!”

“BOOM!” Ian was blown to pieces, and the story ends in tragedy.

(T/N: I asked my editor, “why do you him dead so badly?” He told me that he was so mad because of these cliffhangers XD “Death to cliffhanger” he said) ^-^