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S.C.S Chapter 294: Future supernovae

For three consecutive days after Ian’s departure, luck was in his side and the weather was nice all the time, but on the fourth day, he encountered a huge storm.

No matter where he was, in the New World or Paradise, it’s the same, the changeable climate makes it impossible to have a smooth sailing trip, but fortunately, Ian’s sailing experience has grown to a respectable level during his journey. So, in the face of this storm, he didn’t let the ship sail rashly, but chose to stay in the same place and fight against the storm.

The reason for doing so was that when the storm is raging, it is impossible to identify directions. Moving forward in this climate can easily lead to losing course, and with Ian’s small boat, even if the wind and waves were very strong, he has to do his best to stabilize the boat and drift with the flow. The stormy weather usually comes and goes quickly, as long as he survives this short period, he will be fine.

However, it’s certain that he was drenched in water. Fortunately, Ian had already anticipated this situation when he first printed the inscription, so the material used was waterproof. Otherwise, the rubbing inscription would turn to a mess, and then, he should go back…! (T/N: mission failed successfully!)

After the raging storm, the weather was clear as daylight. Ian looked at the sun and re-identified the direction, Ian hung his wet clothes on the boat to dry, stripped himself, and stood on the boat, controlling it…

Ever since, Ian has experienced a new level of coldness… the sea wind blowing his poor two “eggs” made him feel shameful and excited at the same time! Fortunately, on the sea, as long as he doesn’t encounter other ships, no one will know…

Before leaving the island, he had already seen a map. The Travolta island is close to the northern Calm Belt, about a week’s journey, and he chose to go in this direction.

And from this direction all the way out, cross the Calm Belt, he will find himself in the North Blue!

Why not the East Blue? Because Ian is now in the New World!

Because of the special geographical conditions, Ian went through the Reverse Mountain from East Blue and then entered the Grand Line. In fact, he just took a turning back, which means that the first half of the Grand Line was sandwiched between East Blue and South Blue. If Ian was still in the first half of the Grand Line, he can go straight back to East Blue from the Calm Belt at any time.

But unfortunately, he has now crossed Red Line into the New World. Then he can only go out to the North Blue or West Blue from the Calm Belt.

Of course, there is another way, that is, he returns to the Red Line, either through the Fishman Island in the seabed, passing underneath, going back to Sabaody Archipelago, then crossing the Calm Belt, or from above, going past Marijoa and return to the first half of the Grand Line.

However, it is very dangerous to take the Fishman Island path. Ian doesn’t know where to coat his boat. He has the impression that only the resin produced by Sabaody Archipelago can resist the huge pressure of the seafloor, so this path seemed to be a one-way route…

As for crossing the Red Line and going to Marijoa… Haha, forget it! Ian estimates that even if he is Shichibukai now, he should be forbidden from being near Marijoa. Because he has a criminal record of killing a Celestial Dragon, if Ian reappears there, he may be “escorted” by the three Admirals!

Ian didn’t want to get into so much trouble now, so he went straight to North Blue, because the North Blue also had a road connected to the Reverse Mountain, from which he can return to East Blue.

Men… they all have an adventurous minds. Ian also wants to see the scenery of other oceans…


About 20 days after Ian went to sea, a pirate ship was floating on the sea near Lvneel kingdom in the North Blue.

The Pirate Ship was slowly sinking, its hull was full of damage marks, and it was dumping from the right side. However, although the ship was sinking, the sailors on board weren’t trying to rescue themselves or the ship. For no other reason, all the people on this pirate ship are dead.

The corpses were scattered all over the deck and cabin, and the ship was still filled with the smell of gunpowder. Obviously, this pirate ship had just experienced a brutal battle, and unfortunately, it was from the losing side.

Not far from the sinking ship, there was another large Pirate Ship, and they were the winners of the battle.

As the victorious side, the pirate ship was full of busy people, they were counting the spoils and seized supplies, at the same time, repairing the damaged parts of the ship and rescuing the wounded.

On this Pirate Ship, a black pirate flag was fluttering. The pattern on it had an iron cross as background, and in the middle of the iron cross was a strange face that looks somewhat terrifying.

The pirates on board, in their spare time, could not help but raise their heads to look at this pirate flag with proud expressions on their faces.

Because their pirate group was one of the three most famous groups newly emerged in the North Blue! Their captain was wanted with a bounty of 149 million Berries, who was known as the magician, Basil Hawkins!

That’s right, This group was the Hawkins Pirates.

The Hawkins Pirates just defeated a pirate group who wanted to challenge them over the sea. The battle ended quickly. The Hawkins Pirate Group easily crushed the opponent and eliminated the whole Pirate Group.

The crew was sorting out the harvest, while Basil Hawkins, the captain and head of the Pirate Group, was sitting on the deck, holding tarot cards in his hand.

Hawkins has long golden hair, and his most prominent mark is the tattoo pattern on his forehead, which looks like a barcode. Several cards have been placed in front of him and were flipped over.

“Weird!” Hawkins looked at the results of the divination on the card and whispered in a low voice: “In the previous divination, the survival rate of our pirate group was 50%, but now after the battle, this probability still remains the same!”

Some doubtful words came out of his mouth, but his expression did not change in any way. He always gave people the feeling that he has facial paralysis.

Next to him, the members of the Hawkins Pirates naturally knew their captain’s divination ability. So Hearing this, they looked at each other in dismay and said: “Captain, could it be that the pirates that just fought us weren’t our real enemy.”

“That’s the only way to understand it!” Hawkins picked up a card and put it in front of him to observe the situation. “According to the results of divination, there is a 50% chance that all the members of our Pirate Group will die… this indicates that our real enemy is very powerful! The chances between survival and death depend on our decision!”

“A very powerful enemy?” After hearing this, members of Hawkins pirate group were surprised and said, “Could it be Trafalgar Law’s group, the Heart Pirates, or the Drake pirate? Will we encounter one of them!?”

The Hawkins Pirates, the Heart Pirates, and the Drake Pirates are the three most active groups in North Blue in recent times. They have not yet entered the Grand Line. The captains of these three groups have already passed the 100 million bounty level.

Unlike the pirates with tens of millions bounties in the East Blue, the activities of pirates in the other three blues are very rampant, so the rewards of these pirates are naturally much higher.

But nowadays, there are only the captains of these three groups with a bounty of over 100 million.

These three pirate groups represent the three strongest forces of North Blue, but it is hard to tell who can crush whom among the three.

So for his crew, Hawkins is noncommittal.

He stared at the tarot card in his hand. On that card, there was a compass pattern. In divination, this meant that the enemy came from the south. So Hawkins got up and went to the side of the boat and looked in the south direction.

“What can we find in this direction?” Hawkins asked his sailors.

The sailors were stunned for a moment, and then replied: “Captain, you have forgotten that the Lvneel Kingdom is the closest country to the Calm Belt, and to the south of it, we will enter the Calm Belt…”

“Calm Belt? The Grand Line?” Hawkins thoughtfully said: “The Grand Line that is extolled by the world, the place where Roger buried his treasure, maybe we should go there and have a look…”

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