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S.C.S Chapter 296: Worthy Opponent

Ian has lost his raft, so he has to find a new way to travel.

He found that he seemed to be under some kind of curse. When he travels alone, he usually tags along with any kind of people or steals their vessel!

Merchant ships, Battleships, Ace’s boat, Whitebeard’s ship, etc… If Ace is a “dine and dash” maniac, then Ian is a cheap-traveling lunatic! Because every time he took a boat trip, he didn’t seem to pay any money! At this point, he and Ace are like twins…

And now, Ian has already accepted his fate. He decided not to break his tradition of not paying a penny for traveling, give Hawkins a blank face and take his boat!

However, the members of Hawkins pirates obviously didn’t understand Ian’s difficulties… After hearing what Ian said, the Hawkins Pirates suddenly clamored.

“What do you mean!? Going to seize our ship!?”

“Damn you kid, who do you think you are! Don’t think that killing a Sea King is a big deal!”

These rude pirates have relatively shallow knowledge, they haven’t realized what kind of person Ian was, the guy who crossed through the Calm Belt. They just felt that the majesty of their group has been provoked!

Ian also knows that these guys aren’t that fierce, they were just a bunch of followers, so he didn’t care much about them, and just looked at Hawkins with a smile.

Ian and Koshiro have been together for a long time, so his silly smile was so similar to his Sensei, which looks harmless to all creatures.

However, without knowing why, Hawkins felt that Ian’s smile was very dangerous.

Although he looked at Ian blankly, his mind was desperately reminiscing the facial expressions of various characters, trying to find Ian’s appearance, in order to figure out this guy’s identity.

But unfortunately, Ian came up swimming from the sea, so he didn’t wear his sleeveless windbreaker or the iconic bear-ears hat, so for a while, Hawkins couldn’t find a match for Ian’s face.

No way, people’s memories are usually short-lived, and there are few faces that can never be forgotten.

Hawkins could not recognize Ian. With his usual personality, he might have directly thrown Ian into the sea, however, because of Hawkins’ prophecy, he seemed a lot more cautious dealing with Ian.

There are many explanations for this divination result. It is possible that such probability is related to Hawkins’ decisions, but also to Ian’s thoughts. Hawkins’ choice of cooperation or not, Ian’s mood being mad or easygoing, would for sure affect the final outcome.

This kind of divination is the most nerve-wracking.

To become one of the supernovae in the future, Hawkins has sufficient shrewdness. He quietly asked Ian: “What do you mean by requisition, do you want to take over my ship?”

“Not really!” Ian said: “Who expected that I would meet your pirate group as soon as I arrive to the North Blue, I simply want a ship to go to the Reverse Mountain. If you cooperate, it is just expropriation. If you don’t collaborate, it’s a robbery!”

Hawkins shook his head and said, “I am the captain of this group. I have the final say, and it is not a big deal to send you to your destination. But if a person comes up with such words and wants to use my ship, wouldn’t that be too much to ask for, plus belittling me!?”

Pirates will always be pirates, people with arrogance and pride. Although Hawkins was not sure about who this guy is, he is still the captain with a bounty of over 100 million. Of course, it’s illogical for him to obey a few words of a mysterious person… Even if the opponent came from the Grand Line?

Ian touched his chin and said with great interest: “Oh? So what do you mean?!”

“It’s very simple…! Devil Conquering Phase!” Hawkins’ face suddenly turned into a ghostly Scarecrow face, and his body grew taller and covered with a large amount of straw, with long metal nails serving as claws.

At the same time as the transformation was completed, his hand has been violently slammed towards Ian, and the sharp nails cutting through the air blew a loud whistling sound.

Seeing Hawkins starting a fight, the members of his Pirate Group immediately stepped back to make an open space. However, they were also a little surprised. Hawkins rarely used this demonic transformation in battles, his swordsmanship was good enough for most fights. When they encountered the previous enemy, he just used his straw sword to deal with them. They didn’t expect that their leader would be this serious facing this young man. When Ian came aboard, Hawkins used his trump card immediately.

“Wow!” Ian jumped back, dodged Hawkins’s attack, and said with astonishment: “Would you at least inform me before starting the fight?”

“Sooner or later, my Pirate Group will also set foot on the Grand Line!” Hawkins’s voice, because of his transformation, seemed to have a hollow feeling, saying: “Since we meet here, then let me see if the Grand Line is that terrible!”

Upon hearing this, Ian couldn’t help but laugh a bit. He was in a situation just like when Mihawk met Krieg, and was used as a sharpening stone!

The difference is that when Krieg encountered Mihawk led to the destruction of his whole fleet, so what would happen to the Hawkins Pirates now?

Shaking his head, Ian didn’t even pull out his sword, the Senbonzakura was still sheathed in his hand, then directly blocked Hawkins’ swipe.

“Yo, a respectable amount of strength!” Ian stood up and couldn’t help but be a little surprised. He didn’t expect Hawkins to transform into such a big scarecrow, and it wasn’t an illusion… With this swing, his body swayed!

Hawkins didn’t speak, and launched several blows one after another. Ian became a little more serious, and kept blocking the upcoming attacks.

However, at this time, Hawkins opened his mouth violently, and spit out a sword from his mouth at Ian!

This is the Western sword that he was carrying at his waist. After the transformation of his body, he hid it in his body and spit it out of his mouth to attack his enemy.

Hawkins thought it would hurt at least Ian, but unexpectedly, at the moment his sword was spat out, a sudden burst of light flashed in front of him!

Ian immediately sliced Hawkins’ sword in two as soon as it came out, then his foot turned black with Busoshoku Kōka, kicking the side of Hawkins’ waist…

Bang! Under the huge strength, Hawkins was ejected to the side, got slammed into the cabin, knocking out a large hole in it…

At the same time, on the streets of the Lvneel Kingdom, a man with a pirate appearance was talking and laughing with his companions, then suddenly a burst of force came out of thin air and stroke his waist, making him fly out horizontally and smashing the glass window of the nearby shop.

His companions watched this scene dumbfounded, after a moment of silence, they weren’t able to understand what had happened…

On the boat, Hawkins quickly crawled out of the hole, looking completely fine.

Ian was a little surprised. He wasn’t that great at martial arts, but during this time, he has also replaced his equipped card with some King of Fighters cards such as Robert Garcia and Yuri Sakazaki, plus his current strength reached a great level. So for this sidekick, the impact of a few hundred kilograms was absolutely certain, but its result didn’t hurt him at all!?

Just as Ian wondered if his transformation to a scarecrow could cushion the damage, he saw a strange voodoo doll crawling out of Hawkins’ Scarecrow arm and falling to the ground. The voodoo doll’s waist was smashed.

For a moment, Ian realized that Hawkins’ strange Devil Fruit Ability seemed to allow him to use voodoo dolls as puppets to transfer damage.

Hawkins took advantage of his temporary immortality, and pounced on him fiercely again.

However, he never thought that Ian would be even more excited than himself at the moment!

How many dolls for damage transferring does he have, five, ten or more? Ian didn’t know that, but he was sure about only one thing, which was that Hawkins could definitely withstand a lot of blows.

“Hell Yeah! Finally, I’ve found someone who can resist my combo!”

Ian thought so while countering Hawkins’ attacks, just then the latter made a wrong step, and instantly got crossed with a slash, cutting through his waist.

However, strangely, a large Japanese card known as Hanafuda (Flower Cards) appeared at Hawkins’ waist, when he was slashed, then it dissipated immediately with a clean-cut in its middle.

This was not over yet, Ian, who had just rushed past Hawkins, turned back again very quickly, and kept on attacking…!

Ian sliced Hawkins back and forth four times! Each time he lands a blow, the illusion of the large Japanese card was repeated.

That’s right (for those who guess it)! This is a new four-star card that Ian has just recently drawn, Genjuro Kibagami from Samurai Shodown world, and Ian just used his special move: Cherry Blossom Slice!

After the four cuts, Ian, with a sudden rotation of his upper body, swung his sword up, and the blade picked up a purple aura!

Lightning Wings!

Hawkins’ entire body was lifted up by the strong blow!

Still, this isn’t over yet. Ian lowered his sword, holding it with his left hand, then raised his right one… A huge spike ball of purple flame slid against the deck towards the falling Hawkins, at the moment he just landed, the flaming spike stroke him (Well calculated!), and exploded! A torrential cloud of flames soared into the sky, and Hawkins’ body remained as it was when he was falling, floating in place motionless…

This is the first time that Ian used “Yami Barai” with the exclusive treasure Yasakani Jewel! Bathing in the purple Flame, Hawkins felt that time has been completely stopped!

At that moment, Ian held his sword with both hands, leaned down and slid forward beside Hawkins who was sealed by Flame. As soon as he reached the opponent, the Senbonzakura in his hands started cleaving Hawkins repeatedly!

Climax Super Special Move!!!! Forbidden Method 1218: Eight-Span Crow! Yatagarasu!

After slicing Hawkins, time finally began to flow again, but he was unable to resist any of the blows because he was caught by the Forbidden Move. Ian’s blade was so fast, so swift, there was no delay between attacks. After the seven consecutive strikes fell on Hawkins, Ian slammed Hawkins with the hilt.

Bang! Purple flame exploded from the handle, blowing Hawkins’ entire body back and launching him away!

…Not over yet, Ian roared wildly, holding the Katana in both hands and swiped it from the front left! The Senbonzakura slashed Hawkins, then another blow came from the right!

With that done, the blade in Ian’s hand was thrust into the deck!

Ura 316 Shiki • Saika!

When the blade was inserted, a pillar of flames burst into the sky from the sword’s position. The column of fire directly engulfed Hawkins’ body and pushed him high again!

“Lightning Attack Spear!” A flash of lightning was ejected from his forehead in an instant, brightening the whole place, directly penetrating Hawkins in the air!

Hawkins’ body, being hit by these successive blows, directly flew out of his ship, towards the sea.

However, when his body just touched the sea surface, a dark cloud appeared in the sky at an unknown time, and a sudden huge thunderstruck hit him again!

Misaka Mikoto’s secret ability, the last thunder!

Too noisy! The thunder and lightning of the dark clouds fell on his poor body one after another, smashing the sea, causing a strong electro-optical light on the surrounding water, shining for a long time, and then it dissipated…

The members of the Hawkins pirate group were stunned when Ian finished all his moves, his whole combo. They didn’t expect that the young man in front of him would be this terrifying when he came aboard!

After Ian’s last falling thunder dissipated, the electric light that entwined him slowly lavished.

He took a long and deep breath and said comfortably: “Hooh! That feels refreshing…! You can go now and pull up your captain!”

Ian knows that Hawkins might still be alive. He has a magical ability to transfer damage. He was almost immortal. He just fell into the sea, so he should be powerless by now, due to the curse of all devil fruits. In other words, even the continuous lightning strikes that fell on him by the last thunder probably did not kill him!

This is the first time Ian has encountered such a wonderful sandbag. This time, the combo used by mixing several card skills really made him feel alive!

Yeah, he used such a combo on Vergo in the past, but the outcome of that combo killed him directly. Since then, no one has been able to make him have a great time and act so incisively and vividly…

So Ian felt that Hawkins better not die on him now…

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