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S.C.S Chapter 301: Fighting Sanji

Not too much after, Sanji started serving Ian.

Ian looked at the dishes on the table and found that they were really exquisite. The amount of food wasn’t that much, but it seemed that every dish was neatly cooked. Just by looking at the presentation, it felt very appetizing!

After Sanji finished serving, he turned around and was about to leave, but Ian stopped him again.

“Dude… your food is already on the table, what else do you want?” Sanji said with an annoyed tone, because he wanted to go and talk with the lady in the bohemian dress.

“Why the hurry!” Ian wrapped the napkin around and said, “Don’t you want to hear my comments on your dishes?”

“No need!” Sanji confidently held the cigarette in his hands, spitting out a puff of smoke, and said. “I am Baratie’s best chef!”

However, before Ian could answer, a large man with thick arms wearing a white apron suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He pointed to Sanji with an unhappy face and said: “Hey, hey, Did I hear you right? There seemed to be someone claiming that he is Baratie’s best chef!?”

Sanji bit his cigarette filter, and he looked at the big man with a disgusted expression: “Patty! You bastard, why did you come out from the kitchen?”

Yup, this big man is Patty, one of the Pirate chefs in the Baratie restaurant. He slammed his head against Sanji’s and pointed at him: “You’re a God Damn liar, I’m the best cook in Baratie! How could a pervert cook, who loses his mind when he sees a woman, be compared with me, the chief Patty!”

Many guests in the restaurant, as well as other chefs and waiters, watched the two quarrel. This was the daily routine of the Baratie restaurant. No one would understand what’s going on if they didn’t come to eat here often.

Ian was a little speechless as the two arguing right in front of his dining table, however, he had to focus on his food…

‘Why don’t you two quarrel somewhere else, I need to enter the Zone with this food…!’ Ian thought so and began to eat.

Ian’s eyes brightened as soon as the food was delivered. It has to be said that the dishes made by Sanji looked astonishing. The dried cheese Basil was rich in flavor, which makes people salivate… the steak was very tender and smooth. The sauce also blended well with the aroma. The fresh cream mushroom soup was great but not greasy, however, after drinking it, Ian’s mouth and stomach were so pleased. As for the seafood fried rice, it was the highlight. The flavor of seafood has been integrated into every grain of rice, and every bite was so rich and delicious.

If in the beginning, Ian wanted to compare the cooking skills of Sanji and Matthew, then as soon as the food was tested, he forgot everything and everyone, just repeating one word, eat, eat, EAT, EAT!

It was the most enjoyable meal that Ian had ever eaten.

He found that Matthew and Sanji’s cooking skills were on a close level, eating this magnificent meal, he felt as if he was still on the boat of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

In general, Ian soon finished his order. At last, he had a feeling that he wanted to order something more. However, when he looked up, he found that Sanji and Patty were still fighting.

‘Well, in that case, forget it!’ Ian patted his stomach, then suddenly his face changed!

“Sh!t!” Ian suddenly remembered something… he has no money! (T/N: it’s time to pull up Ace’s trick!!! and Fk u Greycat xD)

Originally, as the captain, Ian was in charge of the finances of the Dragon Hunter Pirates. Recently, the income of the Dragon hunters was very stable. Although he handed over the business to Fujitora, he still came out with a lot of cash.

But the issue here is that when crossing the Calm Belt, Ian’s baggage was lost because his “Friendship” raft was capsized. He didn’t pay attention to this problem until this moment, he just remembered to protect the rubbings inscription of the Poneglyph.

When he swam out of the Calm Belt to the North Blue, he met Hawkins’ group. Then by tagging along with them, they provided everything and he didn’t need to spend money. As a result, Ian forgot to ask Hawkins for some money after taking some food and the boat!

‘Crap! Am I getting infected by Ace’s typical move, Dine and Dash, is this going to be my first time…?’

Just as Ian was thinking this way and looking uncertain, Sanji and Patty nearby ended the quarrel at this moment.

Patty disdainfully said to Sanji: “I’ve always said that customers come first… Watch how I treat them!”

With that said, he turned his head and held both hands together, revealing a charming smile, and said to Ian: “My beloved guest, are you satisfied with the food? Thanks for your patronage, your total is 84,000 Berries! I’ll take 90,000 Berries, and that would be appreciated!”

‘Well, yeah, fck… is this Karma or what! Just when I remembered that I’m not carrying money, he turned around and asked me to pay the bill, is it because I’m a pirate, did they expect that I will run away without paying?’

Ian didn’t know if Patty had noticed his unease expression, but he was indeed embarrassed.

“Euh, there is…” Ian didn’t know what to say.

Seeing Ian like this, Patty’s originally charming face suddenly changed. He slammed his hand on the table and said to Ian in a rough tone. “You… you don’t have any money with you, do you?”

“Ah, I don’t have any money with me right now!” Ian spoke frankly.

Pop! With a loud noise, Patty slammed his furry hand again on the table, and shouted at Ian: “You turned out to be a pauper!? How dare you come here to eat free food!?”

With his loud roar, there was a clatter in the restaurant, and several chefs armed with kitchen knives came out. Although these chefs were wearing cook’s clothes, they all looked fierce and quickly surrounded Ian.

Ian didn’t know whether to cry or laugh… In fact, he had done two “Dine and Dash”, but they were all with Ace, and at that time, none of them had money, so he could only follow Ace and ran away, but now he is alone, and he is surrounded by a group of armed chefs.

It is estimated that the Baratie restaurant has often encountered these situations, because most of their customers were pirates. Patty and the others were very skilled in dealing with such situations. After they surround Ian, Patty yelled: “Beat him! I’m tired of these scumbags who come to Baratie, thinking that they can have free meals!”

So the next second, all the chefs, holding various knives, snapped at Ian.

Ian was at a loss, of course, he couldn’t hurt them… this was his fault after all! So holding Senbonzakura’s scabbard, he blocked every attack coming his way… Baratie chefs might be strong enough to deal with East Blue’s Pirates, but things are different against Ian.

Ian waved the scabbard with ease, and said while blocking: “Wait, wait! I heard that…”

However, the chefs simply ignored him and continued charging on him. Patty waved a pan, and slammed towards Ian’s face.

After being attacked a few times, Ian was a little annoyed… so he stopped resisting with the scabbard, and pulled out the Senbonzakura.

“Glancing Blade · New Moon!”

Ian, holding the sword in both hands, waved the blade violently, drawing multiple arcs above him… The hazy light of the blade suddenly turned into a curved moon in the air. All of the weapons of Patty and his friends were caught by his move!

This is a special technique of Moriya Minakata, the crescent formed by the blade’s light disappeared in a flash, then Ian’s sword was retracted into its sheath, and with Ian’s withdrawal, the kitchen knives, rolling pins, and pans in the hands of the chefs all broke into pieces and fell to the ground!

Seeing this scene, Patty’s movements stopped immediately, staring blankly at the remains of the weapon left in his hand, and he didn’t know what to say.

Ian watched them stop attacking, breathed a sigh of relief, and just wanted to say something, but at this moment, a whistling sound came from his rear, which gave Ian’s heart a strong pulse, then he raised his hand and slashed with the scabbard!

Bang! A burst of a huge force came, and a leather shoe kicked Ian’s scabbard!

Ian’s hand started shaking, feeling a slight numb! When he looked around, he found that it was Sanji. With his hands in his pockets and a cigarette in his mouth, he kicked Ian’s scabbard with one leg.

Sanji rose his eyebrows, and said to Ian with a sullen face: “Not only did you plan to eat free meals, but you also dared to make me cook for you?”

At first, when Patty and the others attacked Ian, Sanji didn’t make a move! However, he didn’t expect that this guy would be able to cut the weapons of his colleagues with just one shot. Knowing that Ian might be a fierce pirate, Sanji didn’t take care much, and kicked him directly.

Although Patty and Sanji often quarrel and scold each other, the bond between these bastards was so strong… The owner of Baratie restaurant, Red-Leg Zeff, was originally a pirate, and after he opened this restaurant, he took in many of his previous pirates and gave them a home.

Therefore, whether it was Sanji or Patty, they were all brothers, and they will be united when facing an enemy.

Compared with Patty, a guy who likes to use his fists, Sanji mastered a kick-based martial art.

After discovering that Ian had blocked his kick, Sanji retracted his leg, changed posture by raising a leg high and using the other as support, then with a tomahawk-style slash, he attacked Ian again!

Ian didn’t want to receive the upcoming blow. So, with a side flash, he let Sanji’s kick land. He immediately smashed the dining table behind Ian, breaking it to pieces. In the middle of the flying sawdust, Sanji turned sideways violently, raised his heel towards Ian’s chin with a backward kick.

“There’s no end to this!?” Ian became frustrated: “Give me a chance to speak!”

At the moment when Sanji’s kick was about to land, Ian lifted the scabbard violently, blocked the upcoming blow, and then lurched forward, instantly appeared beside Sanji. The Senbonzakura in his hand was pulled halfway out of its sheath and slammed Sanji’s belly with the handle!

The strike was quick and fierce, and Sanji was hit so hard that his eyes almost bulged out. He covered his stomach and stepped back for several feet.

When Patty and the others saw that even Sanji had suffered a loss, they immediately rushed up together, trying to take advantage of their number to hold Ian to the ground.

However, at this time, a sharp voice suddenly came, saying: “Bastards! What are you doing!?”

A man with a tall chef’s hat, a thick beard on his chin and a long braided mustache, and a steel peg leg, appeared ahead. He crossed his hands and looked at the crowd. He was the one who let out this loud roar…

Perhaps the fuss they made in the restaurant was too loud that the Red-Leg Zeff, the owner of the Baratie restaurant, finally came out.

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