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S.C.S Chapter 300: Restaurant

In accordance with Ian’s expectations, he would be able to return to Frostmoon Village in about a week.

However, people intend, but Heaven disposes… On the next day, the East Blue has been in continuous rainy weather for two days.

Although the wind and waves were not that furious, dark clouds covered the Sun, which was Ian’s reference to identify directions, coupled with the disorderly wind… so when the weather had finally cleared up on the fourth day, Ian suddenly found that he was blown off course!

It was so hard for him to distinguish directions in a boundless sea without a reference! Ian was not a great navigator, therefore, such a situation could easily occur when sailing alone.

As a last resort, Ian could only readjust his direction, but in this way, the food he brought from the Hawkins’ ship won’t be enough.

Just as Ian was thinking about whether to take out his fishing rod to catch some fish, suddenly a black shadow appeared on the sea far away, which seemed to be a ship.

Ian immediately got relieved, it’s easier to handle dealing with a boat in this area than bothering himself with a trivial matter, so food shouldn’t be a problem anymore!

Thus, he quickly rowed his boat, and drove in the direction of the shadow.

However, after getting closer, Ian looked at the boat in front of him with astonishment.

It was indeed a sailing boat, but the problem was that it’s not a Pirate Ship as he imagined.

If he encounters pirates, then Ian wouldn’t have any scruples looting anything he wants, but the ship ahead looks so familiar!

This is a large ship with a big fish head, a rounded hull, and multiple levels. Around it, there were other parked ships, including pirate ships and merchant ships.

This is the Sea Restaurant Baratie!!!

How did I deviate from my route this much and come here!? Ian looked at the ship with a tilted head.

After getting close, Ian faintly smelled the scent of food wafting out of Baratie, which immediately made his stomach growl, and his mouth began to secrete saliva.

Baratie is East Blue’s most famous Sea Restaurant. The food prepared by the chefs there must be quite delicious. It’s no wonder that just smelling the fragrance can arouse Ian’s appetite.

‘Heck yeah, since it happens to appear near me, I must stop here and treat myself!’

As a result, Ian could not help rowing the boat toward Baratie and went over to an empty space. After parking the boat, Ian climbed the ladder on the side and walked up to the third floor.

As soon as he entered, Ian heard a piece of melodious music, which was very close to soft jazz. At this moment, there were a lot of customers in the restaurant, and each one of them looked very gentle and elegant. In front of them were plates of exquisite food, and they were talking and laughing while eating.

At first glance, he saw a restaurant with a petty-bourgeois style.

Ian thought about it as he walked in, but at this time, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

This man, wearing a black suit, but his collar was open, with a cigarette in his mouth, showing prodigal scorn. Ian looked up at the other person’s face to find that he has a golden head, PLUS spiral eyebrows.

Isn’t it Sanji?

Although he discovered that it was the Sea Restaurant Baratie, Ian had a hunch that he could see Sanji around, but when Sanji appeared in front of him, he still fell into a trance. He didn’t expect Sanji, the guy with his weird eyebrow, to be the first person he meets when arriving to the East Blue…

With this in mind, Ian couldn’t help but stare at Sanji’s eyebrows for a long time, but then he felt a little dizzy…

‘Damn, I have a strong urge to rub my eyes! The legend turned out to be true. Sanji’s eyebrows get hypnotic after staring at them for a long time!’

After Ian stared at his brow for a while, he felt nausea. Sanji couldn’t help but have a burst of blue veins appear on his forehead. With a cigarette in his mouth, and his hands in his pockets, he slightly bent over to reach Ian, and said in a harsh tone: “Hey you… You are a pirate, right?”

Ian came back to his senses, looked at him, giggled, and said, “I think so.”

At this time, Sanji was still very young and immature (T/N: was he ever mature!?). He doesn’t have that sexy beard on his chin. That’s why Ian laughed, because he felt that even now, Sanji is still a scumbag.

Sanji looked up and down at Ian, paused for a moment on the scabbard around his waist, and then asked, “Since you are a pirate, do you understand the rules? Or this is your first time here?”

“I’m a newcomer, what are the rules?” Ian smiled as he lifted his leg to walk inside.

However, Sanji stopped Ian and said: “It’s OK to eat here, but remember, don’t make trouble!”

Ian looked inside the restaurant, and found that there were indeed a group of pirate-like guys sitting in the corner, but similarly, far away from them, there were several marines dining. The two groups were in the same room, and they seemed to be in peace.

So Ian nodded and said, “I see… Take me in.”

Sanji looked behind Ian, sensing that something is wrong: “Are you here alone?”

“Yeah, why!?” Ian asked him back.

‘Enough of this nonsense!’ Sanji could only reach out to welcome Ian in.

However, it can be seen that Baratie still has a precaution against pirates. After Sanji brought Ian in, he placed him in a corner, while those sitting in the middle, the best location, all looked like gorgeously dressed rich people.

Ian also understood that restaurants like this are often the best targets for pirates to rob. Moreover, most of the pirates are very rude, and restaurants are afraid to disturb others’ diners, so it’s normal to arrange them in the corner.

“What would you like to eat?” After Sanji arranged a place for Ian, with a pen and paper in his hand, he asked Ian and informed him that he was the chef and waiter at the same time. It looks like the restaurant was so crowded, so he also had to come out to greet the guests.

‘You didn’t even give me a menu, how will I make my order?’ Ian looked at Sanji silently, and said, “What do you recommend?”

“Mushroom soup with cream, basil with cheese and our lobsters are very fresh… Would you like a portion?” Sanji asked him with the cigarette in his mouth.

“Let’s have them all!” Ian said, “And some more delicious food that can fill my stomach!”

At this time, a beautiful lady in a bohemian dress at the middle waved to Sanji and said, “Waiter!”

So the next instant, Sanji turned around and rushed quickly with rotating legs to this beautiful woman, his eyes transformed to peachy hearts… He stroked his chest very courteously, saying: “Hii! What can I do for you, beautiful lady?”

Ian opened his mouth wide, looking at the pervert. He had the urge to kick his A$$… ‘the Heck! I haven’t finished ordering, and yet…!? huuuh!’

Watching Sanji getting fascinated by the lady, Ian didn’t know what to say… This erotic chef, as soon as he saw the beautiful woman, forgot everything. Unless Ian stands up for himself and makes a scene, otherwise, don’t expect Sanji to turn around and carry his order…

However, Ian was unwilling to do so, and he can only wait… but looking at Sanji’s back, he can’t help but think about his chef Matthew! He doesn’t know which one is a better cook, after all, he thinks Matthew’s dishes are quite delicious.

Frankly speaking, Matthew was a royal chef!

‘Well, this will be decided later, now I have to wait for Sanji’s serve, then I will make my mind… but I don’t know if he is willing to cook for me…’

Fortunately, Sanji finally finished talking with the lady and returned it to Ian’s table.

In the face of a man, this stinky guy would always appear with a dull expression. He didn’t even finish his advice for the customer, he just wrote down the order without looking him in the eyes: “Okay, let’s add a seafood fried rice and steak!”

Seeing that this guy wants to slip away again, Ian quickly stopped him, and said with a smile: “You are also a chef on this restaurant, right? Can you cook my food!?”

Sanji looked up at Ian and said, “I’m working as a waiter now, we have many skilled chefs onboard!”

“I just want my orders to be cooked by you!” Ian tapped on the table with his fingers: “What, your restaurant can’t satisfy the customers’ requirements?”

Sanji gave Ian a strange look, but in the end, he nodded and said: “Alright, but you must wait!”

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