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S.C.S Chapter 299: Choosing One Purpose

The tarot cards used by Hawkins are not the ones Ian remembers. In fact, the so-called tarot cards are just a symbolic image System. Different fortune-tellers may use different cards.

Looking at the cards spread all over the floor in front of him, Ian didn’t directly select one of them, but first thought about his own purpose.

When he came out this time, he was not only going to find Nico Robin to interpret the Poneglyph text he had obtained, but also wanted to go back to the East Blue to see Master Koshiro, Zoro, and Kuina.

However, he does not want to reveal his purpose. Although the identity chip has been retrieved by the Celestial Dragons, no one knows whether they will pursue his crime of killing the silly son of the Mjosgard family. Therefore, Ian didn’t want people to know that he’s returning to the East Blue, that why he planned the trip quietly.

So, let’s predict the fate of Alabasta first!

Thinking of it, Ian looked at the cards on the ground, and then selected one.

Turning the card over and looking at it, the picture on it was a pattern in which two people are shaking hands. Of the two people, one had a pale face and the other had a dark face, however, even though they were shaking hands, he two hid two daggers behind their backs.

This card is called “white and black fraud”!

Ian couldn’t understand the meaning of this card, so he handed it to Hawkins.

Hawkins took a look at it and explained: “It seems that your trip will not be too smooth!”

“Oh?” Ian asked curiously. “How is that?”

“Because you may not meet the person you want to see!” Hawkins said: “Even if you find him, the other party may not cooperate with you, he may refuse to help you, or trick you!”

Ian frowned, what does this mean? What I was thinking about was going to Alabasta and find Robin, but from what Hawkins said, I may not find her? Or even if I do, Robin won’t tell him what he needs to know?

Robin for sure could read the Poneglyphs, but if she refuses to help him, or simply tells him a false story, then he won’t be able to tell the difference.

This is bad, what if Hawkins’ divination is really accurate, what should I do if this happens?

Is there anything sensitive about the Poneglyph I found? Otherwise, if it is an ordinary Poneglyph recording the history of the Ballon Terminal, Robin should not hide it from me, right?

In just a moment, many thoughts rushed through Ian’s mind, but he was a little uncertain about every possibility he guessed.

Hawkins paid attention to Ian’s expression, and then went on to say: “And you have to be aware that there may be hidden dangers in your trip. The knife hidden behind often represents the potential danger.”

“Danger?” Ian became more anxious. With his current strength, there are very few things that can really pose a threat to him. He remembered Crocodile, who is also in Alabasta. Could this divination be referring to him?

After all, Crocodile is also one of the Shichibukai. He may be the only one who can threaten Ian.

“Can’t you be more specific?” Ian asked Hawkins.

Hawkins shook his head: “I can’t, this is the will of fate. Divination can only see the direction of fate, but can’t see the truth clearly. I can only give a vague description according to the card you choose. ”

‘Damn… that’s why I hate this kind of grumbling stuff!’ Ian sighed and stopped asking… Thinking about going back to the East Blue, he once again picked a card, this time he didn’t look at it, and directly handed it to Hawkins.

Hawkins took the card, and looked at it, turned his gaze directly to Ian. “The double-faced clown, the smiling side, means that you will encounter surprises, but the vicious side represents hidden danger! It seems this trouble is very likely to be something that happened during this period, not to a specific person… It does not necessarily mean that the danger happens to you, but to another person who may be dear to you.”

“FCK!” Ian couldn’t help but curse: “The more I listen, the more confused I become, don’t you have a good thing to tell me!?”

Hawkins answered: “You have chosen two cards, which means that you have two purposes in your trip. The divination for both purposes indicates that you will be in danger, so maybe there is a connection between them.”

“If that’s the case, then what do you think I should do?” Ian asked him with staring eyes. At this moment, Hawkins, within his visions, started gradually losing his tone.

“I can only tell you to be careful with every step you take!” Hawkins shook his head, then put away his tarot cards and left.

Ian regretted this silly idea. If he had known this, he wouldn’t have asked Hawkins to do predict the safety level of his trip. Now he was so upset that he laid down on the deck chair with his hands resting on his head, forcing himself not to think about the results of the divination. He kept refreshing the store in his mind and buying the fragments of cards he needed to divert his attention.

In this way, day by day time passed slowly.

The Hawkins’ ship sailed on the sea, and nothing major happened midway. The climate of the North Blue was certainly much better than that of the Grand Line, but on their way, Hawkins’ Group encountered a marine ship.

Pirates are rampant in the North Blue, so the Marines established many bases there, it is not surprising to encounter a marine ship around. But this time, Ian witnessed a new experience while riding along with the Hawkins pirates, the newly emerged group with a bounty of over 100 million, which was very famous in this area…

It was a marine patrol ship. After encountering the Hawkins Pirate Group at sea, they only dared to follow them from a distance, but did not dare to come up and fight them. Hawkins did not pay attention to this ship at all. He just speeded up to get rid of the other side before the Navy’s support warships arrived. Maybe he was worried about Ian’s reaction. Otherwise, he might easily destroy the patrol ship.

Finally, after 15 days, Hawkins’ ship approached the entrance of the Reverse Mountain in the North Blue side.

When they got there, they didn’t dare to go forward, because if they went further, they would enter the Grand Line with Ian. After meeting Ian, Hawkins got a little afraid of the Grand Line, so he didn’t want to enter the Grand Line this early.

And Ian didn’t force them, he just asked Hawkins for a small boat, so he could keep moving forward and take the entrance.

After finally sending Ian away, the members of Hawkins pirates were relaxed and collectively breathed a sigh of relief. Although Ian was generally easygoing on board, he had improved in both status and strength. So naturally, he has the aura of a Great Fearful Pirate at the Shichibukai-level. Having him around made these pirates feel a lot of pressure.

“Now let’s turn around!” Hawkins told his crew.


Ian took the small boat and paddled to the sea current at the entrance, once again entering the reverse mountain, but now, Ian’s mentality was so different. Although the currents flowing up the mountain were still so fierce, Ian was not worried at all. He rode the currents, rushed straight up the entrance… He was now strong enough to adjust the direction of the boat in the swift current.

Once again, he climbed the peak of the mysterious mountain. At the gathering point of the currents, his boat was launched high into the sky.

It was at the time that Ian flew up with his boat, he swallowed the power of the Black Dragon wave and spread his black Flame wings, grabbed the boat with one hand, then found the current in the direction of the East Blue, after that, he flew all the way down!

That’s right, Ian decided to go back to the East Blue first, because if he follows the normal path to the Grand Line, then he will have to cross the Calm Belt again if he wants to go back to the East Blue…

Ian didn’t want to repeat the previous experience, ‘there is no way in hell that I would swim dozens of kilometers again and be chased by large Sea Kings.’

Fortunately, Ian was able to fly for a couple of minutes, so it was the best choice to turn around at the peak of the reverse mountain.

A small boat was not that heavy. Ian grabbed it and quickly flew down… when he reached the bottom, he threw the boat back into the sea surface, and landed on it… so that he finally was on the waters of East Blue again.

“Woohoo! Perfect!” Ian smiled smugly, then looked for the right direction, rowing the boat and moving ahead.

Frost Moon Village, I’m coming…

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