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S.C.S Chapter 298: My Divination

Facing Ian’s invitation, Hawkins thought about it very seriously, and finally asked: “Isn’t been a Shichibukai means that you are siding with the World Government and Marines? So facing a pirate like me, shouldn’t you be thinking about arresting me!!? But instead… you offered me an invitation? Why!?”

“Shee!” Ian responded. “Who’s telling you these things? The World Government doesn’t mandate us, Shichibukai, to catch Pirates, okay? It all depends on our mood!”

Hawkins nodded and said: “Would you be in a bad mood if I reject the invitation?”

Ian glanced at him and said, “…Perhaps!” (T/N: It’s confirmed, Ian likes weirdos…)

However, Hawkins still said: “If this is the case, then please let me decline. Even though I want to travel the Grand Line, I also want to rely on my own strength, rather than taking on other people’s wings.”

Hearing this, Ian immediately laughed, and said with a thumbs-up: “Well said… Hmm, ambitious!”

In fact, Ian also understands that those with high potential, the future supernova, are not willing to be subordinate to others… (for now!) It’s not that simple to give an invitation and expect instant approval…

And to be honest, Ian was only temporarily interested in Hawkins. His purpose was nothing more than to expand the Devil Fruit users in his Pirate Group, but he didn’t think that the other side would accept.

In addition, Ian was not too familiar with Hawkins, and didn’t know his nature very well, so after hearing his refusal, Ian didn’t say much.

The Hawkins Pirates picked up a scary man on their road, so their original plan was canceled. They turned around and sailed all the way to the reverse mountain according to Ian’s instructions.

After another wave of freeloading, Ian was resting on Hawkins’ ship, living a life of a king. He crossed his legs on the deck, wearing sunglasses and sunbathing or fishing, like a good old man.

Now, the Hawkins Pirates were seeking to send Ian away safely, so they took good care of him.

In this rare leisure time, Ian was able to retrieve his recent growth situation.

The recharge of 10 billion Berries brought him mountains of Diamonds to spend, but this does not mean that all the diamonds can be smashed down to buy goods.

Ian has been constantly refreshing the card store whenever he has free time, buying and integrating the card fragments he needs.

For the ten consecutive draws, he was currently buying less, just trying his luck every day. Since getting “the jackpot”, Ian wasn’t short of good cards, so the ten consecutive draws were mainly used to supplement the bonds of the cards he uses…

He has not yet reached level 40, the fifth card slot has not been opened, but because of the trump tower that can be played every two days, Ian’s level has been rising slowly, and is almost 40.

At that time, he can select a suitable card from his reserved ones and equip it.

Since the bond attributes are all added by percentage, the higher the card’s rank, the greater the bonus effect… so Ian was perfecting these bond attributes.

At present, Hiei’s card is a character that Ian has always kept in the card slots. Ian has already obtained two four-star cards, Yusuke Urameshi and Kurama, which activated two other bond attributes… (Don’t forget that Ian has Hiei’s sister card!) leaving only one card! That is, a five-star red card…

As for Iori Yagami’s card, Ian has also raised it to a five-star red card by purchasing fragments during this period. Like Hiei’s card, after upgrading it to a five-star card, the obtained Attributes have also been raised to 48%. The activated bonds of Iori were only Kusunakyo and Kagura Chizuru, the other two were hard to get, because Orochi and Goenitz were five-star red cards…

Because in the previous novice gift bag, Ian got 60 pieces of Orochi’s cards, so he always wanted to put this card together, and then equip it in the fifth card slot. However, he underestimated the chances of getting an original five-star card by refreshing the store.

He has refreshed it countless times in so many days. So far, he has only bought 46 pieces of Orochi’s card, Now his total is 106, and there is still a long way to go before reaching the 180 fragments then synthesizing them.

Now for Misaka Mikoto’s card, it has also been upgraded to a five-star card. He found that it was relatively easy for a four-star card to be enhanced to max rank when there were enough diamonds in his pocket.

These three cards are the ones that Ian has been using the most, as for the remaining slot, Ian has been constantly trying new cards.

The reason is very simple… He is using new cards to learn more sword skills.

Ian’s sword skills, originally taught and guided by Koshiro, are the most founded swordsmanship. As a result, today’s Ian has realized a great advantage, that is, with such a solid foundation, he can learn special sword skills with half the effort!

From the beginning, while using Samanosuke Akechi’s card, Ian learned a flash skill, and then merged with his own speed, Ian created his own Ittoryu slash.

Now that Ian has broken through the master swordsmanship Rank, he gradually began to draw out cards of the “Samurai Spirit” series and “The Last Blade” series from the ten consecutive draws.

He now has Genjuro Kibagami’s card, Ukyo Tachibana’s card, and Moriya Minakata’s card from SNK world!

These three cards have one thing in common, that is, not to mention their magnificent sword skills, they don’t require special energy such as wind power like Yasuo’s card. In other words, as long as Ian has a grasp of their power, he can completely transform the sword skills of the three cards into his own… then using them without the need of equipping their cards!

The techniques of Genjuro Kibagami’s card are all powerful slashing skills. Each strike carries a powerful force like a thousand people chopping, which is the embodiment of his strength… while Ukyo Tachibana belongs to the swift type. His swordsmanship is known for its speed, which is suitable for Ian. As for Moriya Minakata’s techniques, they are both offensive and defensive type.

Although the swordsmanship of the three cards are of different schools, it’s not necessarily good to learn them at the same time, but Ian himself doesn’t have any specific style. All his Sword Techniques are quite balanced, so there is no problem in adapting them.

At that time, as long as he is able to make a comprehensive understanding, it is not impossible for him to create his own style.

Yes, although Ian now has a variety of special abilities due to his different cards, in his opinion, he is still a swordsman. He is still used to fighting with swords. Originally in Frost Moon Village, Kuina is and Zoro has agreed to become the strongest Swordsman, but how could Ian, their big brother, be willing to lose against them?

Regardless of whether it was Kuina or Zoro, they all have their own style, and the same goes for Ian. He is not as talented as them, but he has his system, maybe it’s difficult for him to create his own style, but he was fine with learning from others’ swordsmanship. The existence of the Super Card System allows him to acquire a lot of great sword skills.

Of course, Ian’s daily practice has never been missed. He knows that if he doesn’t work hard, he will fall back.

So although Ian seemed like an old uncle on Hawkins’ ship, that’s just when he is resting. When he starts practicing early in the morning, everyone can see him sweating like rain…

At this time, Hawkins holds his hands and leans against the cabin door to watch.

He couldn’t understand what kind of Ability Ian has. From the point of sword training, Ian was obviously a swordsman. However, when he got beaten by Ian, the young man used powerful fire and lightning abilities. Hawkins originally thought that Ian is a Devil Fruit User, but then he remembered that Ian has come swimming from the sea, which was definitely not something a Devil Fruit User could do.

So in Hawkins’ view, Ian was quite a mystery.

In fact, this is probably the biggest cognition of the world’s newest Shichibukai, mysterious! Because of their age, other Shichibukais have been wandering the sea for many years, most people were familiar with their powers. But for Ian, he was considered a blockbuster because of his rapid power growth, so people’s knowledge of him was very limited.

Of course, limited understanding is one thing, but the world still recognizes Ian’s strength. After all, the battle on Salamis Island was broadcasted live all over the world thanks to Pritz, the intern reporter. Everyone knows that Ian can be paired with the admiral Kizaru.

Hawkins, on the other hand, had a try with Ian, so he intuitively understood how powerful Ian is.

He was very curious, Ian traveled all the way from the new world through the Calm Belt and he’s heading now to the reverse mountain to do something… what could it be!?

Ian also saw his curiosity, but he smiled and said nothing. He became a little familiar with Hawkins’ personality in the past few days. When he saw Hawkins standing by the cabin door, he asked him, “What! Aren’t you planning on doing today’s Divination!?”

“No, I did it already!” Hawkins said: “Nothing is going to happen today!”

Ian nodded, then suddenly he felt a strong heartbeat, and said to Hawkins: “Your divinations are accurate, right?”

Hawkins didn’t give a positive answer, but said: “The will of fate is something that mortals can’t really see through it. What my divination shows is just the direction of fate.”

“Then, can you help me by revealing the direction of my fate?” Ian said: “See if my trip is going to be well!”

“As you wish!” Hawkins glanced at Ian, walked over, and took his tarot cards out of his pocket.

He sat down in front of Ian and placed the tarot cards on the deck, saying to Ian: “Think about the purpose of your trip, and then choose one of these cards!”

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