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S.C.S Chapter 303: Stealing the Marines’ Prey

When Ian first heard the customers’ chat, talking about a female marine soldier, he immediately thought of Tashigi. But when he heard that she was a new recruit, he knew that his guess was wrong.

Since it wasn’t Tashigi, then this would be nice! Ian jumped on his boat and rowed forward, heading towards the naval battle.

Zeff was on the side of the upper level of the restaurant, watching Ian rowing the boat away. Behind him, Sanji leaned against the door with a cigarette in his mouth. He looked very depressed, saying: “Old Man, are you really planning on letting him pay for his meal with pirates’ heads? This has never occurred in our restaurant. We are chefs, not pirate hunters… Even if he does, are we really going to hand some pirates to marines for their bounties?”

Although the Baratie restaurant was often harassed by ungrateful pirates, the outcomes were beating them up and throwing them out. They have never handed over pirates for their bounties. Zeff’s decision was what made Sanji feel puzzled.

Zeff leaned over the fence with folded arms, then without turning his head, he said: “Even if this never happened before, this time we have to make an exception! Since he insists on paying the bill, then we will accept it… and stop asking questions!”

This answer surprised Sanji even more…

As Ian rowed his boat towards the two fighting parties, they also were gradually approaching Baratie.

The Pirate Ship in front, which was being pursued, was being bombarded by the Marine Battleship. Although the pirates controlled their ship well and kept sailing in a zigzag way to avoid the shells, the cannonballs continued to fall nearby, causing huge water sprays.

Obviously, this pirate ship was heading towards the Baratie restaurant, hoping to encounter another pirate ship. Because if so, then they could use it to distract the attention of the marines, providing them with a chance to escape… and if it was just a normal merchant ship, then it would be even better, they could easily hijack it and take some hostages, trying to force back the pursuing marines.

These pirates, called Metal pirates, were a newly established Pirate Group in the East Blue. Although they have gained a bit of a bad reputation, they are still newcomers. If they were veterans in the East Blue, they should know that the ship ahead of them was the ocean-going restaurant Baratie, not exactly what they were looking for…

Perhaps this group went out sailing without seeing their luck for the day. They not only regarded Baratie as an ordinary merchant ship, but also they did not see the boat not far ahead!

Moreover, on this boat, the person sailing it is considered a nightmare to them…

The pirate ship was still moving forward, the captain was anxiously urging the crew to speed up. They have set up all their sails and wanted to keep as much distance as possible from the marines.

However, at this time, the captain suddenly noticed a huge ray of light in front of him.

Before he could realize what was going on, a gust of wind swept over his head and cut off his hat! A chilly feeling stroke his body.

Foolishly, he just reached out and tried to touch what was passing by, but he heard a sudden scream of horror from the crew behind him. When he turned his head, he saw a scene that made him gasp…

Their main mast was slowly collapsing! In the middle part, a huge gap appeared on the sail, and the mast broke into two neat sections.

“Waa… What happened!” The captain couldn’t help screaming.

With a bang, the mast finally collapsed, crushing down several members.

Losing their biggest sail, the speed of the entire ship dropped immediately, the crewmembers instantly entered a panic state… they knew that they would soon be caught up by the marines!

Just as they were urgently trying to find a solution, a voice suddenly rang through the entire deck.

“Who is the captain here?”

Looking around, the members of the Metal Pirates found that there was one more person on their bow statue. This person looked very young, having a long sword on his waist, and wearing a windbreaker, revealing two bronze-colored arms. He was squatting on the top of the statue and looking down at the crowd.

“Who are you??” The captain, who was already facing the pursuit of marines, was stunned and pulled out the pistol at his waist, and fired a shot at Ian!

What he didn’t know was precisely because of his shot that he directly exposed himself. Ian tilted his head slightly to avoid the bullet, and then saw the ripped captain hat on his head.

“It turned out to be you!” Ian smiled slightly and disappeared.

The captain was shocked, looking for where he went, but Ian appeared behind him in the next second, raising the Senbonzakura in his hand, and slashed his back!

“Aaahh!” He let out a scream and fell to the ground.

Ian didn’t intend to kill him, just wounded him. Dealing with such a guy, Ian didn’t want to spend much time, so he finished the matter quickly.

Putting away the sword, Ian turned his head and asked the dumbfounded members: “How much is your captain’s bounty?”

“One… 1.4 million Berries…” A pirate, whose Ian’s gaze fell on, tremblingly replied.

“Oh, that’s enough!” Ian nodded with satisfaction, twisted the captain’s back collar, and jumped from the pirate ship to his own boat below.

As soon as he threw the captain on the boat, Ian rowed back, leaving behind a group of confused pirates.

The ship’s mast was destroyed, and the captain was chopped and taken away by an unknown person. The marine battleship got closer to them, which made these poor pirates feel desperate…

A small group of pirates in the East Blue has fallen apart in a second…

Ian went back to Baratie, but he didn’t know that the pirate ship was quickly chased by the battleship and got overtaken by force!

A batch of marine soldiers took their guns and seized the Pirate Ship…

After the marine soldiers landed on the Pirate Ship and aimed their guns at the crewmembers, a figure jumped out of the warship and came to the other ship.

This figure, wearing a white marine officer uniform and white gloves, had a long katana around her waist.

Upon seeing this person appear, the soldiers on the ship immediately saluted her with admiration: “Lieutenant Commander Kuina! The Metal Pirates have been captured!”

This female marine was the one and only Kuina, who joined Loguetown Marine Base some time ago. When she joined, Smoker gave her a Lieutenant Rank. However, in just over two months, Kuina, due to her remarkable achievements, has been promoted, becoming lieutenant Commander, and has gained the power to lead an independent team to arrest pirates!

She looked astonishing, heroic, and brave, especially with her white marine uniform… Her temperament was similar to that of Hina. This character of a strong female marine gave her a unique charm, which made the marine soldiers under her commend admire her.

Holding the hilt of Wado Ichimonji on her waist, Kuina took out a wanted poster and shook it in front of her, which had the picture of this group’s captain. She took the wanted poster and began to compare it with the pirates on the ship.

All the pirates had been disarmed by the marine soldiers, they all knelt on the deck with their hands over their heads… Kuina looked at them, one by one, and suddenly frowned.

“What’s going on here, why is their captain missing?” Kuina asked.

The responsible soldier was taken aback, he noticed the issue and said nervously: “Did he escape when we were disarming them?”

Kuina didn’t talk because she had noticed the bloodstain on the deck. At first, she thought it was left by the battle between the soldiers and pirates, because the blood was still fresh, but now things changed…

With a sharp draw, Kuina pulled out her sword and placed it on a pirate’s neck, and asked coldly: “Where is your captain? Did he hide or run away?”

The pirate said in a hurry, “No! No! Please don’t kill me! The captain, he… He was kidnapped by a strange person!”

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