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S.C.S Chapter 308: Starving

After coming out of the Baratie restaurant, Ian also thought about his meal money!

Having caused such a great loss to the Baratie restaurant, Ian felt that if he really plans to get more food from there, maybe Patty would spit on his food…

However, even so, Ian was very happy, Kuina’s waking-up can be said to have fulfilled his wish. According to Kuina’s story, Ian found that it may be due to him becoming a Shichibukai and the news spreading on to East Blue that she finally broke free from her coma. Under the discussion of Zoro and Master Koshiro, they gave her a strong enough stimulation, which woke her up. In other words, this can also be seen as an indirectly rescued…

Kuina is a girl who refuses to admit defeat easily…

Lying on the boat, Ian thought about his itinerary. ‘Since I met Kuina here, do I still need to go back to the frost moon village?’

According to Kuina, Zoro has also left. That guy is probably lost by now. Even if Ian goes back to Frostmoon Village, he wouldn’t find him there. Only Master Koshiro should be in the village, although Ian misses his Master a lot, Ian thinks it’s not good to go back now…

For a while, even Ian couldn’t help but develop a feeling similar to homesickness. He didn’t know how to answer when Master Koshiro asks him about his experience after he returned. Did he directly tell him that he had joined the revolutionary army under the guidance of Uncle Kuma? Will Master Koshiro worry about something like that?

Ian was thinking so wildly, letting the sea breeze blow the sail and take the boat forward, while he was lying on the boat, he fell asleep unconsciously.

When he woke up, he found it was close to the evening, he looked in the direction he was going and realized that he was blown away from his route back home. He couldn’t help but sighed and said. “Forget it, why don’t I go directly to Alabasta, I will go back to the village when I have nothing to worry about…”

Although Ian has now become a Shichibukai, he still has two hidden threats. One is the Celestial Dragons. Ian is still not sure whether they will seek revenge, Although they promised him a place within the Shichibukai and canceled the bounties of his crew, and the only thing he should do is to give them back the chip… but who knows what these arrogant bastards would think or do? So Ian had to stay alert against every case!

As for the other hidden danger, it is undoubtedly that he’s the one and only Joker. Ian killed Vergo, one of his men, and he has not been clear about Doflamingo’s attitude. Although he cooperated with Ian once or twice, Ian bought a batch of weapons without paying, and gave him a fake chip. As a result of this cooperation, the Joker held back for the time being, but Ian knows well that he is a wicked pirate… Peace now does not mean it will stay like this forever!

In addition, Ian believes that his brief break in East Blue will definitely be discovered by the World Government intelligence agency…

At this moment, Ian remembered Hawkins’ divination for him…

The so-called surprise has already been fulfilled, so where is the hidden danger? It was because of these concerns that Ian decided not to go back to frost moon village for the time being, because if he went back to his Master and bring the threat with him, Ian would definitely regret it.

After making his mind, Ian breathed a sigh of relief. It was at this moment that his stomach gurgled and he realized that it has been hours since he ate.

Ian was starving and had to eat, but this time Ian slammed his forehead and remembered that because of his act with Kuina, he left in a hurry. He even forgot to bring some food from the Baratie restaurant.

As a last resort, Ian had to pick up the fishing rod again, sit on the side of the boat and start fishing.

Morning and evening are good times for fishing, but what Ian can’t understand is that his luck has deteriorated a lot. He hasn’t caught any fish for more than an hour…

“FCK… Am I going to fast the day?” Ian thought gloomily.

It’s already dark, and if this continues, it will be more difficult to get any food this night, the sky is boundless… However, at this moment, Ian smelled a faint fragrance in the air.

He couldn’t help sniffing the air twice, and finally confirmed that it was a real food scent, so he quickly stood up and looked at the surrounding sea, trying to find where the fragrance came from.

At this time, the sea border was mixed with the skyline, the moon has not yet fully risen. This was the darkest time on the sea surface, which made it a difficult situation to see anything clearly.

After looking around for a while, Ian found that there seemed to be a light in the direction of his right.

So Ian immediately turned the bow and moved towards the direction of the light.

As the boat continued to approach, Ian finally confirmed that it seemed to be a light of a torch on a ship, and not only did the smell of the food become clearer, but also a faint sound of laughter came from far away.

“This is really great. Not only did I encounter a random ship on the vast sea, but also there seems to be a banquet on board. It’s time to eat…”

Ian, with his greatest effort, rowed the paddles and controlled the boat to approach the ship. He couldn’t see clearly in the dim night, but he could sense that it was a very large ship.

On the deck, he saw the burning braziers and heard the people laughing and smashing glasses. Ian came to the ship’s side and couldn’t wait to find the rope ladder. He directly jumped straight from his boat to the ship’s gunwale.

After jumping up, he found that the people on board were all dressed as pirates, Ian then understood that this is a pirate ship.

But since this is a Pirate Ship, things should be much better, Pirate banquet means that there is a lot of food and drinks.

Although the pirate ship gave up guarding the ship because of the feast, when Ian jumped on the ship, he was discovered by the pirates around. At this time, the banquet had just begun, and these pirates weren’t that drunk, so after noticing Ian’s appearance, they immediately became alerted and pulled out their weapons, pointing them at Ian. “Who are you!? How did you get to our boat!?”

“Ah! I was attracted by the smell of the delicious food!” Ian raised his hands and said to the pirates: “It looks like you are having a banquet… Do you mind if I join?”

“Hey fool!” these crewmates were exasperated, and yelled: “You are not welcome here. Get off the boat quickly.”

Ian didn’t bother to pay attention to these guys. His previous words weren’t really asking for their permission, it was just an opening statement. He had already made up his mind to eat dinner on this large ship. How could he care about the opinion of mere pirates? He just turned his gaze to a table, jumped down, ignored all of them, and went straight to eat some food…

The pirates yelled with anger and immediately rushed towards Ian with their weapons! Ian was desperately stuffing his mouth while raising one foot without looking back, kicking all the pirates back, one by one…

He was starving, which made him careless, he just kept beating everyone coming his way, jumping around while chewing tons of food and grabbing more from the tables…

Seeing that ordinary crewmembers couldn’t deal with the intruder, the cadres on the pirate ship finally appeared.

“Roar!” A lion roar filled the place, and then a huge shadow slowly walked out, approaching Ian, only to hear a person’s voice: “Who dares to go wild around us?”

Ian was taken aback for a moment, he felt that this voice was so familiar, especially the lion roar, it seemed that he had heard it somewhere before.

Just in his doubts, a huge lion finally came to the light. This mighty lion had a funny mane on his head, and on the lion’s back, a man was riding it with his arms around his chest.

At the moment of seeing the lion and the person, Ian couldn’t help saying: “Ow damn…It turned out to be you, guys!?”

Not to mention Ian’s surprise, the person riding on the back of the lion entered a state of denial the moment he saw the intruder, and he immediately became dumbfounded and petrified.

“Oh no!” The lion beneath finally smelled Ian’s scent, and as if he remembered something terrifying, howled, turned, and ran away…

Those minions around, seeing this scene, were confused!

Only to see Ian scratching his head, put down the food in his hands, took a deep breath, and then shouted: “Buggy!!! Come out to meet your old friend!”

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