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S.C.S Chapter 307: 3 Vs 1

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Letting-go of attacking his sister, Ian discovered that Kuina’s sword skills seem to have improved!

It seems that Ian has forgotten what level Kuina was in the past, but in this match, Ian found that although she had a hard time resisting his powerful blows, she was able to defend herself well!

In swordsmanship, defense is very important. When fighting an opponent, if someone’s defense was broken, it may result in a fatal blow!

Every swing of Ian’s sword was extremely difficult to resist because of the integration and application of his newly acquired skills, but Kuina can still rely on her magnificent Strength, holding her ground, and from time to time, she was able to use her agility to create an opportunity for a counterattack.

Ian was a little surprised by Kuina’s strength, but after a little thought, Ian understood that it might be related to the devil fruit that she had ate, after all, he didn’t know what kind of Devil Fruit was sent back to her. However, it looks like this fruit made her a tough opponent, and judging from her appearance, it seems that she hasn’t brought out all of her strength yet.

Of course, Ian also understood that Kuina had to apply some acting-elements in this fight. So, he made sure to create a sense by launching Flying Slashes around.

Since they wanted an act, it must be realistic! Fortunately, Ian’s slashes were inflated with some kind of special effects, so that the battle between the two seemed astonishing, at least those ordinary marine soldiers couldn’t keep up with the fight.

However, the only one having a hard time was the Baratie restaurant. If the two were allowed to keep fighting like this, the third floor of the restaurant will be demolished.

Sanji knew this, and he had already realized that he wasn’t near Ian’s Level, but still, he got up from the ground and jumped above Ian, striking with his heel, kicking towards his head.

“Concealed Sabre Swallow Swipe!”

Seeing that the chef wants to interfere, Ian jumped back slightly. When he was in midair, he swung his blade and cut out with a faint light.

Ian was merciful because he slashed with the back of his blade, but Sanji was hit by this sudden blow on his shoulder and fell hard to the ground.

However, just as Sanji was smashed down by Ian, a whistling sound came from the side, Ian raised the blade in his hand, then he felt a huge force on his whole arm, turning his head, he found that his sword was blocking a peg leg.

It turned out to be Red-Leg Zeff’s blow, in fact, when Ian and Kuina started the fight, he has already arrived to the scene… Although he didn’t want to intervene in the fight, things changed when Sanji rushed up…

Ian’s blade light was too fast, and Zeff didn’t notice that he slashed with the backside, so he thought that Sanji was injured by hi shop, and that made him lose it and flash directly at Ian!

In his prime, Zeff was renowned as a master of extremely powerful kicks, even after he lost his right leg, he doesn’t seem to be weakened, his peg leg kicks were fast and sturdy, whirring and attacking Ian one after another, so that Ian had to be distracted from his fight to resist the continuous blows.

Seeing this, Kuina knew that the duel between her and Ian wouldn’t carry on as it meant, but fortunately, she was holding the act, so she didn’t say anything, and launched an attack on Ian together with Zeff.

While lying on the ground, Sanji had a sore shoulder, but at this moment, he gritted his teeth, got up, and attacked Ian along with the others.

In this way, these three besieged Ian at once.

Ian didn’t bother, lightly smiled, and shouted: “Guys! Heads up!”

Then he took the sword back to his waist, and then swiped it, throwing out countless flying slashes towards the three of them at an extremely fast speed!

“Concealed Sabre Snowfall Slash!”

Ian launched out countless projectiles towards the upper, middle and lower sections, and because of his reminder, Sanji, Zeff and Kuina were all on guard, so when Ian made his move, they reacted on time and jumped away.

Whistling sounds can be heard from any place in the ship, and it was the sound of Ian’s sword cutting through the air. The countless Slashes contained a significant amount of energy.

Starting in front of him, in the scope covered by his blows, tables and chairs of the restaurant were instantly sliced to countless pieces… The floor, walls and ceiling were all damaged badly!

Bang! When viewed from the outside, it looked like a bomb suddenly detonated in the restaurant, and a big hole was suddenly exploded in Baratie’s wall.

When Ian finally stopped swinging his sword, he couldn’t find an intact object within the fan-shaped area of 100 meters in front of him. When he saw this, Sanji couldn’t help but shiver and the cigarette he was holding fell down.

“That bastard! If I didn’t escape in time, I would have been cut into pieces!” Sanji thought so.

After drawing back his sword, Ian tilted his mouth, stood up straight, and waved to Zeff: “I’m sorry, I ruined your restaurant, but the Marines should pay you back!” hihi…

With that said, Ian turned around and rushed out!

The destroyed restaurant can make their play look more realistic, that’s why Ian did this, so the acting is almost done here. Zeff is a good man, and Ian doesn’t want to cause him more trouble, so he simply left.

“…” Zeff was speechless, and just kept looking at Ian leaving.

“Old Man, what should I do?” Sanji came to Zeff and asked while igniting another cigarette.

Zeff turned to look at the girl… Kuina exhaled, and said: “This is the Marines’ fault, we admit it!”

“Hum… To hell with all of this!” Zeff said resentfully.

When Sanji saw Kuina, he immediately showed his true colors, put his hands on his cheeks, and said with red heart eyes: “Ah, my beautiful lady, it can’t be your fault! It’s that guy who should compensate!”

Kuina glanced at him, ignored the weirdo, and waved to the marine soldiers under her command: “Let’s go!”

Those marine soldiers, who witnessed Ian’s supposed-to-be-Beast mode, were very frightened. They thought that their commander Kuina might have no way to take the other party down, so after hearing the order, they immediately stood up and saluted.

No one was able to figure out the relationship between Ian and Kuina. The people present only knew that there was a furious fight between them, and when they teamed up against him, the mysterious guy went all out and then left calmly.

Upon returning to the warship, Kuina saw from a distance the back of Ian paddling in his boat, and she couldn’t help but smile.

Although Zeff and Sanji interfered in their battle, when she was fighting Ian alone, Kuina realized that she couldn’t beat her big brother Ian. Even with her skyrocketing strength, she wasn’t able to land a blow, every attack of hers was easily avoided by Ian. She didn’t know that this was the application of the so-called Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki), so she was shocked.

However, since she knew that Ian was getting stronger and stronger, Kuina was relieved, so she said to the soldiers under her command: “When we reach the base, send the compensation to Baratie Restaurant.”


In the restaurant, the business can’t go on naturally, so Zeff was cleaning the restaurant with a group of pirate chefs… Patty, after seeing the tragedy of the battle, didn’t dare to shout loudly, just murmured: “Damn it, if this guy comes back again, he won’t find a nice time!”

Zeff knocked Patty’s head and said: “Don’t talk nonsense, just work fast, that young man was already merciful, at least the restaurant is still in a one-piece!” (T/N: Lol xD)

Hearing this, Sanji stayed silent, he also knew that Zeff was telling the truth. If the last strike he received wasn’t dealt with the back of the blade, he might have been seriously injured now.

“Hum, that guy said that he owed us 1.3 million berries worth of food left here!” Sanji said: “So old man, should we take his money as compensation!”

“No need!” Zeff was old and sophisticated, he seemed to notice that there is a secret between Ian and the marine female commander, but he didn’t intend to inquire. He just said: “Since the marines are willing to compensate, then let them pay! If that man comes back, we should give him his food!”

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