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S.C.S Chapter 306: duel of reunion

Damn, Hawkins’ magic is accurate!

Ian thought about it, holding Kuina and taking a good look at her.

Actually, Ian didn’t leave Frostmoon Village for long. Before that, he still saw Kuina a lot, but now her hair has been cut short, so the boyish younger sister in Ian’s memory came back.

Look at her white uniform, Ian sighed in admiration. He found that she was wearing this, which was quite suitable for her.

“When did you leave the island?” Ian asked her. “And why would you want to join the Marines? It sounds like you went to Loguetown Marine Base? So, you are working under that Smoker guy?”

Kuina nodded, told Ian some things that happened to her after waking up, then said, “Captain Smoker and Tashigi have mentioned you once!”

“Huh, I’m afraid that there is nothing good to be said!” Ian smiled. He was thinking that when he made a big fuss in Marijoa and became a Pirate, Smoker and Tashigi should be so surprised to hear such news… when Ian was a Pirate hunter, they could be regarded as friends, but then they suddenly became enemies.

Kuina smiled and said: “By the way, father found that he could still teach, so he has taken in a new group of young disciples. Those little kids are taking you as an idol and imitating you!”

The two chatted happily about Frostmoon Village. When talking about Zoro, Kuina also mentioned that he had just left the island.

Yes, Zoro finally went out to sea, and it was three days ago. With Kuina waking up, Zoro had no more concerns. On the day he turned 18, he said his farewell to Koshiro, and took his boat out.

Kuina had planned to go back to Loguetown to wait for him after finishing her mission, but after hearing this, Ian said with a helpless look: “Forget it, don’t you know that Zoro has no sense of direction. When he would so luckily get lost and find himself in Loguetown, you just can’t know when it will happen!”

In fact, after seeing Kuina, Ian thought that since Kuina survived the coma and woke up, she may have lost her motivation to become the greatest swords user, but so will Zoro?

However, on second thought, he felt that he was overthinking it too much.

After all, character determines fate… Zoro’s a stubborn kind person, he will never go back on a thing he decided to do. And now, whether it is Ian or Kuina, the two are both ahead of him in terms of power, so having them by his side would give him another type of incentive.

At this moment, a random thought came to his mind, Ian suddenly felt, Ace, Sabo, and Luffy seemed to be very similar to himself, Kuina and Zoro…

Therefore, Ian couldn’t help but ask Kuina: “Since you have joined the marines, do you still plan to carry out your dream?”

Kuina nodded: “Of course, I do! Big brother, my dream has never left my heart or mind, and there is one more thing, I think my marine identity may come in handy to you in the future!”

“Is this why you become a marine?” Ian sighed and said: “…huh! Thank you, Kuina, you really have a pure heart!”

Ian was not a fool. Although Kuina just said it vaguely and concealed her emotion, Ian understood that she only wants to use her identity to help Ian in the future.

Since Kuina has such intention, maybe he can help her slowly climb to a high rank in the marines? Make Kuina be a Vice Admiral, an admiral… or even the first female Fleet Admiral of marines…?

‘Damn, it feels exciting just thinking about it!’

“By the way, Kuina, have you eaten the devil fruit I sent?” Ian asked her.

“I did!” Kuina blinked at Ian and said. “But please forgive me for keeping it as a secret. I am just starting to adapt to its Ability and I’m trying my best to awaken its power. Just wait for that time, I’m sure you will be shocked!”

“Oh, great, you have learned that Devil Fruits has an awakening stage!” Ian laughed: “Smoker is the only Devil Fruit User in the base, you probably heard this from him.”

Since Kuina was not willing to tell him now, Ian didn’t intend to ask more, even though he was actually very curious about the power of that Devil Fruit.

At this time, Ian suddenly thought of a question and asked: “Yeah right… now that you have become a marine, if your relationship with me is revealed, will it affect you?”

“The Shichibukai’s identity won’t, but your other identity will…” Kuina said.

Another identity? Revolutionary Army? Ian understood her meaning right away, and it seemed that Master Koshiro has vaguely guessed what was going in Ian’s life… After all, Uncle Kuma and Ivankov had visited him when the kids were young, and when he made a big fuss in Marijoa, the Revolutionary Army must have sent him the news. How could he not guess that Ian might join the Revolutionary Army? Kuina is his daughter and Ian’s sister. So before she left, Master Koshiro must have mentioned this to her.

Since Kuina joined the Marines, she can make use of their resources. If her achievements allow her to enter the Marine Headquarters and become an elite soldier, then someone will teach her how to upgrade her abilities and how to awaken her Haki, which is beneficial to her growth. But if it is known that she is a relative to a member of the Revolutionary Army, then things may take another way…

Of course, even if they found out, she could be fired, however, Ian can invite her to join his crew, but it is estimated that with Kuina’s character, she would still want to be independent.

Thinking of this, Ian made a decision and said: “If that’s the case, then we should not have met today, um… now that you have pulled me out and many people have seen it, then maybe we should act it out?”

Kuina is a clever girl. She already had a thought about this matter. So after Ian said this, she suddenly smiled and raised her sword. “So big Brother Ian, why don’t we go inside and have a spar after these many years…? But I must tell you that Zoro has tried fighting me for his boat, and he was defeated… what about you, big brother, can you defeat me?”

Ian couldn’t help laughing, Kuina was still the same Kuina he knew. Her request for this match made Ian think of the three kids in the Frostmoon village, so Ian couldn’t help feeling proud. He also raised his sword and said: “What you have in your hand is the Wado Ichimonji, and this is the Senbonzakura!”

“With that been said, let’s get started!” Kuina nodded when she heard his words, and her expression became serious…

The next moment, the two retreated a bit. Ian squatted slightly, with both hands, he held the hilt of his sword, pointing diagonally downwards, while Kuina put the Wado Ichimonji backward, and prepared herself for a drawing slash.

The space around the entrance of the restaurant is not that large. The two looked at each other from a close distance and their whole bodies became tense.

“Ha!” Kuina took the first shot. She rushed forward with great speed. At the same time, she drew her sword in an instant and slashed at Ian.

But at the moment she launched forward, Ian had already perceived her movements through the Nen field, made a prediction, and the Senbonzakura in his hands slammed in the direction she was coming from…

A faint silver blade light crossed a right angle in the air, and slanted toward her head.

“Ittou Oboro “Jodan”/Glancing Blade Haze!”

Kuina’s drawing slash was stopped by Ian’s swift attack, the two blades collided, and made a clang, but Ian’s impact did not disappear, a silver sword aura wiped over Kuina’s head, cut the wall of the Baratie restaurant behind her, directly smashing a huge hole on the wall!

At the time, in the restaurant, the marine soldiers had not seen their leader Kuina for a long time and were hesitating whether to chase them out. As a result, Ian smashed the wall and immediately shocked the insiders.

There’s a fight!? Is that young man fighting our commander Kuina!?

When they just thought about going out to if she was fine or not, the two appeared in front of them fighting.

It was useless to fight outside, so after breaking the wall, the two moved inside while clashing!

This was simply a frightening scene. Ian had been waiting for a rematch with Kuina for a long time. He didn’t want to go all out at first, but he didn’t expect that Kuina’s current strength would be so astonishing! He suspected that it might be due to her Devil Fruit, so he didn’t feel bad for using all of his power, and various sword skills were continuously been used…

But now, the sword skills he uses were actually accompanied by a huge amount of Nen, and can all be turned into a Flying Slash at any time, which led to a horrifying storm of Flying Slashes in the center of the battle!

The rampant sword projectiles, with the sound of clanging swords, smashed through various positions in the restaurant. Seeing this scene, none of the marine soldiers dared to approach them, and cleverly they laid on the floor, while some others hurried to find shelter.

The Baratie restaurant was only a ship. Of course, there can’t be stone walls on the ship, so Ian can easily destroy the hull directly with a flying slash. Therefore, after watching them going rampage inside the restaurant, Sanji said anxiously and angrily: “A$$hole! Are you trying to sink our ship? “

But Ian and Kuina were too absorbed in the fight at this time, so even if Sanji yelled so loud, they won’t stop… no one can stop them now!

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