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S.C.S Chapter 305: Divination fulfilled

Ian didn’t recognize Kuina at first sight. This was because Ian didn’t get the news of her recovery. Secondly, after Kuina woke up, she cut her hair short, which made her look exactly like Tashigi, plus she wore a Marine uniform… this was a bit out of Ian’s imagination, so he didn’t recognize Kuina.

However, the more Ian looks at her, the more wrong it feels. Although he mistook Kuina for Tashigi, the latter doesn’t leave without her glasses, and she seems to be a bit shy when looking in the eyes of strangers, which was totally different from Kuina’s temperament.

When Kuina came in, she didn’t see Ian at the back door, because only Sanji’s voice caught her attention.

As for Sanji, the erotic cook, after seeing Kuina, immediately changed his expression from fierce to silly. His eyes turned to peachy-colored heart shape, holding both hands high, and his legs started shaking like noodles. Then he rushed towards Kuina…

“Hey! Gorgeous marine lady, I will be thrilled to help you!” Sanji rushed to Kuina, went down on one knee, holding a rose that no one knew where it came from, and handed it to Kuina with praise. “From today on, I am your most loyal servant!”

With such a heroic temperament, coupled with the white uniform, the moment he saw Kuina, Sanji felt that his heart was captured.

This is a proper uniform~ temptation…

Kuina was shocked by Sanji’s expression and couldn’t help but take a small step back, then she shouted coldly: “Zip it!”

Kuina’s character was a bit cocky. When Zoro first came to Isshin Dojo and was defeated by her, he was still a bit reluctant to lose. Kuina even described him as a “yelling wild dog “, now facing Sanji, she felt so uncomfortable, so her natural tone got even colder.

But in front of such a lady, Sanji turns into a thick-skinned guy, so he didn’t care about Kuina’s scolding and indifference at all. Instead, two streams of steam came out of his nostrils, only to call her Majesty, Queen Kuina…

Kuina calmed herself and placed the scabbard in her hand on Sanji’s shoulder. “I asked you, is the person who took the captain of the Metal pirates in your restaurant?”

Upon hearing this, Sanji immediately came back to his senses and remembered what Zeff had said before. It is reasonable to say that at this time, he can easily make up a lie, but the problem is that Sanji has his own chivalry spirit, he is not willing to deceive any woman, so he simply shut up and didn’t speak.

Seeing that Sanji didn’t cooperate, Kuina didn’t force him to talk. Although she is now a Lieutenant Commander and has certain powers, Kuina has never been the kind of person who abuses her power. In the face of a waiter of this restaurant, she wouldn’t make a threat to the other side, so she turned her head and said to the marine soldiers: “Search the place imm…”

However, before the words were finished, a voice came from the side… With a kind of excitement and disbelief, saying: “Ku… Kuina!?”

When Kuina heard this voice, she felt a shiver in her heart and got agitated. Turning her head and looking in the direction of the voice, she immediately saw Ian standing still.

At this moment, Kuina was struck by lightning, and said with a trembling voice: “You…you…”

Although she saw Ian’s picture on his wanted poster, she hadn’t seen Ian’s face since she fell in a coma, but Ian called her name, which made her suddenly remember everything.

So, how did Ian confirm that the person in front of him is Kuina!? It was the Wado Ichimonji in her hand!

Ian was so familiar with this famous sword. During Kuina’s coma, Zoro used her sword a lot while fighting Ian… So when Kuina placed her Katana on Sanji’s shoulder, Ian instantly recognized it!

In a simple word, the appearance of her sword, plus her cocky temper, Ian was able to make an easy judgment to confirm her identity.

This was definitely a huge surprise for Ian. He didn’t expect to see Kuina awake when he came back to East Blue this time! Waa…when did this happen??

Ian pinched his thigh hard in disbelief, and as a result, he felt a sharp pain, but it made him certain that this was not an illusion!

If we are to talk about the most important people to Ian, then first comes Koshiro and the other is Kuina, because these two people are the ones who took care of Ian after coming into this world.

So, when he realized that Kuina actually woke up from the coma, Ian was excited that his whole body started shaking…

Right away, he wanted to rush up…

However, Kuina was a step faster than him. She rushed up first, grabbed Ian, dragged him out of the side door, and went outside the restaurant, then slammed the door behind.

Only to leave a group of marine soldiers in the dining area looking at each other, and none of them understood what had happened. Kuina was giving orders to her team, however, she got interrupted before she could finish, so the marine soldiers did not know whether to carry out the search order, or not!

And Sanji, as soon as he saw Kuina pulling Ian’s hand and ran out, suddenly became extremely angry. it was the first time for him to see a Goddess-level Beautiful girl, even if he saw Kuina grabbing Ian’s hand and ran out, what went in his mind was her getting abducted by the filthy guy who ate food without paying!!!

So, he immediately ran to the side door and chased them out…

After running out of the door by less than three seconds, a loud bang was heard from the outside…! Sanji’s body smashed through the wall of the restaurant and was shot back inside. With great force, he flew back several meters all the way to the other end of the restaurant, and he rolled many times on the floor before he could stop.

Ian’s figure appeared at the hole, and at this moment, with an agitated murderous spirit, he said to Sanji: “Don’t bother us again, or I’ll kill you!”

Just now, it was Ian who kicked Sanji back inside… Sanji, the lechery cook, couldn’t understand anything… He just met Kuina, and he even dared to chase them out, so this time Ian stopped being polite to this pervert, and with a lot of anger, he kicked Sanji’s stomach so hard…

Sanji curled up on the floor, clutching his stomach for a long time, but he couldn’t recover. When Ian kicked him inside, he burst out with an astonishing raging aura. The moment he was hit by Ian, he couldn’t even react, which finally made him realize what boss Zeff meant before. Even if this guy couldn’t pay his bill, it’s fine, because he is an actual monster!

After making an example by kicking Sanji, even the marine soldiers were afraid to approach them and stayed in the restaurant obediently.

Outside the restaurant, Ian finally had an opportunity to talk with Kuina. He excitedly held Kuina’s shoulders: “It’s really you!? Kuina, when did you wake up?”

“Not long ago!” Kuina also looked excitedly and said: “Just when the news of you becoming Shichibukai reached our island.”

“This is great news, this is magnificent!” Ian couldn’t help but say happily: “My beloved younger sister, I knew you would wake up eventually!”

“Big brother Ian!” With red eyes, Kuina bowed to Ian and said: “Thank you a lot and that fool Zoro for taking care of me all these years.”

“Haha! You are my younger sister, I should always take care of you!” Ian said with a big smile, but then he turned sad: “I’m sorry, I came late… I wasn’t by your side when you woke up…”

“No, don’t say that!” Kuina shook her head and said: “I know, you’ve left to find a way to cure me, I always knew… Brother, thanks for the Devil Fruit you sent for me! With it, I can continue chasing my dream.”

In fact, Ian has always been thinking about Kuina in his heart. His search for a Devil Fruit was done, but Ian hasn’t found a good method to heal her… however, while returning to the East Blue this time, he actually had a plan in his mind. Since he was able to buy five-star card fragments in the card store, Ian wasn’t only buying Orochi’s fragments, but also collecting pieces of another five-star card.

Sarah Kerrigan’s card fragments! The Queen of Blades!

Ian always remembered that the system once said that Kerrigan, Queen of Blades, is a card with psychic powers, so he was actually planning to stay in the East Blue until he assembles the card and then leaves for Alabasta.

But he had no idea that Kuina had already woke up by herself!

At this moment, Ian suddenly thought of the result of Hawkins’ divination. When he drew the tarot card while thinking about going back to the East Blue, Hawkins said that there would be a surprise waiting for him.

It wasn’t until he saw Kuina that Ian finally realized that the so-called surprise was this…!

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