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S.C.S Chapter 31: Oopsie!

Seeing that these soldiers were holding guns at them, Koby knew that the other side were marines, and he couldn’t help shaking his legs and making trembling noises with his teeth. He can’t help it. He’s a coward.

When Ian saw the marines for the first time. He couldn’t help looking at them for quite some time. In front of him, all the marine soldiers should be ordinary lower-level soldiers. They were wearing white short-sleeved shirts and a marine cap with a seagull sign on. All of them looked like they were well-trained.

“Speak up! Who are you, and what are you doing here?” Among the marines crowd, a middle-aged marine soldier with a beard asked again.

It was obvious that the middle-aged marine with a beard should have a relatively high position, so Ian lifted up Cabaji in his hand and signaled to him, “I caught a cadre of the Buggy Pirates, and I want to get his bounty. Should I hand him over here at your marine base?”

The middle-aged marine was stunned, and looked incredulously at Ian: “You are a pirate hunter? So young?”

Ian was a little upset. His face is indeed too young. But he is not a kid, he doesn’t like to be looked down upon. He is an adult.

So he said unhappily, “Why? When did a pirate hunter have an age limit?”

“That’s not it!” The middle-aged marine quickly waved and said: “I am just surprised.”

After that, he clenched his fist and coughed, and said, “The captured pirates are handed over at our marine base. Come with me, and I’ll go through the formalities with you!”

Then the marine soldiers also dispersed, got out of the road, and watched Ian carrying Cabaji in. The kid Koby followed closely, grabbing Ian’s clothes, like a frightened animal.

When Ian came to the base, he looked around and found that it seems to be a marine office. On several tables, there were piles of documents, lamps, some Den Den Mushi and so on.

“Who did you say you caught?” The middle-aged marine asked Ian, “I need to confirm it.”

“The chief of staff of the Buggy Pirates, called Cabaji!” Ian answered.

“The Buggy Pirates, right? Just a moment, please!” Therefore, the middle-aged marine took out a pile of wanted posters and began to look for him.

Before he could find it, the almost-dead Cabaji raised his head softly and said weakly, “I say… Can you find someone to help me deal with my wound first? I’m really Cabaji, but I’m dying… “

The middle-aged marine looked up at the long sword-wound on Cabaji, sighed two words, and called in several marine soldiers.

In the hustle and bustle, Ian watched the marines bandaging Cabaji, but did not expect a dull voice to come suddenly.

“What’s going on? What’s this noise?”

Turning his head around, he found a marine coming down from the second floor of the base. The man was bareheaded and had a steel jaw. His eyes looked fierce, and his right hand was replaced by a huge steel axe.

Seeing this man, the middle-aged marine who was spoken to Ian immediately raised his head, then stood upright and saluted to the other side, saying with all respect, “Lieutenant Commander Morgan, is your injury all right?”

“Well, much better!” Morgan nodded, raised his right hand, and said, “It’s just this hand that’s changed into a weapon. It’s a bit out of habit!”

After saying these few words, Morgan continued to ask: “What’s going on? Too much noise, this is our base!”

The middle-aged marine smiled and pointed to Ian. “Oh, this young man is a pirate hunter. He said he caught a member of the Buggy Pirates to get his bounty. We were just treating the pirate’s injury! “

Morgan looked at Ian and sneered, “A pirate hunter? Really, this kind of people is just bloodthirsty hyenas. It’s all about money. and I don’t know what it’s like to allow this kind of person to exist!”

The middle-aged marine didn’t answer, he only laughed two times. Ian was staring at Morgan, he found that Morgan at this time doesn’t have that arbitrary posture, perhaps because he has not completely assumed power in the marine base, but there was a sense of superiority, he didn’t hide his contempt for the pirate hunters.

This man’s arrogant personality was already beginning to appear.

Ian kept silent, but Morgan has not finished. He continued, “If you want me to say, we still have to rely on our soldiers to fight pirates. These pirate hunters existed just for money, and we are absolute justice!”

The middle-aged marine had to butter up and say, “That’s just like Lieutenant Commander Morgan, he annihilated the Black Cat Pirates!”

This sentence made Morgan scratch his head, which was the greatest pride in his promotion, and suddenly he burst into laughter.

“Right, have you found the reward list?” Morgan asked, “I’d like to see what kind of person this pirate Hunter boy has caught!”

Ian couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He knew very well that this guy Morgan is now full of enthusiasm. It was reasonable to look down on the pirate hunters.

“Ah, I’m still looking for it!” The middle-aged marine rummaged through the reward list.

However, after searching, the middle-aged marine looked doubtfully, and then rummaged again.

“Strange, not yet!” The middle-aged marine finally raised his head and said to Ian, “All the wanted pirates in the East Blue are here, but I’ve flipped it over, and there’s no Cabaji! Did you make a mistake?”

Ian squinted: “How could it be? Look for him again. This guy is called Cabaji, the Buggy Pirates!”

“I checked it!” The middle-aged marine said, “The leader of the Buggy Pirates, Buggy’s reward is seven million Berries, but he’s the only one in the Pirate Regiment who’s wanted!”

Ian’s mouth twitched, he was stunned. ‘7 million Berries! What the heck is this? Shouldn’t it be 15 million Berries?’

Ian was a little embarrassed. He found that he had made some mistakes. He has gone out to the sea two years earlier than Zoro, and three years earlier than Luffy, so the current Buggy group is different from the one after three years. Also, the bounty of the clown Buggy has not reached the point of 15 million at all.

Even the two cadres under his command were not wanted.

What the f*ck! After this long time, he finally found that there was no bounty for the captured Cabaji!

Looking at Ian’s pale face, Morgan finally couldn’t help it, he covered his stomach and burst to laugh. “Hahaha, it looks like this rookie pirate hunter caught a pirate and he didn’t even know if he has a reward on his head or not! And I was thinking how powerful he was, but finally, it seems that he caught a burglar and came back…”

The middle-aged marine also couldn’t help but laugh. He handed Ian a pile of wanted posters and said, “Look for him by yourself, it is true that he has no bounty! Besides, you can take these wanted posters and stop making such mistakes in the future.”

Ian was depressed and looked through the rewards list carefully. Sure enough, he did not find the bounty of Cabaji. In that list, there wasn’t only the clown Buggy, but Ian also saw the bounty of Arlong the fish-man and Don Krieg, the admiral of the Krieg Pirates. But the reward amount of these two men was not as high as Ian remembered.

Ian wasn’t surprised when he didn’t find the wanted poster of the captain Kuro on that list, probably because he was “caught” by Morgan, so the bounty was canceled.

Ian was so angry that he raised his foot and kicked Cabaji on the side where he was bandaged. “What the f*ck! You have no bounty! Why haven’t you say that? Why haven’t you say that?”

Cabaji had sat well and let the marine soldiers bandage his wounds. It was not expected that Ian would suddenly burst of rage and kick him in the right direction where he was bandaged. At the same time, the wounds on his body cracked open again.

By the time the emotional Ian was pulled by the marines, the fellow was dying and feebly said to Ian, “It’s not that… It’s not that I don’t say, you don’t let me say it… You insisted on handing me over…”

As soon as he heard him, Ian couldn’t help but rushed over and yelled at him: “You dare to say that! Damn you! What are you doing being a pirate and doesn’t have a bounty? Go to H*ll!” (I didn’t know that Ian was a demon XD I’m shocked :O)

Cabaji really cried, and in his eyes, Ian has become a fierce devil who is even scarier than his Captain Buggy. It was not enough to physically torture him, now he has even tortured him psychologically. ‘When the marines didn’t put a bounty on me, do you blame ME?’

Because of this incident, the marine base became more and more chaotic. Many naval soldiers were probing from the outside. When they knew about this farce, they couldn’t help but muffle their mouths and laugh.

Morgan wasn’t able to stand up because of the laughing. In fact, when he heard that Ian was a pirate hunter, he was hostile to him. He had just caught the captain of Black Cat Pirate Regiment, Kuro (Klahadore). Now suddenly, a pirate hunter came out, claiming to have caught a cadre of the Buggy Pirates, which made Morgan feel that he steal his glory, and he became uncomfortable.

But now, when he found out that Ian had made an oopsie, his hostility disappeared. He even kindly said to Ian, “Boy, there’s no future for a freaking squid pirate hunter. Otherwise, you can join us. Got it!”

Ian was in a bad mood at the moment. He didn’t care much about him, He went over and lifted Cabaji up. “Forget it, since this guy has no bounty, I’ll take him away!”

“No!” Before the soldiers could speak, Cabaji cried out in horror, “I’m really a cadre of the Buggy Pirates. Aren’t you going to arrest me! I don’t want to go with this guy!” (T-T)

The middle-aged marine also said to Ian, “Young man, this doesn’t conform to the rules. Although this man does not have a bounty, after all, he is a pirate. It’s okay if he doesn’t appear in front of us. Now that he appears here, we should catch him as you know.”

“No!” Ian shook his head and said, “I’ll wait until this guy has a bounty before I send him over!”

The middle-aged marine also wanted to stop him, but he didn’t expect Morgan to talk to Ian. “Forget it, since he wants to take him, then take him away. Our prison can’t hold too many people. Such a small pirate without a bounty, even when he’s locked up, doesn’t know when he will be handed in, and it’s just a waste of our base’s food.”

After all, Morgan was a Lieutenant Commander. Although he was a newly promoted official, he was still his superior. So the middle-aged man stopped talking and let Ian take him away.



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