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S.C.S Chapter 32: Buggy Pirates Attack

After Ian left, Morgan smiled at the middle-aged marine and said, “Haha, it’s really interesting. The pirate caught by this rookie is one of the circus-like Buggy group?”

“Yes!” The middle-aged marine nodded.

There was some disdainful dialogue between the two men, and the truth was revealed inadvertently. In fact, at this time, Buggy’s real identity had not been discovered by the marine headquarters, and the Buggy Pirates were a really confusing group. Look at Buggy, he is really a clown, and Mohji one of his men, he is basically a Beast Tamer. Even Cabaji was riding a unicycle while juggling. The pirate band doesn’t look fierce at all, but more like a funny group. On the contrary, the Buggy pirates are keen on robbing treasures and rarely have direct conflicts with the marines, so the marines feel that their pirate band is just a small fighter and not a threat. So far, only the captain of the ship, Buggy has a bounty, but It’s still so low.

Ian didn’t know this, so he rushed to catch Cabaji and ended up making an Oopsie.

And when he came out, Ian became more and more annoyed, punching and kicking Cabaji, who was tied by a rope, and Cabaji, like a lamb, could only endure Ian’s anger with tears, and he was punched so hard that his head was full with bumps.

If it wasn’t for the marines in the base, they had drugged him, Cabaji was afraid of being killed by Ian.

After Ian vented for a while, a loud rumble came from his stomach. It was not until then that Ian remembered that he had not eaten for a long time and smelled the spiciness of food coming from nowhere in the street. Ian felt that his eyes were almost turned green.

Koby also heard this rumbling sound. When Ian was angry, he didn’t dare to talk to him at all. Now he quickly changed the subject and said, “Brother Ian, Aren’t you hungry? Why don’t I buy you dinner! “

“No!” Ian looked at Cabaji with an ill-intentioned eye and said, “You don’t have to pay for it, let this fellow pay!”

“I… I have no money!” Cabaji weakly.

“I care about you so much!” Ian smirked and said, “Can’t you ride a unicycle? When the time comes, juggle in the street and earn me some money for meals! If you don’t earn enough, I’ll cut your meat and sell it as beast food!”

By this time, Ian was completely blackened, and Cabaji was shivering after listening to him.

How can a person be able to say such terrible sentences with a smile on his face?

However, something more terrible happened to Cabaji. After entering a restaurant in the town that looked quite distinctive under the guidance of Koby, Ian ordered everything at once and picked whatever dish was expensive. When a large table was finally filled, Cabaji was about to faint!

For this table, how long does it take him to perform before he can earn enough money for this meal?

Even Koby was stunned. He was holding a drink and watching Ian chew like a hungry monster as if he had a grudge against the dishes on the table. He couldn’t help but look with sympathy at Cabaji, who was tied to a rope.

The meaning of that look was obvious: you are really miserable!

Whenever he tasted something delicious, he would yell at the restaurant owner and say, “That’s good. Ten more!”

Cabaji collapsed: “How can you eat that much?”

As a result, Ian stared at him and said, “I can’t pack it and take it away after I finish eating! You’d better think about how to make money first! You have no bounty, then you are responsible for earning money for me!”

Cabaji cried, this time he really cried. He looked up and shouted in his heart, “Great Captain Buggy! Where are you? Come and save me!”


Perhaps it was Cabaji’s cry that came true. Just as Ian was desperately eating the seafood in the restaurant, on the coast of Shells Town, a pirate boat with a long trunk elephant as its bow was moored there.

This ship is naturally the Big Top, the Buggy Pirates’ ship, and the coast there was full of cliffs, and there was no need to worry about people passing by and being found.

A small boat quickly rowed alongside the Big Top. Several nimble pirates climbed up the ladder and saw Buggy sitting on the deck. The pirates shouted out breathlessly, “Captain Buggy, we have good news!”

Buggy straightened up and asked, “What is the situation?”

“That kid did take the Chief of Staff Cabaji to the Marine 153rd Branch!” The pirates said, “We didn’t dare to approach the Marine base, but when we asked the people in the town, they all said that they saw the boy! So we guessed that the Chief Cabaji had entered the base and would surely be locked up!”

“Very good!” Buggy laughed and said, “Let’s go, my crew! Attack the Shells Town, rescue Cabaji, and catch that damn kid! “

“Hai, Hai!!!” All the members of the Buggy Pirates on board made a collective shout and then steered the ship aggressively towards the Shells Town.

Buggy, on the other hand, commanded the rest of the group and moved the cannon to the side of the ship and a basket of red cannonballs with the Buggy Pirates logo on the surface.

These were the special Buggy Balls. After all, Cabaji is a senior cadre in his pirate group. Although Buggy has been very low-key, for Cabaji, and to seek his revenge for Ian, he can only be high-profile this time.

Buggy is somehow a great pirate who returned from the Grand Line. Usually, he does not provoke the Marines, not just because he was unwilling to, but because he can’t afford the consequences.

But Mohji hesitated and asked Buggy, “Captain Buggy, that’s a marine base. Is it okay for us to do that?”

“What are you worried about?” Buggy stared at him: “It’s just a branch, not a Grand branch of the headquarters. Probably there will be no powerful marines in the town! The highest rank on the 153rd Branch is a colonel, but also the kind of old man waiting for retirement! “

Buggy was not really worried. The real elite strength of the marines was concentrated on the Grand Line. The marines there is the Grand branch of the headquarters. Such a Grand branch will have a “G” sign in front of its numbers, such as the G-2 Branch and the G-5 Branch. The marines here in the East Blue isn’t compared with the Grand branch, even if it has a colonel rank, but its strength varies greatly.

Maybe he was a colonel of the Grand branch. Buggy has to think carefully about how he wants to attack the Shells Town, but for the fast-retired colonel of the 153rd Branch, Buggy did not take him seriously.

Mohji nodded and was a little relieved, but cautioned: “By the way, Captain Buggy, I heard that there was a marine soldier named Morgan in Shells Town, who had just wiped out the Black Cat Pirates and caught their captain Kuro. This man needs to be noticed!”

“Really?” Buggy was stunned, then touched his chin and sneered, “Well, this man will be dealing with me this time. You just rush into the base to rescue Cabaji!”

The Big Top left the cliff and headed toward the pier of Shells Town. It was not long before it appeared on the shore.

In the 153rd Branch base, the soldiers who were in charge of looking at the top of the tower discovered the pirate boat of Buggy at that time. The pirate flag hanging on it was so conspicuous, and after a couple of seconds, the alarm issued.

“Whoo —- Whoo —– Whoo!!!”

The sirens of a pirate raid rang in the whole Shells Town. People in the town were stunned at first, but then they reacted to what had happened. They immediately rushed out of their homes in panic and from various stores and took their way to the location of the marine base.

At this time, the soldiers in the marine base ran out holding their weapons. They organized their men, put the asylum-seeking townspeople into the marine base to hide them, and reported to their superiors about the attack of the Buggy Pirates.

Colonel Rokkaku, of the 153rd Branch, is an old marine. He has been here in the East Blue for twenty or thirty years. Sailors with this rank could survive in the peaceful East Blue, it was his first time that a pirate group attacked a marine base, so even he was a little overwhelmed.

Fortunately, the newly-promoted Lieutenant Morgan, although he was arrogant, he still had some courage. Colonel Rokkaku immediately reported the news to him, and he took the initiative to lead the marines to stop the pirates.

Colonel Rokkaku did not even think about it, and he immediately agreed.

To be honest, when he caught Captain Kuro, Morgan did not know how he did it, (He was hypnotized by Jango into believing that he had captured Kuro) but he was promoted. This promotion completely inspired his ambition. In fact, he had secretly looked at Colonel Rokkaku’s position and wondered how he could replace him and become the leader of the 153rd Branch when Colonel Rokkaku retired.

This time, the attack of the Buggy Pirates was his best opportunity. As long as he can lead the marines to kill these pirates, his achievements won’t be erased. When the time comes, he will have this credit, and it won’t be a problem to be a colonel.

So, Morgan confidently took the naval soldiers to the dock…

At this time, Ian, who was still eating in the restaurant, was confused. He kept eating for a while, and when he looked up, he found that there was no one in the restaurant! Not only the customers, but even the restaurant owner was gone.

Anyone here? Where are the people?

Ian was so hungry that he didn’t even hear the alarm when he ate…

At this time, Koby ran from the outside and said in a panic, “Not… not good, Ian! Bu… Buggy’s pirate group are coming!”

When Ian heard him, he looked at Cabaji next to him and smirked.

When Cabaji saw Ian like this, he immediately felt that Ian didn’t have any good intentions. Sure enough, the next second Ian used a toothpick to clean up his teeth and said: “A good news and a bad news, which one do you want to hear first?”

“What… What do you mean?” Cabaji asked in trepidation.

“The good news is that you don’t have to sell your flesh to make money! And the bad news… Is that you may be going to prison, and it could be with your captain…”



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