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S.C.S Chapter 33: They Had Come

As Ian and Cabaji spoke, the battle between the Buggy Pirates and the marines on the sea began.

First of all, on the Marine side, the cannons in the base were placed in the high position so the range of attack could reach the offshore, the cannon bombardment sounded. The solid shells whistled as they fly in the air. After falling into the sea and exploding, a high water column sprang upon the sea!

However, it is not easy for the cannon to hit a moving ship on the sea. So far, the ship of the Buggy Pirates have not been hit by artillery shells, and it was moving towards the dock at a very fast speed.

Lieutenant Morgan, who had also taken marine soldiers with him, has positioned them at the dock. They used sandbags to build bunkers, holding their muskets one by one, and stared nervously at the Big Top. Once the ship came ashore, the pirates won’t hesitate to fire.

However, what the marines did not expect was that the Big Top had started to strike back as soon as it approached the dock.

A special Buggy Ball was stuffed into the cannon, and the pirates aimed the muzzle at the bunker in the shore and then lit the lead behind the cannon.

“Boom!” With a loud noise, the special Buggy shell flew out.

One side was moving on the sea, while the other was stationary on the shore after the special Buggy Ball was shot, it directly hit the Marines’ bunker.

The position where the Marines’ bunker was hit by the cannonball has directly blasted a gap. The marine soldiers gathered behind were bombed into the sky in an instant. Some of the more tragic ones were blown to pieces. After the special Buggy shells hit the Marines’ bunker, it continued to fly to the rear at a very high speed and hit the houses of the townspeople. This led directly to the collapse of a row of houses.

This is the special Buggy shells, not only has great power, but it also has strong penetration ability.

When Buggy saw this scene on the ship, he burst into laughter. He was very satisfied with his special shells, and the pirates on the ship were also cheering.

But it was a tragedy for the marines on shore, especially Morgan, his eyes almost came out when he saw the bunker being bombed.

The heavy casualties of the marines reminded him of the scene when he “captured” Captain Kuro, the picture of the dead soldiers on board.

“Get down! You have to lie down!” Morgan shouted to the remaining soldiers.

Buggy Pirates fired two special Buggy shells toward the shore, but these two times they went askew. The shells grazed the marine’s bunker and flew over, landed in the town behind them, and two rows of houses collapsed in a straight line.

Morgan naturally took the situation behind him into account. The attack by the Buggy Pirates had caused great damage to the town, but he had no choice but to rely on the turret on the top of the base tower to hit Buggy’s ship.

Perhaps the prayer of Morgan has worked. A shell from the top of the fort finally hit the ship of Buggy and exploded on the deck. The pirates were immediately bombed into the sky, and it made a big hole on the floor.

Buggy felt very distressed by this blow, so he jumped and shouted, “Go ashore! Get us to the shore!”

By this time, the Big Top has reached the dock, and a group of pirates, armed with all kinds of weapons, jumped ashore from the side of the ship, shouting and killing, while they rushed to the remaining marines behind the bunkers.

“Shoot! Shoot fast!” Morgan commanded the marine soldiers.

The marine soldiers gathered their courage, straightened up behind the bunker, and fired at the upcoming pirates. The screaming sounds suddenly broke out, and they rushed at the pirates in front of them. Many of them were shot and fell down with bloody flowers blooming.

The real battle between the marines and the pirates was so cruel that both of them had suffered heavy casualties. However, the pirates from Buggy’s side were randomly recruited, and their death doesn’t mean much for him. On the other hand, that was different for the marines. Every marine soldier has been trained for a long time. Once he dies, it means that the marines’ investment in the soldiers has drifted.

With the advantage of quantity, the pirates rushed to the bunker and shot the musketeers of the marines, and then the two sides entered the white-bladed battle. The scene became more and more bitter when the swords saw the flesh, the blood was spread all over the place.

There are always pirates being cut down, as well as marine soldiers being attacked and slashed down.

The turret on the top of the marine base didn’t dare to fire at this time, for fear that the shells would fall into the crowd and accidentally hurt their teammates.

Such a moment was the best time for Morgan to fight. The steel axe of his right arm waved and cut down every pirate getting close to him. It didn’t take long for him to take down more than a dozen pirates.

This fellow was actually very brave, with him, he naturally inspired the morale of marine soldiers, but unfortunately, he was also spotted by Buggy.

Morgan just chopped a pirate rushing to him. Suddenly, he felt the light on his head dim. He turned his head and saw a huge lion pouncing at him.

It was Mohji, the Deputy Captain of the Buggy Pirates, and his lion Richie, who was a fool when Ian met him. But in fact, when he fought seriously, the lion Richie was very fierce. He pounced on Morgan and overwhelmed him. Although his axe blocked its mouth, his muscles were not as strong as Richie’s, so he fell down.

“You’re the Axe-Hand Morgan, the Lieutenant Commander?” Mohji sat on Richie and smiled scornfully. “I heard you caught Captain Kuro of the Black Cat Pirates?”

“Who are you?” Morgan shouted.

“I’m the Deputy Captain of the Buggy Pirates, the Beast Tamer Mohji!” Mohji said: “Before I was deliberately reminding Captain Buggy to pay attention to you! Now I found that you’re not that good!”

“Damn you! Don’t underestimate me!” Morgan yelled, and unexpectedly kicked on the lower half of Richie’s body. Taking advantage of Richie’s pain, Morgan used his greatest strength, and the green veins exposed on his arm, he suddenly turned Richie aside and took the opportunity to get up.

However, when he had just got up, a sharp pain suddenly came from the back shoulder position, he screamed and then turned his head, he found that it was a strange hand floating in the air holding a dagger, and the blood was dripping.

“What… What is this?!” Morgan was shocked.

Suddenly the wrist flew towards the rear, and suddenly it glued back to a man, this person was Buggy.

The iconic big red nose made Morgan recognize who Buggy was. He could not help shouting, “Buggy! You’re a Devil Fruit user!?”

As a marine, Morgan naturally heard about the Devil Fruits, but since the Marines had never confronted with the Buggy pirates before, so far the marines on this side of the East Blue did not know that Buggy was a Devil Fruit user.

“Haha, you’re not mistaken! I am Buggy!” Buggy draped his cloak, wearing his captain’s cap on his head, and the cross-shaped bone pattern on his forehead made his smile look fierce. He asked Morgan, “Tell me, where is that damned kid with the bear ear hat? And my Chief of Staff, Cabaji, are you keeping him in the marine base?”

Morgan knows that he was in trouble. The fighting power of the Buggy Pirates was not like a fun circus. The pirate hunter who brought Cabaji to the marine base before was not a rookie. How could it possibly be a rookie to capture their chief of staff from the Buggy Pirates?

Listening to the screams of the marine soldiers, Morgan knew that the Marines had lost. The enemy doesn’t have a large number of fighters, but they have a Devil Fruit user. The marines could not win!

So, Morgan made a decision. He suddenly turned around and fled to the marine base behind him.

Buggy didn’t think that Morgan would run away without saying a word. He was stunned, with a blank look on his face. Morgan had run away, so Buggy jumped in anger and roared, “Chase him! Catch up with him. Don’t let him use Cabaji as a hostage!”

Buggy thought that Morgan had fled to the base to threaten them with Cabaji as a hostage.

Of course, this was the idea of the pirates. The real purpose of Morgan’s escape to the base was to seek for help. It was impossible to resist the Buggy Pirates by the strength of the 153rd branch alone. He needs to seek help from the nearby 16th branch, or more insurance, directly from the marines in Loguetown.

As for when the reinforcements will arrive, it was beyond Morgan’s control, he could only do his best to save the lives of the innocent people.

From this point of view, Morgan was not yet overwhelmed by his desire for power, he is a qualified marine soldier.

The Buggy Pirates soon got the rest of the marine soldiers, and then led by Buggy and Mohji, they went all the way to the marine base.

Meanwhile, Ian was crawling up from a mess of rubble.

Unfortunately, when a special Buggy shell hit the houses in the town, it happened that it passed through the restaurant where Ian ate. Although it did not hit Ian, a big hole was pierced on both sides of the wall, which caused the house to collapse directly If Ian had not seen the opportunity quickly, so if he didn’t hide under the dining table and pulled Koby with him, they would have been badly injured.

When Ian got up, he was still a little confused, but when he saw that Cabaji wanted to take the opportunity to slip away, Ian didn’t even think about it. He rushed forward and knocked him to the ground with his long sword.

Grabbing his scarf and twisting him up, Ian angrily said, “What the f*ck! Dare to run? If you ran away. Who’s going to earn me money?”