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S.C.S Chapter 34: He’s For Sale!

Watching Ian tie Cabaji up again and holding the rope as if he was walking with his dog, Koby’s legs were shaking, and he asked: “Ia… Brother Ian, do you really want to go to the marine base? The Buggy Pirates have gone there. Aren’t you throwing yourself into their net? Otherwise… Why don’t we just hide!”

Ian shook his head and said, “I still have to go. Don’t forget that the inhabitants of the town have already hidden in the marine base. If they can’t resist the attack, those residents may suffer!”

Koby looked at Ian in a daze. He had no idea that Ian was still thinking about innocent people.

It’s true that Ian sometimes has a black belly, but he’s not the kind who has no bottom line. The Buggy Pirates came here because Ian caught Cabaji. The residents of the town were obviously implicated by Ian, so Ian felt it necessary to solve this problem.

“I… I’ll go with you!” Koby didn’t know what he was thinking, suddenly he summoned up his courage and shouted, “My… My home is in this town, and I will defend it with my life! “

Ian glanced at him and said nothing, pulled down the brim of his hat a little and said, “Then you have to be close to me!”

Along the way, they saw the bodies of the marines and pirates, although some of them were seriously injured, they all remained motionless, it looked very tragic.

Among those who were on the ground, it seemed that the marines were more numerous, and Ian knew that they had failed.

Subconsciously, they both quickened their pace, but Cabaji, who suffered behind them, was almost dragged to the ground by Ian.


The Pirates have already attacked the main entrance of the base. At this time, the remaining soldiers were using the bunkers in the base as defense lines to block the pirates.

Lieutenant Morgan rushed into the base and reported the incident to Colonel Rokkaku.

When Rokkaku heard the news of his defeat, he weakened and fainted. Even the old Colonel couldn’t withstand this tragedy?

Morgan was in a hurry, so he ignored the Colonel. He picked up the Den Den Mushi on his desk, dialed the number of the 16th branch and asked for help.

However, the 16th branch response was so unfortunate, they said that their Colonel was gone to the Maritime Restaurant Baratie for vacation!

Morgan was so angry that he almost hit the Den Den Mushi, so he had no choice but to ask for help from Loguetown.

When they heard the news that the Buggy Pirates had attacked Shells Town, the marine there paid great attention. He immediately said that he would send reinforcements to their town and that reinforcements were the vice admiral Garp! (O.o)

This surprise almost made Morgan jump up with excitement. He had long heard that the hero of the marine headquarters, Garp, the vice admiral, has often come to the East Blue in these years, but he never thought that Vice Admiral Garp was now in Loguetown. Huh, that would be a great fight Garp vs Buggy! (Jk)

However, after the excitement, Morgan suddenly realized that it wasn’t that good. Loguetown was too far away from here. When the vice admiral Garp arrives, he did not know when it would happen. The crisis of the 153rd branch had not been solved yet. He had to find ways to persevere.

Putting down the Den Den Mushi, Morgan called the middle-aged marine with a beard and asked him to lead the townspeople further back, while he went downstairs, intending to continue leading the remaining marines against the pirates.

But when he came downstairs, Morgan found that the situation was dreadful.

The Pirates have already entered the base. The bunker defense did not stop them for too long. The marines hiding behind the bunkers were attacked by Buggy, the Devil Fruit user. His splitting hands were holding daggers, which was an excellent offensive method.

In the end, there were only a dozen marine soldiers left in the base. Hiding behind their desks, shooting at pirates, bullets were flying around the rooms, and many piled up documents were shredded and torn into pieces flying in the air.

The Pirates of Buggy were laughing wildly, while the marine soldiers were screaming, and people were continuously shot or sliced and fell to the ground.

Seeing the appearance of Morgan, the rest of the marine soldiers were immediately encouraged, they persisted for a long time, but unfortunately, eventually, they were still vulnerable from being shot down.

Morgan was left alone. The pirates stopped shooting, and Buggy crossed the crowd and appeared in front of him. He smiled and said: “Well, Lieutenant Morgan, now you’re the only one left. Tell me, where are you holding Cabaji? Speak up, and I’ll spare your life!”

Morgan shook his head and said, “Cabaji is not here. He was taken away by the pirate hunter!”

“Bullshit!” Buggy’s upper body floated in the air and said, “My men found out that the kid had brought him to the base. How could you possibly not lock him up?”

“I am telling the truth!” Morgan said as he approached Buggy cautiously. “Cabaji has no bounty. The pirate hunter took him away when he discovered that!”

Buggy was stunned as if it were true. Cabaji has no bounty.

“So, where did the boy go?” Grinding his teeth, Buggy asked.

“Go to hell!”

Morgan finally approached enough distance to lift his axe-hand and slammed it towards Buggy!

As a result, Buggy, like a fool, watched the axe of Morgan not even having the thought to dodge.

Shua! Morgan’s sharp axe directly cut Buggy from the head down into two halves!

Enjoying his success, Morgan burst out laughing and said, “Haha, I killed you!”

Throughout the scene, the only sound that echoes is Morgan’s voice, the other pirates looked at him with strange eyes.

Smiling and laughing, even Morgan felt something wrong. It was clear that Buggy was killed. Why didn’t his pirates start panicking at all?

At that moment, two blades suddenly pierced from both Morgan’s arms. He screamed in pain and immediately fell on his knees.

Buggy, who was split into two halves, recombined together, stood up, looked down at Morgan and said, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not dead!”

The pirates behind him, this time all burst into laughter, this scene they have seen many times, but every time was funnier than the last.

At this time, Morgan finally realized what the ability of Buggy’s Devil Fruit was. When he was stabbed by Buggy at the dock, he thought that Buggy could only take off his wrist and fly out. But he did not think that Buggy could not die when he was split in two. His arms drooped powerlessly and looked up at Buggy with an unbelievable expression on his face.

“Since you don’t know where he is, then you’re going to die!” Buggy smirked and raised the knife in his hand.

At this moment, Morgan suddenly became afraid. The death scene of the black cat pirates in the marine battle once again came to his mind. If not for the experience of catching captain Kuro, Morgan would have been warm-blooded, he might have thought about his death when facing Buggy, but after being promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Morgan suddenly found that he doesn’t want to die.

Colonel Rokkaku was a useless old man, he is about to retire. But Morgan was expected to be promoted to a colonel. How can he die at this time?

Then he suddenly shouted, “You can’t kill me! I’m a marine officer! If you dare to kill me, it will be a felony. Even at the ends of the world, the vice admiral Garp will arrest you and bring you to justice! “

The amount of information in this statement was too heavy that when Buggy heard the words “The vice admiral Garp,” he almost spurted out and said in horror, “Garp!? Where is he?!”²

As soon as he spoke, Buggy found out that something was wrong. How could there be two voices when he spoke just now? And it was exactly the same!

Turning his head around, Buggy’s whole body was shocked. He jumped unconsciously when he looked at Ian who he did not know when he appeared behind him, and said in horror, “You, you… Why are you here?!”

Even the pirates behind him were also squirting out in the sky!

To be honest, Ian was shocked. When he first entered the base, he discovered about the news that Garp was coming from the mouth of Morgan. So he was surprised too and said the same thing as Buggy. But when he thought about it, Ian was relieved because Garp wasn’t a stranger in the East Blue. Don’t forget, his two grandsons, Luffy and Ace, were in East Blue. It was expected that he would come to visit them from time to time.

After hearing Buggy’s words, Ian seemed to see him. He raised his hand and said, “Oh, Buggy? I haven’t seen you for a long time!”

“I haven’t seen you for a long time!!!” Buggy screamed and ridiculed, “Do you want to scare people to death by standing behind them without a word?”

But when he recovered, Buggy burst out laughing unexpectedly and said, “Well, I was looking for you! Didn’t expect you to come to my door. That’s good, I’ll just kill you here. Even if Garp is coming, It will take him some time. After killing you, I will immediately flee, and we’ll see how he would chase me!!”

However, before Buggy started anything, Ian suddenly pulled the rope in his hand, and a man came out of the crowd. It was Cabaji, who was bound by S-shaped bundles.

“Cabaji!?” Buggy screamed in surprise.

“I’m sorry, Captain Buggy, I’m ashamed of you!” Cabaji was wilting and looked up at him powerlessly.

Ian took off the Blademaster’s sword behind him, put it directly on Cabaji’s neck, and said to Buggy, “Do you want your chief of staff?”

Buggy sweated and gritted his teeth: “Put down the sword and let him go, or I will kill you!”

“Rest assured!” Ian put down his hand and said, “I brought him here, I just intended to give him back to you!”

“Oh?” Buggy was very happy: “Hum, it seems that you have finally figured it out. You are not going to be against the great Captain Buggy, are you?”

“Don’t get me wrong!” Ian shook his head. “I don’t mean that. It wasn’t for nothing. This guy didn’t have a bounty, so it was up to you!”

“What do you mean?” Buggy did not understand and asked foolishly.

“That means you have to pay for him, and I’ll give him to you!” Ian explained, “You should have a lot of money, right? This fellow is worth five million Berries. I’ll let him go as soon as you pay me!”

“You… Boy! Are you kidding me?” Buggy’s teeth squeaked.

“Too much?” Ian asked puzzledly and then took the initiative to reduce the price: “Five million is too much, what about four million? Three million? What, three million won’t do? Two million! What the f*ck! At the lowest price of one million Berries, I’ll cancel the deal if it will get any less!!”

During this process, Buggy shook his head and tried to find a chance to speak. His original intention was not to accept this threat, but Ian misunderstood him and thought that the price was too high. When Buggy heard Ian’s last words, he almost jumped of happiness: “Do you ever let others speak?”

Just when Buggy wanted to say no, Mohji suddenly pulled him and whispered, “Captain Buggy, Cabaji is in his hands. We must be scrupulous. We might as well promise him temporarily and kill the kid when Cabaji is released. Then we will not only get revenge but also get the money back…”

Buggy touched his chin and thought, as if the idea was really good, so he said, “Okay, one million, that’s a deal!”

After that, he turned to a pirate and said, “Go to the ship and bring the money!”