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S.C.S Chapter 35: Get rid of the bad luck

For Buggy, who regard money as his destiny, he promised to give the money so easily. Ian naturally knows why, but he didn’t mind at all.

He felt that his first bounty hunter experience was really amazing. The first bounty wasn’t taken from the marines but from the pirates!

‘In the future, can I consider doing some kidnapping and other work?’ Ian scratched his chin and thought so.

When Ian thought that he would get a lot of money, he was in a good mood. One million Berries, he was right to choose going out to the sea. If he had stayed in that small village, the Frost Moon Village, he might never see that much money.

‘With this money, I can finally make the first ten consecutive draws. The empty card slot for obsessive-compulsive disorder is simply unbearable.’ Ian had long wanted to fill it up.

Soon, the pirate who was ordered to go out and get the money from the ship came back breathlessly with a bag in his hand.

Buggy was very uncomfortable, so he opened the bag and counted the money. After confirming that it was a million Berries. Then he handed it to Ian painfully and said, “Here you go. Can you let him go now?”

“Aha! Thank you, Boss Buggy!” Ian was so excited that he even called him Boss.

After receiving the bag, Ian took out a stack of green bills from it, licked his finger, and began counting.

This action was a special upstart, especially the landlords, so that all the pirates of Buggy, together with Morgan in the back, all look at Ian’s banknotes without a word, and did not know how to react…

Obviously, captain Buggy has already counted it. Why did he do it again?

To Ian, no matter how much money was there, always count it by himself before he can rest assured, he felt that if the Dorobō Neko Nami were here, she would surely do the same.

When the confirmation was completed, Ian pushed Cabaji to Buggy’s side and said, “Thank you, Boss Buggy, thank you for your patronage!”

Buggy threw Cabaji to the back, and a group of Pirates untied his hands and legs. Buggy smiled at Ian and said, “Don’t thank me, you’ll hate me later! Guys, Get rid of him!”

As expected, Buggy turned back and ordered, so that the pirates under his command immediately shouted excitedly and aggressively, and eagerly rushed toward Ian.

These idiots had many scars that they forgot the pain. They completely forgot the scene of Ian chopping off nine of them on the ship.

However, Ian raised his hand and said, “Wait a minute!”

Suddenly, they were all stunned by a sudden sound. They didn’t know what Ian was going to do.

Afterward, they saw Ian seriously put the money into his pocket and said, “Wait, wait till I put the money away!”

“……” They were speechless for a while.

But what they didn’t know was that Ian was hiding his recharge process by saying he was putting away the money! He couldn’t let a bag of money disappear in front of so many people.

“System, I want to recharge!” Ian communicated with the system in his mind.

“Okay, do you want to recharge the one million Berries!?” He didn’t know why Ian could sense that the sound of the system seemed to be a little higher.

“Leave 20,000 Berries!” Ian said. When he left, he had 20,000 Berries, and now he left 20,000 to prevent the need for expenses.

“The recharge has been completed! You get 4900 diamonds and 10% extra. You get 5,390 diamonds.” As the system sounded, Ian noticed that his pocket was empty in an instant.

Ian found that the more one-time recharge, the more cost-effective it seems, because of the 10% extra gift of recharge. The recharge of one million can get 500 diamonds, then 10 million can be used to accumulate more diamonds needed for ten consecutive Draws.

But, to say the least, these were all f*cked up means of stimulating consumption.

Shaking his head inwardly, Ian turned to the card extraction interface and began his first ten-consecutive draws.

The time has come for experimental verification. Although the first ten consecutive draws must have a four-stars orange card, but what kind of cards can be obtained, it depends on how good Ian’s luck was.

If he remembers correctly, the cards he drew are based on the basic skills of the host, but there is a small chance that he will draw other types of cards. If he draws such cards, Ian does not have the corresponding basic skills to use it, that would be the end.

After selecting the ten consecutive draws, Ian saw ten cards listed in the interface, in two rows, five in each row, with the same pattern on the back. Then, one by one, the cards were turned over.

“You’ve got blue gear: Knight Blade fragments x5!”

“You’ve got 50 breakthrough stones!”

“You have acquired the exclusive treasure: Zanpakutō Hyōrinmaru (Ice Ring) fragments x3!”

“You’ve got two-stars card fragments: Yukina x5!” (Yu Yu Hakusho)

“You’ve got three-stars card fragments: Robert Garcia x3!” (Art of Fighting or the King of Fighters)

“Congratulations! You’ve got a four-stars orange card: Hiei!” (Yu Yu Hakusho)

“You got advanced stone ×20!”

“You’ve got two-stars card fragments: Yukina x5!” (Yu Yu Hakusho)

“You’ve got four-stars card fragments: Misaka Mikoto x1!” (Toaru Majutsu no Index)

“You’ve got two-stars card fragments: Yukina x5!” (Yu Yu Hakusho)

The flipping of the ten consecutive draws was quite fast, except for the flash of the full card when the sixth one was drawn, and the rest were listed brashly.

Ian was very excited because he found that the ten consecutive draws were different from the free single card. The free one-time draw will only result in one-star and two-stars card fragments, but the ten consecutive draws would draw not only fragments of three-stars cards, but also four-stars! Although the number was very small, three-stars cards only have three fragments, and Four-Stars only has one fragment, but it’s always a way to obtain high-level rare cards.

‘Hiei! Hiei! My first four-star orange card, I need to hurry and see what it looks like.’

Ian switched to the card backpack interface and immediately saw a card marked with four stars. The card’s border was orange. The character on the card was a man with his back to his direction, with an upside-down black hair, a sleeveless black shirt, his right arm covered in bandages, and he could slightly see the white headscarf on his forehead.


Card Star: Four Stars

Title: The Imiko (The Cursed Child), Master of the Evil Eye

Level: Level 1

Strength: 40

Speed: 160

Vitality: 80

Nen: 120

Skills: Evil Eye Expert: Passive effect: Can perceive the enemy’s strength. Active: the Nen value increases by 100% while losing 10% per second Vitality (life value).

Shadows of Thieves: Passive effect: Increase sword speed by 50% and movement speed by 50%. (Can be activated only with the advanced swordsmanship level).

Fist of the Mortal Flame: Channeling flames and attaching it to the fist while attacking an enemy, the flame damage varies depending on the amount of Nen consumed (Can be activated only with the primary Nen level).

Sword of the Darkness Flame: Channeling flames and attaching it to the sword while attacking an enemy, the flame damage varies depending on the amount of Nen consumed (Can be activated only with the intermediate Nen level).

Ougi (Secret technique): Dragon of the Darkness Flame: summons a black flame Dragon from the depths of the Spirit World, burn all enemies along the way. Can also be absorbed by the caster, temporarily enhance their Nen value by 300% (Can be activated only with the expert Nen level, and when the card upgrades to a five-starred red card).

Bonds: – Obtain Yukina (Hiei’s sister): get +42% Vitality.

  • Obtain Yusuke Urameshi: get +38% Strength.
  • Obtain Kurama: get +25% Speed.
  • Obtain Mukuro: get +36% Nen (Unlock when the card upgrades to five-star).

After reading all the information on Hiei’s card in one breath, Ian couldn’t help wanting to burst out with excitement. He finally saw how strong the four-star orange card was!

Not only are there more basic attributes than three-star cards, but also more skills, and even more is that there are Ougi skills! Although there are many requirements for this Ougi skill, Ian believes that one day it will be possible to achieve them. All he needs is a lot of money to develop them.

This card of Hiei was not only based on Ian’s current swordsmanship level, but also on his Nen level. It is not surprising that he can draw this card. Ian has calculated it. At present, the Ougi skill (the Dragon of the Darkness Flame) can’t be used temporarily, but the rest of the skills, can be used, so to speak, it is appropriate for him.

“It was not easy!” Ian was so touched that it was good to be rich.

In the past, when it was free, it was full of garbage. Even Ian doubted his life and felt that his bad luck was running in his blood.

Now, finally, there is a rare card that suits him. Ian felt that he had ultimately broken that bad luck.



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