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S.C.S Chapter 36: Hyperspeed

Of course, Ian also knows that this pitcher system will provide him with everything as long as he has money. If he recharges one billion Berries, he can instantly become an emperor!

No nonsense, quickly equipping Hiei’s card, and then used the remaining experience book to raise the level of Hiei’s card to the same level as Samanosuke Akechi’s card.

In fact, the initial experience of a card to upgrade is not much. A book of experience can upgrade it to level three and a half. This way, the two books can upgrade it to level 5, and in the process of level improvement, Ian also found that the growth qualification of the four-stars orange card was higher than the three-stars card. Samanosuke Akechi’s card is balanced, with 15 points of strength and speed for each upgrade, totaling 30 points, but Hiei’s card wasn’t the same, he got 10 points of strength and 30 points of speed, a total of 40 points!

If so, then the five-star card upgrade should give a total of 50 attributes!

According to the percentage of bonuses offered by different card stars, Hiei’s card gives Ian a 4-point strength and 12-point speed per level.

“Right, when I was drawing ten consecutive cards, it seems that I have got 15 fragments of Yukina’s card! If I remember correctly, it seems that the two-star card can be synthesized from 20 fragments!” Ian took a quick look and found that Yukina’s card was really one of the Bond cards of Hiei.

‘If only I could get five more Yukina’s fragments.’ Ian thought, and turned to the soul store interface, which sells all kinds of card fragments, he didn’t know if there will be Yukina’s fragments for sale.

There were only six kinds of fragments for sale in the store at one time. Ian looked at them and didn’t see Yukina’s. When he was disappointed, the System suddenly reminded him, “The host can refresh the soul store with diamonds, consuming 20 diamonds at a time!”

“I…!” Ian really wanted to scold, everything with diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. Would the System let him die if he doesn’t have money?

But fortunately, he knew how gluttonous the System was, and even if he wanted to swear at it, that wouldn’t change a thing. He still has some diamonds left. These diamonds weren’t enough for ten more cards, so why not use it to refresh the soul store.

So Ian chose to refresh the soul store, the first refresh, nothing! The second refresh, still nothing! The third time, the fourth time, still no Yukina’s fragments!

Ian suddenly realized that the soul store did not know what his reason was. All the refreshed cards were fragments of one-star or two-stars, but the number of such cards was too much. The card fragment was really too difficult to get.

Once more! Ian thought, spending 100 diamonds just for five shuffles.

And when Ian confirmed, the sales list in the soul store changed again. Maybe it was Ian’s luck. This time, he really found out Yukina’s fragments, and it happened to be five! (NOOOO T-T I wanted him to find only 4 fragments T-T)

Buying these 5 Yukina shards requires 200 souls. Ian immediately sold the cards that had been accumulated before, such as Randō (from Yu Yu Hakusho) and Shimura Shinpachi (from Gintama), which were not used in Bonds, and traded them for 400 souls to buy Yukina’s fragments.

When Ian chose to synthesize, a flash of light flashed, and a two-star card with a blue border appeared. On the card was a mint-green-haired girl who looked very tender and lovely. She was sitting at the window in a kimono. Several birds were jumping and playing in front of her.

As a Bond card, there was no special requirement. He only needs to keep this card in the card backpack, and the bond of the corresponding card can be activated. Ian just wanted to strengthen Hiei’s card, so he put Yukina’s card together. After all, from the attributes of Hiei, this card is a typical speed card, and its vitality value was too small.

However, when Ian inadvertently looked at Yukina’s card attributes, he was somewhat surprised.


Card star: two stars

Title: Snow Girl

Level: Level 1

Strength: 10

Speed: 12

Vitality: 25

Nen: 75

Skills: Accelerated Healing: Consumption the Nen can be used to treat injuries for a single target, and the treatment value is equal to the value of the Nen used x10.

Ice Tear Gem: Consumption of all current Nen values, can condense in an Ice Tear Gem. Using or crushing the Ice Tear Gem, refill 20% of the Nen.

Bonds: – Obtain Hiei: get +21% Vitality.

  • Obtain Kazuma Kuwabara: get +18% Nen.

This card can be said to be the first healing card Ian got. The two-star card has low basic attributes and growth qualifications and not much cultivation value. But when Ian saw Yukina’s card, he found that it seems that this two-star card was not so bad. He can’t guarantee that he will not be injured in battles in the future. What was even more rare is that Yukina’s card can use Ice Tear Gem to store Nen, which is a very useful skill!

Although only 20% of the conversion efficiency, but he could consume the value of Nen in his leisure time, save some Ice Tear Gem down, so when he encountered a strong opponent, it is equivalent to the use of blue bottles of Mana, its role can be said to be enormous.

“System, cards that have been already equipped, can I remove them?” Ian asked.

“Yes!” The System gave him a positive answer: “But once removed, the card’s skill effect bonus disappears.”

Ian understood a little bit. The system means were obvious. For example, he equipped Samanosuke Akechi’s card and learned the flash skills, but when the card was removed, even if he faced an opponent, he could use the same move. But this trick won’t be called a flash. The special damage effect of the skill attached to the original card has disappeared. He chopped the opponent, but It’s just a normal attack.

Does the same will happen with Hiei’s card? What about the Fist of the Mortal Flame and the Sword of the Darkness Flame? Isn’t the special effect of the skill attached to the card? After he removes Hiei’s card, from where will come the flame covering his fist and his sword? Unless he can find a Fire fruit and eat it, and become a Devil Fruit user…

However, Ian did not worry about it. As his level increases, the card slots will be unlocked. In addition, Yukina’s card can be replaced when he gets in a fight, change it to a fighting card.

In his mind, the exchange of thoughts with the System was very fast, so in Buggy’s view, they thought that Ian just hesitated to put the moneybag in his coat pocket and then raise his head.

He didn’t know if it’s an illusion. When Ian looked up, Buggy seemed to think Ian was different, but he couldn’t tell where the difference was.

Ian took Samuro’s long sword in his hand and gently waved it twice. He found that the sword had become lighter. He posed and waved to Buggy: “Come on!”

After hearing this, Buggy’s pirates rushed across the table towards Ian, who was greeted with all kinds of weapons in their hands.

However, at this moment, Ian’s body suddenly blurred!

That picture, as if the video communication has interference, is a little sharp.

This made Buggy look at it from a not far away distance, but he could not help but wonder what was going on. Suddenly, he heard his pirates screaming. After a careful look, he found that the weapons in their hands had fallen to the ground, one by one, covering their wrists and bleeding endlessly.

“Wha… What happened?!” Buggy opened his mouth wide, with a startled expression on his face.

The rest of the pirates were also frightened. Something strange happened just now. They knew that Ian might have done it, but they didn’t see how he did it.

He was still in the same position as before, as if he hadn’t moved.

Morgan rubbed his eyes hard and couldn’t understand why this pirate hunter didn’t move at all, but the pirates had their wrists cut and thought they had hallucinated.

Ian was in the dark. He just tried to imitate the Hyperspeed of Hiei.

After adding the passive skill bonus of Shadows of Thieves, Ian found that his speed had been greatly improved. His advanced swordsmanship skills have increased his sword speed by 30%, and now, he gained 50% more. That is 80%, which is nearly twice as fast as his normal speed. After strengthening and reinforcing himself with the Nen, Ian’s speed now has reached the naked eye’s limit! Which can make him achieve the effect of an Afterimage.

‘So, this was the feeling of having a Superhuman speed, Ah!’ Ian looked at his Doriki (Power Level) value and sighed secretly.

A five-level four-star orange card has directly increased his Doriki value of more than 200 points. Now Ian’s Doriki value has exceeded 500 points, that’s why there was such a sigh.

It’s just a little regrettable that he can’t reach the point where he can hit up to sixteen times in a second. The real Hiei was able to chop off his enemies, and his cut can’t be felt by the other side. They think that he had never touched them. And Ian’s movements were carefully watched, they could discover that he has moved, that is, the figure that was previously blurred, and he was only able to chop out seven times at most at this moment, no more.

The most surprising thing for Ian was that after equipping Hiei’s card, he could vaguely see that all the people present have a faint glow.

This is estimated to be the skill effect of the “Evil Eye Expert” when this skill is in passive effect, he could faintly see the strength of his enemies.

At the lowest level, of course, these weak pirates were surrounded by white light, which seems to be defined as a non-threatening opponent, while with Cabaji and Mohji, there was a slightly green light, which is better than white light. It belongs to the less threatening type, and Morgan belongs to this type. Only Buggy was somewhat different. The light on his body was a bit different, a thick green light, Ian judged it in contrast to his strength, and it is estimated that should he be the more threatening opponent.

After thinking about it, Ian felt that this might be related to Buggy’s Devil Fruit. Buggy is a Devil Fruit user. He is classified as a “Superman,” although his Doriki value was not as high as the current Buggy. But Compared to ordinary people, he is indeed a superman!

Whether it is light green or dark green, judging by color, all the people present there wasn’t a real threat, and they won’t give him that great fight. Ian estimates that if it was a person with a higher strength than he has, it might show yellow or red warning colors.

This Evil Eye Expert’s skill is a disguised radar detector. Although it is impossible to see the exact Doriki value because it belongs to the “pseudo” ability, it is also very useful.

After seeing how threatened Buggy was to him, Ian thought that he would not delay with them, leaving the pirates behind and heading straight for Buggy.

This time, his speed was visible, and Buggy even responded by trying to raise his arms.

However, his reaction was futile. In the eyes of others, Ian just chopped Buggy once, but the next second, Buggy’s body was cut into more than a dozen pieces.

With vertical and horizontal chopping, Ian made six or seven swings in an instant, wishing that Buggy would be smashed into meat. This way of chopping feels more compelling…



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