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S.C.S Chapter 37: What Exactly Are You?

“You… What did you just do!!!” Because he was blessed with Bara Bara no Mi, Buggy did not die, and the parts of his body that had been sliced into pieces floated in mid-air, then he looked at Ian in a slightly frightening way.

“Chop you down!” Ian turned and laughed.

Buggy was still confident in his own fruit ability. His Splitting fruit doesn’t have many offensive capabilities. But for defensive mode, its effect is first-class, especially for swordsman like Ian. Buggy thought he had no problem with these fights. So he said stiffly: “Didn’t I say that I am immortal? You can’t kill me!”

As if to prove what he had said, Buggy used his fruit ability to assemble the parts that were chopped by Ian and turned back to his original shape.

“Really?” Ian smiled and suddenly put the sword in his hand in his back. He pounced at him with great force under his feet, out like the wind, and suddenly hit him in the stomach.

Although Ian wasn’t a fighter, but even an ordinary punch in the stomach will deal good damage, but this punch was combined with Ian’s strength and his rapid speed, so it became very powerful. When Buggy was hit in the stomach by this punch, his eyeballs bulge out!

With a bang, Buggy flew out and knocked over many tables in the way.

“Captain Buggy!” The pirates rushed to see him, and of course, to take the opportunity to stay away from Ian.

However, before they start running over, Buggy suddenly jumped up.

“Ouch! Ouch! Very hot, Very hot, Very hot!!!”

Buggy’s whole body was burning! With orange flames all over his body, he ran around in circles as hard as he could, flapping himself with both hands, but no matter what he did, the flames could not be extinguished.

Everyone was stunned. They didn’t know why Buggy suddenly caught on fire after he got hit by a blow. They didn’t know what was going on until they saw Ian.

His fists were burning with blazing flames at the moment! Standing there, like a deity, and looked so powerful and impressive!

Fist of the Mortal Flame!

Ian just tried this skill on Buggy, and the effect naturally made him very satisfied. He raised his right hand and looked at the fire on it. Ian just felt that it was really wonderful. It was clearly attached to his hand, but there was no burning feeling. He could feel that the flame was continually consuming his Nen. And the same was happening with the fire that remained on Buggy, The flame will not extinguish as long as he does not stop consuming the Nen.

And Ian could also feel that as long as he increases the output of the Nen, the temperature of the flame will grow.

After Ian had eliminated his Nen, the flames on Buggy disappeared at once, and Buggy’s whole body was blackened, a puff of smoke came out of his mouth, and he fell to the ground with a thud.

The entire Buggy Pirate group was frightened by Buggy’s tragedy. Of course, what scared them, even more, was the flame on Ian’s hands!

“He… Doesn’t that mean he’s a devil fruit user?” Mohji was in a fit of confusion, Once again, his poor IQ was on the verge of the cordon.

After Cabaji was freed, he still wanted to see Buggy avenge him, but in the twinkling of an eye, the great captain Buggy was beaten half to death and burnt all over. So Cabaji turned his eyes and wondered if he should find a chance to slip away.

Only the lion Richie was the calmest. It first yawned with a wide-open mouth, then sniffed the smell of the roast meat in the air. He thought that it’s almost time for dinner again…

And Morgan, who was shivering all over in the back, based on the Marines self-respect, he had always looked down upon Ian, a newly born pirate hunter. Even if Ian caught Cabaji, he thought that Ian had caught him by luck. But now, when he saw Ian cutting Buggy into a dozen pieces and hit him with a burning fist, he finally realized how terrible this kid with the bear ear hat was!

Walking forward, Ian stepped on Buggy’s body, pulled the Blademaster’s Sword from his back. As soon as he used the Sword of the Darkness Flame, a blazing flame immediately emerged and covered the whole blade. The blaze was condensed at the tip of the sword, and it was as sharp as the blade. Ian pointed at Buggy and asked, “Don’t pretend to be dead. The temperature of the flame that I used was not too high. I know you are fine!”

Buggy looked at him feebly and said, “You… You turned out to be a… A MONSTER!”

Ian did not refute, he asked him with a smile: “Would you like to continue playing? Don’t blame me for not reminding you. If you continue to fight, I won’t be polite anymore. I’ll cut you into dozens of pieces with this flaming sword, and let me see if you can get together again!”

“No… Don’t!” Buggy shivered and responded. How can he be assembled when he gets burned and cut into dozens of pieces? So he waved hurriedly and said, “No more fighting! I surrender!”

Although Buggy was able to split into many pieces, he still felt the pain. He was afraid not only of blunt attack but also of such burning injury. Now he knew that he had no chance to win in front of Ian. The flame alone could restrain him to death.

It’s just… Why hadn’t he used this trick when he was on the Big Top before?

The flames on Ian’s fists and his sword made him mistakenly recognize Ian as a Logia Devil Fruit user, but then he remembered Ian was climbing into the boat after swimming in the sea. He was so confused. Aren’t the Devil Fruit users unable to swim? Could it be said that this kid named Ian is an exception!

“Since you are not willing to fight, then do you mind if I tie you up?” Ian looked at Captain Buggy with a smile.

“No… I don’t mind!” Buggy turned to a very submissive person.

Ian nodded satisfactorily, then turned and looked at the rest of the Buggy Pirates, pointing to them with his blazing sword: “And you…”

“Ah! Yes! Yes!!”

The members of Buggy’s Pirate group all raised their hands in surrender, waiting with tears in their eyes for Ian, even the Lion Richie did so. Like a lion, he could make such a humane gesture…

“Look for ropes and tie yourself up!” Ian ordered them.

There were too many pirates, and Ian was too busy to do it himself. On the contrary, under the threat of his flaming blade, no one dared to say half a word and quietly obey him.

A one man took down a whole pirate group, this scene that Morgan saw, made his jaw drop open wide till it reached the floor.

After a busy day, all the pirates who had rushed into the marines’ base were tied up. These silly pirates were rarely smart. There were some problems with Ian’s orders, they could not tie themselves up. So they had a good idea, they even tied each other and made Ian look at them with admiration. They thought they were not so stupid.

Ian found a rope to tie Buggy himself because he asked Morgan if there were Kairōseki handcuffs in their base, but the answer was ‘No.’ So Ian had to tie him with ordinary ropes because he was not confident and was afraid of Buggy’s splitting fruit. Ian finally tied up Buggy like a mummy, with ropes wrapped around him in circles, which made it difficult for him to move even his mouth and eyes were tied up, leaving only the opening in his nose for him to breath.

After doing this, Ian picked up Buggy and threw him on the ground in front of Morgan, saying, “Ha, can I get his bounty! There’s no mistake this time, is there?”

Morgan foolishly looked at Ian and felt that he could not see through the kid in front of him. ‘He had just sold Cabaji to Buggy for a million Berries, unexpectedly turned around, caught Buggy, throw him in front of me, and he wants his bounty!’

Why does this feel like the plaintiff had eaten the defendant? This kid is really a MoneyGrabber!?



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